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JANUARY 10, 2024 Stranded With An Alien Vampire By Michele Mills

Staying in a charming cabin in the Montana wilderness, during off season, sounds like a lovely vacay because I’m cheap. But it turns out someone else has rented this small cabin at the same time as me (ugh) and I quickly learn three things about this ferocious guy I’m double-booked with:


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As a fourth son, I knew from the time I understood words that I’d be sent away to find my own fortunes. To survive I joined a band of other banished warriors to explore and raid distant tribes—in the hope of stealing a mate. When a falling star appears over the ocean, I take it as a sign ...

JANUARY 07, 2024 Guardian Mate: A Starhawke Sci-Fi Romance By Audrey Sharpe

Their interstellar romance launched a starship...

After fleeing the malevolent alien race that wiped out her homeworld, all Libra Hawke wants is a quiet life of obscurity. No danger. No drama. Definitely no surprises. But then the universe crashes Brendan Scott into her — literally — and knoc...

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Stranded by fate, bonded by desire. A spicy alien romance with forced proximity, alien “anatomy” and a satisfying HEA. Grab the whole series on Kindle Unlimited as well as paperback.

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JANUARY 02, 2024 Claimed by the Alpha: A Scifi Alien Romance By Elena Starr

I wasn't ready to meet my fated mate. It turns out I don't have much of a choice in the matter.

I came to Hogar because Earth is a steaming pile of trash, and now that I'm here I need to prove myself worthy of my mate, the man who formed the Alphas Council after the planet's old government crashe...

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DECEMBER 31, 2023 Draekon Holiday: A Prison Planet Slice of Life By Lili Zander

Day Two-Hundred-Something on the Prison Planet...

...And things are finally settling down. Life is slowly getting back to normal.

Babies that won't sleep through the night? Check.
Pregnancy cravings? We've got those, too.
Fresh starts? Check. A new chapter in our lives? Check again.

And p...

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DECEMBER 28, 2023 Zoran Warriors: The Complete Series By Luna Hunter

Four alien warriors.
Four human brides.
Can their intergalactic romances save two planets?

Humanity is not alone. The Zoran send a delegation of their strongest alien warriors to Earth — and they find the curvy, feisty human women to be irresistible.

The Zoran High Command schemes to plung...

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DECEMBER 26, 2023 Alien Romance Holiday Spectacular (5 Book Box Set) By Grace Goodwin

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Alien Romance Holiday Spectacular – Volume 2

Assigned A Mate: When a potential threat against her life forces Eva Daily to seek shelter on another world, she has only one option available to her. She must offer herself to the Interstellar Bri...

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DECEMBER 24, 2023 When She's Merry: A Holiday Alien Romance By Ruby Dixon

Homesteading on the remote farm planet Risda III can be lonely. So when I notice that my neighbor isn't doing so well, I ask for help to give her a Christmas celebration to brighten her spirits.

Unfortunately, the person helping me is Sinath, the most infuriating male alien ever. He's got a weird...

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The weather outside is frightful…and so are his claws!

Christmas is coming to Reka 5—well, it’s the winter solstice, but we’re calling it Christmas–and my job is to bring back the perfect Christmas trees. No problem, right? Until I meet my partner in crime. Tradgek is everything I’m t...

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