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"Blackmailer threatening to murder you? Bad.

Accidentally sleeping with your boss—the dragon shifter doctor who’s way too old for you? Somehow worse."

Nadine is a simple girl with a simple plan. Kick ass in her new job and find a man who can make her scream.

After a wild encounter in a ...

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OCTOBER 04, 2022 Forever: Terror, MN Series By Larissa Emerald

[SERIES SALE!] Terror, MN Series—a town where paranormal beings like to walk on the wild side.

Everyone needs a little help from their friends.

Investment banker David Snyder works hard to advance to the top of his firm and stockpile his wealth. Then he’s killed in a stupid accident. Sudde...

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First, they abduct me from Earth. Now, they want to use me as his breeding stock.


Space-napped, that was my weekend. Work one day, outer space the next. And these slavers aren’t playing around, I'm designated as an ideal match for an eight foot tall beast, covered in green scales and...

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[SERIES SALE!] Welcome to Screaming Woods, the little town that's become monstrous overnight! Tasked with bringing drinks to the Halloween celebration, Dr. Karloff packed a bit more than just punch in the brew. Overnight, residents of this sleepy hallow found themselves transformed into monsters. Hu...

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I'm abducted and forced into a dangerous mission to kill Stradus, the alien brute king. I have to wait for him to lower his guard, but until then, I'm to let him breed me and tend to me as he pleases. I thought this task would be easy, but what happens when I start to enjoy being his omega?

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OCTOBER 02, 2022 Axel: An M/M Mpreg Shifter Romance By Fel Fern

Julian is trapped in a nightmare of his own making. Can a protective biker bear give him a new lease on life?

Hope. Julian lost that last winter after the merciless decimation of his flock. No longer able to shift, Julian lives a bitter half-existence. Keeping his head above the water isn’t eas...

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Skye Sylvester is an investigative reporter chasing a hot lead on B3, the shadowy, multinational conglomerate buying up land outside of Chicago. Her best contact? Sexy billionaire Marcus Sinclair. She's certain she can remain professional, even though Marcus rattles her composure. He's a man who is ...

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SEPTEMBER 30, 2022 For Kingdom Come: A Steamy Historical Fantasy By D.M. Holland

Olympia was orphaned at a young age and sent to live with her cousin, the king. Growing up in a castle had many advantages, yet as a young woman, she is sheltered and shy. Soon to reach her majority, Olympia no longer wishes to be a wallflower. Things are changing not only for her, but for the kingd...

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[US + UK] What I need is a pack of no strings attached alphas… so why is it the pack’s beta who I’m falling for?

After my dangerously late presentation, it’ll either be taking my chances picking up a pack at Ardor-infamous for it’s exclusive clientele of elite alpha packs–or the hospi...

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Running a dating agency can be a killer...

Shelley Linley is sick of sickos. Yet another prankster has applied to her dating agency. This one says he's a vampire and he wants Shelley to help him find a wife.

Meeting him for a second interview against all her better judgement, Shelley discovers...