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When fate has other plans...

A single night, one bad decision can alter the course of young lives, as it did for Nash and Calla that fateful evening so long ago.

Now an 'A-list' movie star, Nash Logan is living the dream! So why is he so miserable? He has it all -- fame, fortune and all the trappi...

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You are cordially invited to a mysterious rendezvous on a London bridge in the dead of night... Danger awaits. Love beckons.

Fans of the Bridgertons will love this series about a family of four sisters who must face pride, peril, and adventure before each finds a love that conquers all...

A la...

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Ames Bronson must have a death wish.

In his defense, how was he to know that the girl he hooked up with one night when he first got to town would be his new boss's daughter? I mean, Zeke seems like a cool guy, but no one is that cool.

His only saving grace is that Zeke doesn't know about him a...

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AUGUST 05, 2021 The Billionaire’s Secret Heart By Ivy Layne

Josephine: It was the worst blind date in the history of the universe, until Holden Winters swept in and rescued me. Are you kidding? Holden Winters? A scion of the notorious Winters family, Holden is gorgeous, wealthy, and brilliant. He dates socialites and pop stars, not computer science grad stud...

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Brilliant scientist Dr. Emma Blackstone is lured from her self-imposed isolation by the promise of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with NASA - but as soon as she relocates to the Sunshine State, Emma finds herself studying her handsome new co-worker almost as intently as the cutting-edge ge...

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AUGUST 04, 2021 Mr. January: A Second Chance Romance By Nicole S. Goodin

Three years ago, Andy took a ride in the back of a police car and out of Dylan's life.
Now he's fresh out of prison with only one goal in mind - win back the woman who wants nothing to do with him. Dylan wants to get over her convict ex-husband, but all she can think about doing is getting under hi...

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AUGUST 03, 2021 Honeymoon For One (Honeymoon Series Book 1) By Chris Keniston

To escape local gossip, jilted bride Michelle Bradford embarks on her honeymoon cruise —alone. Coaxed by a thrill seeking hunk she never expects to see again, she slowly sheds her good girl persona to have some well deserved fun.

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A date with an Alien, yeah right….

Starlight Matchmaking, what a joke. I'm sure this is a scam. I'm more interested in figuring out their game than I am in a possible date.

But the instant I see Wadjet, déjà vu hits me. Somehow it's like I've known this sexy, golden skinned billionaire for...

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AUGUST 02, 2021 Starstruck: An MM Forbidden Romance By Ollie Lovett

Falling in love is the whole point of the show. Just…not with a man.

And definitely not with the assistant director.

After losing my career in the NFL, I knew this was my last chance to be a success. Winning on The One meant finding the woman of my dreams and sharing a fortune with her. If I...

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One mistaken identity plus one searing night of passion equals two pink lines...


As the billionaire CEO of a major hotel chain, I spend my days in one meeting after another. And avoiding another dreaded blind date set up by my mother. When I'm off, I just want to relax. Until a hot mess ...

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