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MAY 16, 2022 Shared by Two: A Scifi Alien Romance By Aya Morningstar

One of them claimed me in the airlock.

The other kidnapped me.

Now I belong to both of them.

Well, I will belong to both of them, but Khetar custom says that the Second gets to have his turn alone with me first. That means I’m going to be alone with Tschenkar. At least until I get pregnan...

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The Terran Empire is at war with The Rhimodian cyborgs. The Terrans believe the cyborgs have stolen a system of planets from them. At least, that's how it started.

It degenerated into hatred and fear.

Veta, AKA The Temptress, a feared spy for the Terran Empire, now protects the Emperor's two d...

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Jake Owens is tired of the cowboy life on his parents’ Montana ranch, catering to city folk who want a taste of old-fashioned country living. He enjoys life in the fast lane, with fast cars and even faster women. When he falls in with the wrong crowd and is accused of murder, a stranger’s bizarr...

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[Pre-order] Get bitten, abducted, dominated, and claimed by these SMOKING HOT alpha-hole baddies…

Whether you prefer your hero dark and brooding, sweet and sensual, monstrous or beautiful, we’ve got him ready and waiting to give you exactly what you desire.

This collection holds nothing ba...

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MAY 10, 2022 Big Feels: A Monster Romance Anthology By Sara Ivy Hill

When it comes to monster romance, size matters! Treat yourself to an extra-large serving of steamy short romances featuring monstrous heroes with big hands, big hearts, and even bigger feels. These stories prove that the bigger they are, the harder they fall…in love.

Anthology profits will benefi...

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Destiny lies along an uncharted course…

Commission Captain and special operative Sevan Vasil has enough problems without the strange dreams that seem to be his mind’s version of a cruel joke. No woman could be that perfect…except perhaps his fated mate. No human or alien alive would dare an...

MAY 07, 2022 Alien Liaisons: A SciFi Alien Romance By Chloe Parker

Aliens killed Mai Nguyen's brother. Now she's falling for one of them.

Mai's brother was always the diplomatic one. Cunning, calm, and composed, Cal was proud to be the first human diplomat on the Lyran planet of Logos. Now Cal is dead, and revenge is the only thing on Mai's mind as she heads to ...

MAY 04, 2022 Kai (Astral Mates Book 1) By Luna Hunter

General Kai cannot believe the naivety of the humans. From his cloaked ship the Dragan Warlord watches them walk straight into a trap — but when he sees there are females among their numbers, his throat tightens with anger.

Females should be protected. Treasured. Worshiped.

Especially one as...

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It was supposed to be a delivery run… How did it turn into a prison break?

All Mercy had to do was deliver her cargo and go. Now she’s got a bunch of irate aliens on her tail and a hot-as-Helios escaped prisoner in her cargo bay who insists she is his. She’s too old for this crap, and she k...

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MAY 01, 2022 Forbidden Delivery: Alien Romance By Amelia Wilson

“What do you do when you’ve suddenly become the cargo of a hot alien smuggler?”

Becca, an ex magazine editor and now-ex girlfriend of a famous chef, decides that she is fed up with love and men altogether. That changes though, after she finds herself tied up on the ship of Falax, an alien s...

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