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FEBRUARY 26, 2021 Princess of Shadows: A Dark Fae Fantasy Romance By Olivia Hart

Wanted by a Queen.
Hunted by an assassin.
Stolen by a Dark Prince.

Yesterday, I was just a normal girl trying to survive college. Except that normal girls don’t walk through mirrors and meet the man sent to kill them. Now I’m being dragged kicking and screaming into a world where nothing ma...

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FEBRUARY 26, 2021 Meat: A Dark & Twisted Sci-Fi Romance By Lizzy Bequin

Trapped like an animal. Shared like a piece of meat.

This alien wilderness is no place for an innocent little human like me. I should have been more careful. Should have watched my step.

Now I’m caught in the hunters’ snare.

Three primitive alien beasts are coming to claim their prize. ...

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FEBRUARY 24, 2021 Royal Dragon By Charlene Hartnady

Dragon shifters are a dying breed. There are so few females left that if drastic measures are not taken, and soon, it’ll be over for the species. The threat of extinction looms. King Blaze finally accepts that there is no other option but to evoke an age-old tradition.

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What happens when an alien slave master gets greedy? After being thrown into cages to pleasure brutal alien fighters, I’m broken—a mere shell of who I used to be.
I’ll be used and forced to do the monsters’ bidding, it’s too much to expect a male to watch over me. Then the Beast claims me...

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FEBRUARY 22, 2021 Dragon Boss: Dragon Shifter Romance By Kayla Wolf

I know how the people in this city see me. They’re afraid of me. They sense the rage, burning inside me like a signal fire. If they knew what I really am, they’d be even more afraid.

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[US + UK] Can an arrogant forest god right his mistake when he curses his fated mate?

Theron lived the high life. An admired hunter, he found himself best friends with a dragon, and every year, the shrine to the forest god permitted him entry to the forest for hunting. He had everything he wanted...

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FEBRUARY 21, 2021 Defenders: Sons of Olympus Reverse Harem Romance By Helen J Perry

If Greek gods become a twenty-first-century biker gang, they might look like the guys Lauren met in the woods.
When three hot guys find her she is helpless, hopeless, and desperate.
They look like trouble. Spartan warriors ARE trouble...If you are not on their side.

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FEBRUARY 21, 2021 Wynter: A Fun, Quirky, Silver Springs Romance By Mia Harlan

[US + UK] When a pair of magical skates helps me find my fated mates, the last thing I expect is to get rejected, betrayed, and framed for a crime I didn't commit. Can I work things out with my mates and catch whoever framed me? I'm Zoe Wynter, the best magical maid in town, but I'm afraid my life i...

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FEBRUARY 21, 2021 Dragon Riders MC Series: Books 1-5 By Savannah Rylan

Motorcycle Romance best selling author, Savannah Rylan, brings you another series full of delicious biker boys and the sassy women who win their hearts. Murder and kidnapping all while fighting a rival gang. Life ain't easy being a Dragon Rider. But fire destroys everything in its path.
And these b...

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FEBRUARY 20, 2021 Rescued by the Fae Prince: (Fae of Ballantine) By Serena Meadows

Sarah’s unlike any woman Reese has ever met. But in the kingdom of the Fae, being unique could get her killed.
Reese is hailed as a hero after helping save Ballantine. But even with his royal blood and good looks, the Fae warrior has always felt like an outsider. His family is made up of passiona...

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