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OCTOBER 07, 2021 His Mate to Keep: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance By Ivy Sparks

I wake to find myself imprisoned in an experimental lab. Somehow, things only gets worse from there. Trapped with me is Xavier, a smoking hot alien with a contempt for pirates like me. When our captors demand we breed, we realize we’ll have to play along if we ever hope to escape. But once it's al...

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OCTOBER 06, 2021 Warlord and the Waif: A SciFi Alien Romance By Chloe Parker

An alien warlord. An abducted activist. And the curse that binds them together.


I didn't ask to be abducted by aliens, but the Hyperboreans took me anyway. Now, they've left me on the dying planet of Myste, indentured to the warden of a prison in the clouds.

And my captor? That's Ca...

OCTOBER 05, 2021 These Shattered Stars: An Epic SciFi Romance Novel By Melisa S. Ramonda


Meet Michael C-357 Alpha, a mercenary subjugated by the company he serves to, and Circe, a technological witch that always gets what she wants... until she chooses the ri...

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OCTOBER 05, 2021 A Scot's Pledge: A Time Travel Fantasy Romance By Sky Purington

From friends to lovers, forbidden passion sparks between a modern day woman and a medieval Highland warrior. Accustomed to watching over things for Clan MacLomain and their Viking ancestors, Julie had given up hope of traveling back in time for love like those before her. Until the day an old friend...

OCTOBER 03, 2021 Marek (The Vartik King Chronicles Book 1) By Liza Probz

Being a thief was never my life’s ambition, but there’s something I need to find, and I’ll go to any length to do it. It’s a matter of life and death. And no one is willing to help. A few mishaps later, I find myself in trouble with the feline king and it’s time to RUN. But I don’t get v...

OCTOBER 01, 2021 Alpha Thief: A Regha Horde world story By Milana Jacks

He stole her from the Horde.

Regha Horde never lingers in one place. They come, they raid, and they leave. I’m counting on that. Because I stole the Omega the Horde raided the house for, and I'm keeping her.

Abducted, auctioned, then stolen, I will resist for as long as I damn we...

SEPTEMBER 29, 2021 Solar Gems: A Cyberpunk Romance Duology By Chloe Parker

Revenge is the only thing sweeter than desire. Tasha Kincaid wants revenge.

It's been ten years since Tasha's partner double-crossed her, throwing her to the wolves and resulting in her exile to distant planet. When she meets Baz Vaughn, there's only one thing on her mind: stealing her ex-partner...

SEPTEMBER 29, 2021 Axxeon King's Captive: A Sci Fi Alien Romance By Liz Paffel

Alora Church, scientist extraordinaire, is used to being valued for her mind, not her womb.

She barely leaves her lab long enough to see the effects of the aliens that have invaded Earth. When her best friend is Summoned to become an Axxeon breeder, Alora is prepared to help her run. Until two h...

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After a life on the streets, Katie chooses the Interstellar Brides Program for a chance at a new life, a new identity. But when she arrives on Everis, her Marked Mate refuses to claim her. As an Elite Hunter, Bryn has to travel to Hyperion, a known world of gangs and vicious evil to bring an assassi...

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SEPTEMBER 27, 2021 The Captain's Rose: Moons of Ves'Oni By Aeryn Zaera

It's 2385 and the aliens that have invaded Earth are competing with two sects of people for destroying what's left. The wars have been going on since long before the Turner girls were born and there's no end in sight.