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OCTOBER 04, 2022 The Sweet Taste of Sin By Ember Casey

Never trust a bad boy with your heart. Especially when that bad boy is one of Hollywood's notorious Fontaine brothers...

To the rest of the world, Dante is Hollywood royalty, the ridiculously attractive oldest son of the notorious Fontaine family.

To me? He's the guy who made me swear off men ...

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"Blackmailer threatening to murder you? Bad.

Accidentally sleeping with your boss—the dragon shifter doctor who’s way too old for you? Somehow worse."

Nadine is a simple girl with a simple plan. Kick ass in her new job and find a man who can make her scream.

After a wild encounter in a ...

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[US Sale] Twenty-one-year old Simone thinks she’s finally gotten over her breakup with her high school flame, Ryan Mulligan. The emerald-eyed boy who has haunted her dreams since she was a teen. That is, until she sees him at her best friend’s birthday party, and their love is reignited. As they...

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[SERIES SALE!] Welcome to Screaming Woods, the little town that's become monstrous overnight! Tasked with bringing drinks to the Halloween celebration, Dr. Karloff packed a bit more than just punch in the brew. Overnight, residents of this sleepy hallow found themselves transformed into monsters. Hu...

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I always feared that I would fall for someone, and now that I had, I wanted nothing but her.

Alice - I was in a lab. There was a flash of light. I was in an alien jungle. Beyond that, I had no idea how I arrived where I was. The entire room I was in had been ripped from the building and dropped o...

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OCTOBER 02, 2022 Mountain Man's Claim: A Small Town Romance By Annabelle Love

I was searching for a new home.
What I found was a wild mountain man.

I moved to this small town to build a new life.
How was I supposed to know there’d be nowhere else to stay?
Or that Caleb Walker likes his cabin to himself.

He thinks I’m a city-girl who’ll fly away when the going g...

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SEPTEMBER 30, 2022 The Runaway Quarterback: A Gay Sports Romance By Twila Tewson

Can a conflicted, contrary quarterback and a cheerful, fun-loving chef turn an ill-advised first time gay hookup into a best friends to lovers romance? Or will a week of sweaty fun kill their friendship - permanently?

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A Past He Never Knew

A Future He Never Knew He Wanted


I came to Knotty Wood Ridge to make my demons disappear.

But there are some scars even time can’t erase.

I like peace, quiet, and most of all, solitude.

Oakley turns up on my mountain, dragging a baby and a backpack ful...

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2022 No Escape From War (Trouble For Hire Book 1) By Cynthia Eden

Revenge. Oh, it was going to be sweet.

Warren “War” Channing finally has the chance to nail his beautiful, lying ex. And, no, he doesn’t mean “nail” in the down and dirty sexual way…War means he has the opportunity to send the lovely and infuriating Rose Shadow to jail. Turned out, th...

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He hates me. I can't stand him. One accidental text message changes everything.

Callan Jackson is rude, arrogant, and everything in between.
Well, guess what. The world doesn’t revolve around him.
Especially mine.

I used to be a famous celebrity before everything came crashing down.
Now, ...

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