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JANUARY 27, 2023 A God for a God: M/M Gay Fantasy Romance By J.B. Black

[US + UK] Life’s a party, and he’s ready to find his plus one.

Bayram has seen it all. As the god of revelry, he’s the center of the party. People rely on him to have a good time, but the shine fades, leaving Bayram yearning for excitement. He needs more in his life. Aches for something dee...

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Grayson Mills needs a fresh start. He returns to his hometown to keep his pack together, but four violent alphas can’t form a stable pack. When an Jonah accidentally runs Grayson over with his bike, his life takes a complete 360-degree turn. Jonah’s spirited and sweet. He’s good for the likes ...

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JANUARY 18, 2023 Seduced by a Sinner: An M/M Mafia Romance By Leighton Greene

M/M Mafia romance: Aidan O'Leary is innocent. Chaste. About to become an ordained priest. And he’s more temptation than Teo Vitali, Mob bodyguard, can handle. After an attack on Aidan's life, Teo is sworn to protect him until the young man can take his vows. But it's getting harder and harder to l...

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JANUARY 17, 2023 Pack's Promise: An Omegaverse MMMF Romance Series By Victoria Kent

What late-bloomer Madison needs is a pack of no strings attached alphas… so why is it the pack’s beta who she’s falling for?

Alphas Lucas and Grey want an omega to spoil, steady their pack’s dynamic, and eventually, start a family with. But they’ve been burned in the past: omegas aren�...

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“You’re going to be the death of me.”

“Then I better make it worth it.”

Ty never planned on sleeping with his biggest climbing idol, but when he gets the chance, is he really going to say no?

As a teen, Ty idolized Elijah Reed for coming out publicly. Now Elijah is here watching T...

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JANUARY 16, 2023 The Emperor's Omega: An MM Fantasy Romance By Corey Kerr

He married a man he had never met. The worst thing he could do was fall in love.

Prince Suriya never expected to marry. When his beloved sister dies shortly before her wedding, he agrees to take her place. As consort, he has one duty: to produce an heir for his husband and seal the alliance his p...

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JANUARY 12, 2023 Solstice Surprise: A Gay Romance By Gabbi Grey

A blizzard, an urgent plea, a desperate journey, and the most important moment of their lives.

Action movie star Peter Erickson is spending the Christmas holidays ensconced with his in-laws and his new husband. In the wilds of Northern British Columbia, they are as far away from the bustle of the...

Avery had never had a home before, unless he counted the northern wilds. Always moving from one place to the next, the idea of a permanent home was foreign and almost unwelcome. So when his brother settles them down with the Summerwood Pack, he finds the adjustment almost unbearable. At least he wou...

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JANUARY 09, 2023 Old Dogs and New Tricks: A Gay Romance By Argentina Ryder

A down on his luck stylist. A recently divorced attorney. Love shows up where you least expect it.

Nolan is a whiz at styling other people's hair, but his own life is a mess. He lost a promotion and got cheated on by his jerk of a boyfriend. Now he's being dragged into a lawsuit with his roommate...

JANUARY 04, 2023 Gary of a Hundred Days: MM Fantasy Romance By Isabel Murray

Fantasy romantic comedy in which a sheltered ex-king undergoes quite the awakening at the hands of his rugged ex-stable master, and everyone’s way more interested in kissing and romance than in all that rightful heir to the throne business.

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