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Her handsome bodyguard is doing a great job protecting her from reporters, but she may need to protect her heart.

Former child sitcom star Alicia Carver loves the spotlight, but since launching her pop music career, the dirtier side of the business has been out to tear her apart. When her parents...

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Dr. Lola Blakeman has a plan for her life…and it doesn't include kissing a grumpy lumberjack.

Her whole life, people have been telling Lola to loosen up, ditch her schedules and checklists, and be spontaneous. But they probably didn’t mean she should hop into her sensible hybrid and drive wit...

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My dream is at my fingertips. But there’s a catch. A big one…

Ripple -

I’ve always wanted to open an animal rescue. My problem is the facility I need to buy is being held hostage by an out of touch owner who demands the buyer be married.

That means I need a fiancé — and fast. Othe...

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Teaching fourth grade at Maplehaven Elementary School deep in the woods of Vermont is Leah Greenstead’s chance to hide and heal. It hurt too much to stay in New York City where every corner café, every friend, every sunrise reminded her of all she’d lost. Some people get to have everything they...

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Nobody takes me seriously at work.

They say I'm a "nepo baby." I only got my job because my dad runs things.

But I have a plan. I'll land a job at my dad's rival company and show I'm the best salesperson in the industry.

One thing I never planned on, though, was falling for the boss. A boss...

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Faith Alexander escaped to Paradise Hills after a broken engagement with Clark Grayson. Reunited in Paradise Hills, sparks fly as Faith and Clark rediscover love. But new friendships in Paradise Hills and the past neither can avoid add complexity to their path forward, threatening their second chanc...

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When Sally's plan to kidnap her crush Peter at the Christmas barn dance goes awry, she ends up with his charming brother Franklin instead. Eleanor, ever the loyal friend, sets out on a daring rescue mission, only to find herself stranded with Franklin, a mischievous cat, and four playful kittens as ...

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One billionaire, one childhood friend, one bargain. No catching feelings.
Attend a wedding and family reunion together. Act like a couple. Make his straight-laced grandmother believe he’s happily settled for Christmas. Piece of fruitcake.
(A steamy holiday romcom with one naughty cat and a guara...

Billionaire Sebastian Sterling has no love for Christmas, but the annual holiday gala thrown by his company is approaching. Desperate for help and down to the wire, Sebastian enlists the help of his ex fiancee’s scorned event planner.

Amber Crawford’s dream of becoming a party planner went ...

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Revé's Christmas Plan:
Option 1: Spend Christmas with nosy family members picking at her personal life...or lack thereof. No thank you!

Option 2: Spend Christmas in Los Angeles all alone. Not a chance!

Option 3: A small-town cozy holiday getaway. Yes, please!

One small problem: A cowboy h...

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