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5 cocky possessive billionaires win and claim their loves, in this steamily sweet boxset

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JANUARY 15, 2022 Daddy's FULL LOAD (16 Book Collection) By Mr. Dom

A FULL 16 book collection of dirty, nasty, forbidden lust between little princesses and the last men in the world who should desire them, even if they are the most devoted... Includes these stories:

Books 81-96

Becoming My Daddy’s Nurse and I Thoroughly Clean His Undercarriage
Testing the T...

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JANUARY 13, 2022 Fake Marriage Secret By Lauren Wood

Brantley Jenkins and I only have one thing in common…We wouldn’t get married if our lives depended on it.

But in our families - not getting married isn’t an option. They have different reasons, but both are just as relentless and persistent.

I knew when I hired him to help with my grandm...

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JANUARY 13, 2022 Book Boyfriend Starter Set By Barbra Campbell

Looking for the perfect boyfriend?
Look no further than this Book Boyfriend Starter Set.
Between billionaires, mountain men, firefighters, bosses, curvy women, and insta-love, these stories will take you from your ho-hum workday to staying awake all night.
The Book Boyfriend Starter Set has ALL o...

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JANUARY 11, 2022 Into The Fire - Books 1-4 By J.H. Croix

Hotshot firefighters, smokin’ hot heroes & smart, sassy heroines! Dive into 4 swoon-worthy small town romances in this collection from USA Today Bestselling Author J.H. Croix!

Burn For Me
One alpha man. One sassy woman. A fire that won’t die. Once upon a time, Amelia was my everything. Until...

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JANUARY 08, 2022 Broken Souls: Broken Rebel Brotherhood By Andi Rhodes


I served my country and returned broken. Trying to fit the pieces back together, I built the Broken Rebel Brotherhood. We walked a fine line between right and wrong to protect those who had nowhere else to turn. I’d never mixed business with pleasure. That is, until her.


JANUARY 06, 2022 Freefall: An Irish Hero, Age Gap Romance By Cassidy London

They say age is just a number, but sixteen years between them is not the only reason they should walk away. His past holds a secret that he is fighting to hide.

Ex-military Irish paratrooper Conor Murphy, is the kind of man to stay away from. A hardened, rugged exterior hides demons that are too ...

Can a little NYE magic and a shared hotel room be the start of forever for an heiress and her bodyguard?

The hunky ex Special Ops soldier insists on being my fake boyfriend and won’t let me out of his sight. And I’m beginning to like it.

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JANUARY 06, 2022 Haalux Empire - Complete Series By Hattie Jacks

Get taken by the Haalux Empire
An Empire full of gorgeous, buff warriors, an Empire in crisis, an Empire that needs human females to make it complete...

All five steamy sci-fi romance books now available in one box set!

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Every girl has a childhood crush on her brother's best friend, but he’s always off-limits.
That’s how the rule works; you can drool but you can never touch.

Now, I have a chance to touch.

I've grown into life in the big city, but my brother is begging for me to come help get Vinnie out of...

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