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SEPTEMBER 26, 2021 Alien Warlord's Mate: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance By Sophia Sebell

He claimed me. He threw me over his shoulder and marked me as his own. A freak accident sends me into the midst of a military camp in an alien world. Immediately, a group of aliens surrounds me and they're literally lining up to ravage me. But before they can touch me, Eldas the Scovein steps in. Gi...

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SEPTEMBER 25, 2021 Cyborg Heat: A Science Fiction Cyborg Romance By Lisa Lace

They’ll challenge what it means to be human and test the limits of love.

Amanda is a scientist for the military’s cyborg program. Programming and repairing once-human soldiers is a lot easier than trying to date, so she buries herself in her work. She’ll never admit that the cyborgs often s...

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SEPTEMBER 23, 2021 Hunter's Claim: Science Fiction Romance By S.E. Smith

USA Today Bestseller! When Earth received its first visitors from space.... The Trivators came to bring Earth into the Alliance of Star Systems, but now they have to take control of Earth to prevent the humans from destroying it in the panicked chaos. The Trivators aren’t prepared for how humans w...

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2021 Xul: A Sci-fi Alien Romance By A. G. Wilde

Athena wakes up in hell.
Well…it’s an alien slave ship, but it might as well be hell because she only has three choices.

Mate. Become a sex slave. Or be killed.

Great options.

Desperate for freedom, a chance for survival is presented in the handsome rogue alien called Xul.

But Xul i...

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SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 Ukkur Mates Collection: Books 1-3 By Lizzy Bequin

This collection includes Books 1-3 of The Ukkur Mates Series.

Trapped like an animal. Shared like a piece of meat.
This alien wilderness is no place for an innocent little human like me. I should have been more careful. Should have watched my step. Now I’m caught in the hunters’ snare....

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2021 Alien Hunter's Captive: A Sci-fi Alien Romance By Sophia Sebell

They told me I'd go into the wormhole. In and out, two hours. Then I'd get an enormous amount of money. They didn't tell me something might come out of the thing first.

Just as I was about to enter the wormhole, a terrifying monster emerged and took control of my mind. Before I could release it o...

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[US + UK] A princess who’s forgotten who she is. A kauah commander desperate to protect his people. And a tyranical king hellbent on tearing them apart.

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Abducted. Knocked up. A royal alien warrior ruthlessly hunts down his mate's enemies. A new mother discovers the power of her bonding marks—and the strength to fight back.

One minute Vivian is walking home from a rally. The next, she wakes up in a cell to be bred by an alien warrior.

Only th...

SEPTEMBER 08, 2021 Kyrix: A Sci-Fi Alien Fated Mates Romance By Kate Stevens

Meredith always dreamed of being whisked off her feet by a prince—she just didn’t realize he’d be a blue-scaled alien warrior.

Working a dead-end job in a chocolate shop, Meredith Sinclair has all but buried her dreams of finding happiness.

But when a bland-looking man comes into the sho...

SEPTEMBER 05, 2021 Savage Seed: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance By Ivy Sparks

After crash landing onto a desert planet, I'm as good as dead. But then Kade appears above the dunes. With his rippling muscles, long raven hair, and intricate tribal tattoos, he should terrify me. Instead, he enthralls me.

The silent savage wants to make me his. But if I go with him, what happen...

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