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NOVEMBER 27, 2021 Moon Burned (Wolf Wars Series Book 1) By H. D. Gordon

Enter the Ring...Shift into wolf form...Fight to the death.

I'm just trying to survive, and that’s a full-time job in the world of wolf shifters, where the strong prey on the weak.

Good thing weak is one thing I am not.

But when a good deed gets me in trouble, and a certain dangerous wolf...

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NOVEMBER 26, 2021 Fierce: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance By Hattie Jacks

Predator meet prey.
VIV - I didn’t ask to be abducted by aliens. Twice.
The second time I was carried away into the night by a huge, winged alien male who insists he wants me to make babies with him. Not happening!

Jyr is the powerful leader of the Gryn, a gang of predatory aliens that s...

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Jasper Heartwell has five days to win his mate's heart.

Jasper is a dragon on a mission. If he doesn’t find his mate by his twenty-fifth birthday, he’ll lose his ability to shift, and be stuck as either a human or a dragon forever. Luckily, his birthday is on Christmas Day. What woman could r...

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NOVEMBER 25, 2021 The Cyborg's Seduction (Teraz Book 4) By Maya Carnage

An upcoming war against their enemy. A dangerous rescue mission. Is it the wrong time to fall in love when you could lose them if anything goes wrong?

Pax is easy-going and grounded. He doesn't strive for excellence like some people. It isn't something he desires. He likes living life laidback, b...

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NOVEMBER 24, 2021 Hidden: A Northern Waste Novel By Eve Silver

For most of her life Tatiana was imprisoned, tortured in the name of science, her DNA used to create a plague that could wipe out the entire population of the Northern Waste. But since her escape she's no one's victim. Not any more. She means to hunt down her tormentor, kill him, and destroy the pla...

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[US + CA] The Vampire King took my virtue, promised me a crown and shattered my heart. I spent three agonizing years getting over his betrayal. Now, he wants me back.

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Witch Harper Clarke is pretty sure misfortune follows her around like a bad smell. Her spells end in disaster, her dating agency for supernaturals has an embarrassing lack of clients, and her love life is a washout. So, when a vampire signs up to the agency and she can’t find him a match, she agre...

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NOVEMBER 21, 2021 Red Dragon's Heart By Anastasia Wilde

He’s been shot with an anti-shifter serum that turns him into a homicidal monster.
She’s the one who made it…

Zakerek’s entire life was ripped away in a single moment. While he was on a mission to rescue captive shifters from a lab, one of the scientists shot him with a bolt carrying an ...

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NOVEMBER 19, 2021 A New Beginning (Crossedlake University Book 1) By E. E. Thatcher

They said I was special, that I had a bright future. They didn't say that it was necessarily a good thing.

“Magic is real!” That's what the elderly woman proclaimed to me. Yeah, I didn't buy it. It reeked of a scam, but I went with it. What was the worst that could happen? As long as I didn't...

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NOVEMBER 18, 2021 The Don: A Greek Gods Paranormal Romance By Hazel Storm

The Don of the Underworld just moved to town. And I need him to save my brother…by selling him my soul.

Of course, I don't discover Grey is an Underworld god until I run into his billionaire brother, Raef. Meanwhile, another brother, Aroz — who happens to be the God of Lust — is helping his...