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A misguided seduction with hilarious results!
Madison Campbell has worshipped her older brother’s best friend Parker Shaw for as long as she can remember. So the night before he leaves for the Air Force, she decides he’s leaving town with her virginity. All she has to do is transform her tomboy...

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FEBRUARY 22, 2024 Military Men: Books 1 - 3 By Shelley Munro

Bonds forged in the military…friendship—strong and enduring.

Three soldiers met during New Zealand Special Air Service (NZSAS) training. They passed the grueling selection process, and Nikolai Tarei, Louie Lithgow, and Jake Ramsey became best friends and supporters through good and bad. Over ...

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“You have the hands of a rogue, the mouth of a bard and I’m pretty sure you’re at least half cleric because you have me ready to scream… Oh God.”

Level Up left you begging for more? Now you can get three hot Bonus Levels in one convenient collection. Catch up with June and Jason as they...

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FEBRUARY 17, 2024 Depths Of Deceit: A Mafia Romance By K J Ellis

Harper -

I thought my father was the most dangerous man I’d ever encountered until I met Keanu Knox.
A mafia boss and my father’s greatest enemy. I should have been scared of him, but I wasn’t.
There was something about this man, and I wanted to know more.
Little did I know that would b...

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“I know your darkest desires—me.”

Get all 3 novellas in Penny Crane's Chicago Mafia Romance series in one all-new boxset! This eBook contains the novellas Dark Rivers, Dark Desires, and Dark Secrets—a trio of ultra steamy mafia romance tales you're su...

Long before her father's death, Concha vowed to stay fiercely loyal to her hometown and family, taking over her father’s motorcycle mechanic shop while all but sacrificing her dream career in publishing. She loves books, planning for the day she can take over her mentor's bookstore. Just when Conc...

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For over a year, Winter has been on a dating hiatus. She wants nothing to do with love and is done with the notion that there is a “happily ever after” out there with her name on it.
Yet, when a gorgeous stranger rescues her from a frightening attack on her life, staying away proves difficult w...

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Take a trip to Colorado, where three brawny, bearded mountain men will meet their perfect match in a series of OTT, scorching hot, sweet-but-naughty stories that will heat your kindle and warm your heart.

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[US + UK] Abductions. Rescues. Kidnappings. Saved, bought, or won - Aurelian triads will claim their fated mates.

Aurelians stand like greek-gods, towering over humanity. Giant, powerful aliens with honed bodies, marble skin, and relentless primal needs, they wield ancient weapons into battle. Th...

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They’re falling in love, yet they’ve never met. Maybe fate can intervene in a heartwarming “what-if” short story about new beginnings by the New York Times bestselling author of Yours Truly.

Holly is dealing with the impending death of her grandmother and still reeling from a bad breakup....

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