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JULY 22, 2022 Storm Crossing: A Fantasy Romance By J.R. Pearse Nelson

A secret society guards the gates between worlds…but they’re not all good guys.

The mission sounds simple. Travel to Earth, collect the commander’s daughter, and bring her back to Aeon. But any thought of simple ends when Caleb meets the woman in question.

Bristol thought she’d always ...

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Abducted by aliens and bound for a breeding zoo.
And then things got worse.

I was abducted by aliens.
Yep, you heard me right.
But they’re not little green men.

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JULY 20, 2022 A Sky Warrior Christmas By Sadie Carter

Come and join the Sky Warriors for their very first Christmas.

Well, that’s if Christmas actually happens. Eden and Frankie are trying their best to create a Christmas spirit, but with Sacaren threatening Santa bodily harm if he tries to enter their home, Nax complaining about the decorations, ...

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JULY 19, 2022 Alien Tyrant: A SciFi Alien Romance By Ursa Dax

“If you should flee, no matter where you run, I will always follow.”


I thought getting a linguistics degree would land me a decent job, not get me shipped off to an alien planet ruled by barbarian warlords with tails. But that’s exactly what happens when my own government kidnaps me...

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We were the first Draekons. Created for war, we are dangerous, lethal monsters. We were bound in stasis for a thousand years, but now we are free.

We have one final mission: Rescue a shipful of missing human women being tortured by the scientists.

Except they’re our fated mates. Their presen...

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JULY 12, 2022 Taken by Two: A Scifi Alien Romance By Aya Morningstar

They want to make a “triumvirate” with me.
I ask what it does.
They smirk. One whispers:
“It makes babies.”

If you’re from Eden and see a man, it doesn’t always taint you right away.

As long as your mind doesn’t think dirty thoughts too quickly, and as long as you don’t like...

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Exploring space. Going on crazy missions. Having fun with the rest of the crew.
Kane always had the big dream of exploring the whole universe.
Ever since his father died, and left him his old diaries, he can't shake off that feeling that he's wasting his life away.

Tired of working in the mines...

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I worked in a grocery store overnight. It was an easy job. Keep the store stocked, survive the boredom of long nights, and help the impossibly large and mysterious man that came in frequently.

A man that ended up actually being an alien smuggler.

Long story short, I got caught up in his proble...

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[US + CA] Her scent tempts my senses and sets my mating heart beating.
All I can think about is marking her, claiming her.

Danger lurks on all sides, but I will fight for what is mine.
Until I win.
Until I possess all of her.

Possessed by the Alien King is a steamy enemies-to-lovers romance...

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I dreamt of being saved by noble Aurelian warriors. Instead, I was abducted by savages.

They come through the portal in a fury of blood and violence, destroying my captors without mercy. They will have none for me, either. Aurelians demand total obedience.

The brands mark my rescuers as Fanati...

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