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The best part about Christmas? Holding this innocent little newborn baby in my arms. He’s got the same keen eyes as his father—and the same fangs... The worst part? His father is light-years away in another galaxy. It’s just me and the baby now, and come hell or high water I’m going to make ...

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DECEMBER 11, 2020 Rescued by Qaiyaan: A Steamy Sci-Fi Romance By Tamsin Ley

Aliens, space battles, and romance! She has a secret these alien pirates would kill to get their hands on. And now she’s been captured by one…Wanted by the black market cartel, Lisa has come out of hiding to find her missing twin brother. She's carrying top-secret biotechnology that has both the...

Babies, weddings, and Christmas... oh my! For the human women on Arcavia, there's plenty to celebrate during the holidays. Sure, the Grivath are a constant threat, but with a surprise wedding to plan, a baby on the way, and even a visit from Santa, the first Arcav Christmas is sure to be incredible.

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DECEMBER 04, 2020 Alien Warlord's Mate: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance By Sophia Sebell

[US + UK] He claimed me. He threw me over his shoulder and marked me as his own. A freak accident sends me into the midst of a military camp in an alien world. Immediately, a group of aliens surrounds me and they're literally lining up to ravage me. But before they can touch me, Eldas the Scovein st...

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DECEMBER 02, 2020 Halcyon: An Alien Scifi Romance By Demelza Carlton

Catch a siren. Stop the storm. Whatever the cost. Allie, sick of war and grief, signed up as a lowly maintenance worker for the Colony in the hope of securing a lasting peace between the Titans and Humans. However, the girl has her own secrets, not least of which is her assignment from the New Hope ...

One night was never going to be enough…

Faye isn’t human anymore. She spends her days fighting monsters in the arena games and her nights entertaining them for her alien master. Torn from Earth, it’s the only life she knows.

Can one night with a totally gorgeous blue alien male change ...

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NOVEMBER 27, 2020 Unspoken: A Feral Alien Telepathic Romance By Deiri Di


“A telepath without restraints is a telepath that should die.”

That had been drilled into her head at the Academy for Telekinetic Telepaths. But when Kiera hurtles toward an unknown planet, stranded and alone with a limited supply of her mandatory suppressants, she’ll need all of h...

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I went camping once. Two hours later, I was checked into a Holiday Inn, lying on a table and getting massaged by a muscular Swedish man named Sven. If I can’t survive on a campground, how can I survive by myself on an alien planet? And that’s exactly where I am. The flowers are as big as cars, t...

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NOVEMBER 23, 2020 Alien Captive Mate: A Sci-Fi Romance By Penelope Woods

She is my mate. But I’ll always be her warrior. Deep space is a nightmare. I’m the only cadet aboard this starship. My superiors trusted me and a few higher ranked leaders to transport an alien prisoner, one of the most powerful warriors in the universe. We won’t let them down. Unless I fall i...

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NOVEMBER 22, 2020 Meat: A Dark & Twisted Sci-Fi Romance By Lizzy Bequin

Trapped like an animal. Shared like a piece of meat.

This alien wilderness is no place for an innocent little human like me. I should have been more careful. Should have watched my step.

Now I’m caught in the hunters’ snare.

Three primitive alien beasts are coming to claim their prize. ...

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