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MARCH 17, 2021 Savage in the Cell: A Scifi Alien Romance By Tammy Walsh

My fated mate could be anybody. Even the Savage in the cell.

When a prison riot breaks out, I’m cornered by a dangerous gang. They haven’t won a battle in months and are determined to take their frustrations out on me.

Then the Savage breaks his heavy chains and tears through the depraved ...

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MARCH 15, 2021 To Save a Savage Scot By Tamara Gill

Kenzie Jacobs is fascinated by a portrait of the roguish Highlander, Black Ben, which hangs in her ancestral home. There's a mystery surrounding his death, and Kenzie longs to solve it by traveling through time to 17th century Scotland--and perhaps meet the gorgeous laird who haunts her dreams.

Isabella Astley, a true Victorian lady who was born into one of England’s finest noble houses, wants to control her own destiny. But with a mother who is willing to marry her off to the highest bidder, her future seems to be a life of misery.

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MARCH 13, 2021 Feast: A Rough & Twisted Sci-Fi Romance By Lizzy Bequin

Captured. Caged. Consumed.

All my life, I’ve known there was something wrong with me.

I don’t fit into this world. I don’t belong.

Then the ukkur come for me, and everything changes.

Four brutal warriors, their massive bodies bulging with muscles and striped with battle scars. I fe...

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MARCH 12, 2021 Alien Warrior's Mate By Scarlett Grove

She's looking for a job, not a mate ... but fate has other ideas.

Loretta Franklin hasn't paid much attention to Draconians, the dragon shifter aliens who've come to Earth looking for human mates. She's been too busy getting her MBA so she can take care of her grandmother and younger siblings.


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This handsome alien is going to breed with me. And more shockingly, I’m going to like it. A lot. After being kidnapped by lizard men, I’m saved by a blue alien warrior with beastly horns. Now I must abide by his people’s traditions, which require acts I never thought a timid girl like me would...

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MARCH 09, 2021 Ravenlight (The Ravenlight Cycles Book 1) By Melissa Riddell

Cursed for his sins. Scarred by her past. Can love set them free—or will fate keep them apart?

Sophie Brannigan
Ten years ago, when I was eight, a raven rescued me from a fifty-foot plunge and a life of abuse. For years, the same bird stayed at my side like a best friend and protector. There was ...

MARCH 09, 2021 Ruled (Apexian Warrior Romance Book 1) By Arcadia Shield

A mission that can't fail. A wounded alien warrior with a dark past. A woman determined to protect her heart.

Wren Tulloch needs a win. If this mission to capture a rare sapo explosivo fails, she's out. She has to prove she's good enough. If she doesn't, she knows the cost of failure.

But Wren...

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I don’t need a man. I don’t need a pack. And I certainly don’t need a “mate”. So...what am I doing here?

What do you do when a half naked man lands on your doorstep? Well in this instance, try to stop him from biting you I guess.
I live alone in the woods for a reason, so when...

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MARCH 07, 2021 Marek (The Vartik King Chronicles Book 1) By Liza Probz

Being a thief was never my life’s ambition, but there’s something I need to find, and I’ll go to any length to do it. It’s a matter of life and death. And no one is willing to help. A few mishaps later, I find myself in trouble with the feline king and it’s time to RUN. But I don’t get v...