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One year and two months. That’s exactly how long my marriage lasted. I thought I’d found my happily-ever-after—but I was so wrong—because my prince charming turned out to be a royal *sshole. But I should have seen it . . . I mean, the signs were there. He never liked anything I did. In fact,...

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[US + UK] Abductions. Rescues. Kidnappings. Saved, bought, or won - Aurelian triads will claim their fated mates.

Aurelians stand like greek-gods, towering over humanity. Giant, powerful aliens with honed bodies, marble skin, and relentless primal needs, they wield ancient weapons into battle. Th...

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FEBRUARY 08, 2024 Gentle Giant: A Fantasy Monster Romance By Sue Mercury

When a huge, furry beast kidnaps Hailey, she’s utterly terrified. But she soon learns the Sasquatch chief named Brutus is quite gentle and… cuddly. He believes she’s his perfect mate and promises to always take care of her, and it’s not long before she’s thirsting after his muscular bigfoo...

FEBRUARY 08, 2024 The Mating Games: A Scifi Alien Romance By Tammy Walsh

Mate. Die. Repeat.

I wake up in a glass pod. I’ve been abducted.
I’m surrounded by alien beasts, all roaring and desperate to mate me.
I fight to escape but the glass is unbreakable.
One of the alien beasts is calm, thoughtful, no...

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A wish whisks me away to Faerie, where I have magic! And a “married at first sight” orc husband. When I tell him humans don’t work like that, the big orc vows to woo me. No matter what it takes.

And here I thought firemen were supposed to put out fires...

It seemed like a smart move, parking my food truck in front of a bunch of hungry firefighters.

I had no idea these beastly hunks were from the Monster Unit.

Or that Lucian, the fire chief, was a hellhound who would set my soul abl...

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JANUARY 27, 2024 Claimed by the Savior: A Scifi Alien Romance By Elena Starr

I'm fated to be with a man who saved my life. Except he thinks fated mate bonds are a curse.

Turns out aliens have witness protection programs, and now I’m an alien’s fake mate. A beautiful, kind, sexy one called Carveth comes to save me after my ex-boyfriend sells me to a clone race who need...

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JANUARY 25, 2024 Baiting the Alien: A SciFi Alien Romance By Alina Riley

Iechon, the vacation destroyer and human kidnapper.
My vacation on a nice beach is put on hold when someone steals my cooler with my beer. Little do I know that chasing after this thief will lead me straight into the clutches of hulky green aliens with pointy ears. Aliens don't exist...or do they?

Huge alien warriors get more than they bargained for when they claim feisty human women as their fated mates! Thrilling action throws enemies together and passion ignites in this scorching-hot boxset.

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JANUARY 25, 2024 A Timeline Restored: A Time Travel Romance By Rebecca Hefner

Sworn enemies must enter a fake marriage to infiltrate the evil New Establishment. Can Alora truly forgive Eli for his past sins as their simmering passion grows?

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