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Christmas is the perfect time to fall in love—unless you’re pretending to be your twin sister.

Cassandra Bell is happy to stay in the shadow of her poised and proper twin sister. After all, her only goal for the Hastings’ Christmas house party is to not make a complete fool of herself. Vivi...

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Three gorgeous Santas begging to spoil me? Maybe Christmas isn’t so bad after all…

I call it the Christmas crazies. I hate Christmas and it makes me act out in all sorts of ways. That’s the only excuse I have for trying to sneak into the most exclusive airport lounge in the world on Christm...

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[US + UK] I haven’t been able to forget my sister-in-law’s best friend since I met her.

Aiyana is way younger than me but the zoo vet has the hottest curves I’ve ever seen.

And like me, she’s only interested in casual relationships, which seems like the perfect Christmas present.


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Libby Thompson has not exactly had the easiest childhood in the world.

After being abandoned by her father at twelve and getting bullied for months on end, it took years of hard work and her mother’s unconditional love for her to become who she is today: a successful, attractive young woman who...

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NOVEMBER 25, 2023 Home For Christmas: An N.L.W. Anthology By K.J. Ellis

A festive themed anthology for all the Christmas lovers.

This anthology has it all, from contemporary romance, heart-wrenching romance, to dark, dangerous, and even dirty romance.

These stories will get your bells jingling, your hot chocolate sizzling, and your heart throbbing.

Sit back, re...

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NOVEMBER 24, 2023 Melting with Marcus: A Curvy Girl Romance By Jenna Cook

He's my enemy. My tormentor.
Back after all this time to claim me as his.

Marcus -
She's the only daughter of the Hart family.
Equivalent to ranching royalty in our rural Texas town.
Untouchable. Untouched.
Too good for a man like me...but I'm not going to let that stop me.
With lush lips ...

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NOVEMBER 23, 2023 A Sweetheart Christmas: A Sweetheart Springs Novel By Kimberly Hanson

Stepping foot in Sweetheart Springs on the eve of their annual Christmas festival felt surreal. Previously, the town and festival held an air of magic for Ellie Johnson, now it only brought sadness and regret. She needed to decide if she could ignore the ghosts of her Christmas past and move on, alt...

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Bridgett Rawlings, the "Bad Luck Widow" of Prairie Rose, Iowa, is cursed. Every man she loves dies on her family farm. Now an outcast, she’s alone, burdened with a farm that’s both her livelihood and curse. Shawn Barclay, son of her late father’s friend, arrives from Arkansas to help, dismissi...

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Escape to a world of Christmas magic, where dragon shifters soar over snowy mountains and sleigh-bells jingle on hellhounds' harnesses. Festive fun and shifter soulmates await in these holiday romances that are sure to warm your heart no matter what the season.

NOVEMBER 19, 2023 My Fake Bad Boyfriend: A Hot Holiday Romance By Sara Whitney

Wanted: one very bad boyfriend for the holidays

I don't just need a fake boyfriend. I need the worst fake boyfriend in the world. Someone who'll get my family off my back about my perpetually single state. Someone so awful they'll beg me to never bring another man home again.

Gabe promised he ...