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He’s a condescending alien jerk, and probably a criminal, so why do I keep ending up in his bed?

From the moment I heard Caroline’s voice on a distress beacon, I’ve wanted her, but I know I can’t have her. She is a beautiful, broken woman; a weak-minded human who could never survive...

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JUNE 09, 2023 Ocean Wolves: A Second Chance Romance By Theresa Beachman

Trapped 8,000 feet under the ocean.
Her best chance of escape?
The man she swore she would never see again.

Dr. Becca Johnson finds solace in the isolation of oceanic research but as her six-month work rotation draws to a close, events rapidly escalate into life-threatening chaos. Struggling to...

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I must breed her — or she dies.

I am a caged beast, bred for war. My captors force me to fight for my life, day in, day out, to hone my skills. Pain, war and death are all I know.

And then Amy’s dropped into my cell. The most beautiful creature I have ever seen. Long dark hair, big eyes, a...

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The alien who hand-picked me to wed and bed is the most domineering warlord of the bunch. Lucky me.

As the first humans allowed in Suevan space, there’s a lot riding on my all-woman team. Earth desperately needs their tech, and I’m determined to prove we can negotiate the price. Without their...

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[US Sale] I didn't listen to my gut when it warned me not to go.

Now I'm on a flight to Mars with no way back, and my new dream job looks like it is going to be less of a job, and more of a trafficking kind of situation. I'm stuck with the choice - do I run, do I fight, or do I stay to be a good ...

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Escaped convict Vordigar has been hiding out on Risda III. When he’s scooped up by law enforcement, he has two choices - he can be shipped back to the Haven prison system, or he can marry one of the locals. Piper is from an alien race called ‘humans’ and she needs a mate to help her protect he...

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Beauty and the Beast type alien romance. With monstrous romantic suspense, action and adventure, some dark moments...and a giggle or two.

More than anything, I want to work my own space station.
To do that, I'm required to join the internal dating app of the space company I work for.
Today I re...

JUNE 01, 2023 Galactic Tides: A SciFi Cyborg Romance By Chloe Parker

[US Sale] Any good pirate should die at sea, but the siren of the deep had other plans for me.

The man I was died when my ship sank in the Caribbean in 1580. Something otherworldly scooped me up and took me away from Earth forever, and now I live on an interstellar pirate ship. I suppose there ar...

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An alien warlord. An abducted activist. And the curse that binds them together...

I didn't ask to be abducted by aliens, but the Hyperboreans took me anyway. Now, they've left me on the dying planet of Myste, indentured to the warden of a prison in the clouds.

And my captor? That's Calder, a f...

MAY 31, 2023 Falling Star: The Complete Series By Chloe Parker

[US Sale] An entire planet on the brink of destruction. Five amorous aliens. And one human woman carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders.

When Fiona wished on her rooftop that someone would come and save her, she didn't mean she wanted to be abducted by aliens - but that's exactly what ...

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