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NOVEMBER 28, 2023 Shackled to the Orc By Corin Cain

Captured, sold at the auction, and shacked to the brutal Orc…

Khan is the towering champion of the gladiator ring. His tattoos mark him as a fallen chieftain, reduced to fighting in the pits. Decades of battle have left their scars on his green, chiseled hide… and the pit master rewards his s...

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NOVEMBER 27, 2023 Haven: A Sci-Fi Romance By Jessica Marting

One stupid decision leaves Cressida stranded on Haven, an uninhabited planet on the edge of nowhere.

But it isn’t totally empty.

And Lukas, the cyborg living there in secret, is fascinated with her and has no intention of letting her leave.

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NOVEMBER 25, 2023 Rozar: Vaxxlian Alien Mail Order Brides #1 By Sue Mercury

The otherworldly stranger is the biggest, fiercest looking alien warrior she’s ever seen…and she’s already agreed to become his mate.

Nadia knows if she stays on Earth, her mob boss ex-husband’s goons will eventually find her. When the opportunity to become a Vaxxlian Mail Order Bride ari...

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The High Prince of Nyrr takes what he wants. And this time, it's me.

My mission is to find Earth a new home. There's just one tiny problem: A tall alien brute attacked my ship, stripped me, and took me as his prisoner.

Now we're heading to his icy alien homeworld, and the demanding warlord is ...

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NOVEMBER 20, 2023 Hunter Claimed: SciFi Alien Romance By Nola Robertson

Ricka Daniels wants nothing more than to return to her home on Earth. Her plans to leave the desolate mining colony on Rivean change when she’s targeted by alien slavers. After a Tarron Hunter intervenes and prevents her abduction, Ricka believes she is safe. She soon discovers the handsome law en...

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[US + UK] All I have to do is get back to my home base and the mission will be over, but an explosion changed everything.
Between trying to steal a spaceship from these hulky blue blue aliens with spiky tails and getting caught by the Empire, the choice is clear. I put my hands on the dashboard to ...

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NOVEMBER 10, 2023 Breeder: A Sci-fi Romance By Cara Bristol

Commander Dak, is one of five rulers of planet Parseon, a caste society that has enslaved its women and outlawed love. As Alpha he is responsible for maintaining the “Protocol” in his province. In need of an heir to secure his legacy, he purchases a female breeding slave intending to impregnate ...

NOVEMBER 09, 2023 Half-Breed Conquerer: A SciFi Alien Romance By Luna Hunter

I must breed her — or she dies.

I am a caged beast, bred for war. My captors force me to fight for my life, day in, day out, to hone my skills. Pain, war and death are all I know.

And then Amy’s dropped into my cell. The most beautiful creature I have ever seen. Long dark hair, big eyes, a...

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NOVEMBER 08, 2023 Caging Ella (Dark and Twisted Fairy Tales Book 1) By Andie M. Long

A paranormal fairy tale retelling… of vampires, captivity, and love.

They said that Once Upon a Time, Cinderella resided with her monstrous stepmother, ugly stepsisters, and led a life of cruel drudgery, until one day, a fairy godmother helped her attend a ball, where she met a charming prince ...

A second chance in space! Rus and his wife, Emily, have been left behind on the Sapphire's Fyre while the rest of the crew are on planet enjoying a well-earned vacation on Jesu 7. They thought Rus had fully recuperated from his away mission, but when Rus starts hallucinating a crew and a life that i...

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