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As much as these two hate each other, they are excellent at a certain activity. He should be off-limits as her boss and brother's best friend. But what happens when their business trip leaves them with the unexpected? They'll find out, in give or take nine months... A banter-filled steamy romance th...

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I never thought I’d find love.

Don’t get me wrong, my parents are wonderful. But there was a part of me that wished to have the same love as them. To find someone who’d love me as much as my father did my mother.

My parents are shifters. I am not.

Wanting to know more about my heritag...

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JANUARY 23, 2023 Fake it For Fame By Weston Parker

I need a fake date to push Hollywood off my back. I find her in the least expected place. On my brother’s arm. Lucky for me, he’s willing to give her up. His loss, my gain. It was supposed to be no strings attached. But I want her more than I should. This charade may have started as a ruse, but ...

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JANUARY 22, 2023 Baking Spirits Bright: An Insta-love Holiday RomCom By Melissa Williams

It all started with a runaway reindeer.

As a celebrity pastry chef, I’m constantly surrounded by sweetness and sugarplums, yet this year, I’m just not feeling the magic of the holiday season. Visiting family in Celebration, Florida seems like the perfect fix for my mistletoe melancholy. Takin...

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JANUARY 21, 2023 A Mountain Man for Christmas By Clara King

[US+UK] He's a lonely mountain man who never lets anybody get too close.
But this Christmas, a curvy ray of sunshine is about to set his cold heart on fire.

Holly -
Frozen Peak is a perfect winter wonderland, but I'm all alone out here...except for Erik.
He's the mysterious mountain man who o...

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JANUARY 20, 2023 Little Fox Cottage (A Pajaro Bay Novel) By Barbara Cool Lee

Heartwarming books with characters you'll love: Welcome to Pajaro Bay.

Chef Bree Taylor falls in love with Pajaro Bay when she brings her late friend's dog to the charming coastal village to meet its new owner. But she soon finds that the town holds some dangerous secrets, and to save her new fri...

JANUARY 19, 2023 Open Lanes (Mooseheads Hockey Series Book 1) By Mary Morano

Brayden -
My dream has always been to go pro, but in that dream, she’s standing beside me. I messed up my chance once before but now I have a second chance. Just like on the ice, I will do anything I can to win. This time I’m playing for keeps.

Nicole -
He tortured me through High School,...

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JANUARY 17, 2023 A Season of Hope (A Danby Novella Book 2) By Christi Caldwell

Five years ago when her love, Marcus Wheatley, failed to return from fighting Napoleon’s forces, Lady Olivia Foster buried her heart. Unable to betray Marcus’s memory, Olivia has gone out of her way to run off prospective suitors. At three and twenty she considers herself firmly on the shelf. He...

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JANUARY 17, 2023 Cherish: A Sci-Fi Alien Baby Holiday Novella By Tana Stone

The bounty hunter babes are ready to celebrate Christmas, but are they ready to return to the sand planet where they were marooned?

When the bounty hunter babes escaped from the Dothvek planet, they took their barbarian mates with them (and some babies on the way). Now the crew is returning to th...

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JANUARY 13, 2023 Her Monstrous Valentines: A Menage Monster Romance By Honor St. Jean

I summoned a monster who can only be banished after he makes me feel good. Really good.

All I wanted was some tea after a hard day, but the recipe in my grandmother’s book turned out to be a spell. One minute I’m alone. The next, I’ve summoned a minotaur. The only way to send him back? He ...

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