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FEBRUARY 12, 2021 Jumping Jax: A MM Mpreg Shifter Romance By Fel Fern

An unwanted Omega yearning for freedom. An Alpha who made an unbreakable promise. When their paths collide, sparks ignite.

Jax Nolan feels like an outsider in his own pack. Without a mate or kids to tie him down, Jax leaves home to fulfill a promise to a dying friend. His journey takes him to Sil...

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FEBRUARY 09, 2021 One More Shot: A Second Chance MM Romance By Hayden Hall

[US Sale] Not even time can heal these wounds.

Viktor is the hottest, most exciting guy I've ever met. The type of guy to make you his whole world. And I’m the bad guy for breaking his heart, but mine broke along with it.

He was the soul of my vacation then, and I've got deja vu now. All my ...

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[US + UK] A queen's favor sets a fae prince and a warlock con artist on the road to love. Ash learned his magic on the streets. His mother died young, and the magical guild who exiled them both for her affair with his married father offered no aid. He's more grifter than warlock, but he'll do what i...

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FEBRUARY 03, 2021 Our Secret Wedding By H J Perry

Two macho construction workers fall in love in this sizzling friends-to-lovers, feel-good gay romance. Contains an elopement to Gretna Green for a British secret wedding and a whole lot of sizzling man-on-man love action.

JANUARY 31, 2021 Winter's Knight (L'Ange Book 4) By Mary Calmes

There is something in the forest around L’Ange that is making the animals nervous. In fact, they are running by Tucker Flynn’s windows at all hours of the night and day and no matter what anyone says, it isn’t normal. Of course, neither is Tucker being stuck on the sprawling grounds of the shi...

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JANUARY 30, 2021 Thornfruit (The Gardener's Hand Book 1) By Felicia Davin

There were two secrets in Varenx House, and Alizhan was one of them. Alizhan can’t see faces, but she can read minds. Her mysterious ability leaves her unable to touch or be touched without excruciating pain. Rescued from abandonment and raised by the wealthy and beautiful Iriyat ha-Varensi, Alizh...

Small bodied princesses. Unbroken little Buttercups. Pure & young.
Large, possessive alphas. Rough & forbidden.
Swingers, Naughty Wives, Bi-men.
Doctors, Bikers, Billionaires
Taken from both ends. Filled to the brim.
Holes sharing. MM, F...

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JANUARY 17, 2021 Lance & Clayton By Ruby Keller

Clayton is in the closet and he never thought he'd find love. When he meets Lance at a club, his life changes forever. But does Clayton have the strength to love who he wants despite his family’s wishes?

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A desperate Omega who wants a kid. An Alpha who doesn’t know how to be a father. Can Heath and Ryker be a perfect match?

When the murdered body of his Omega ex-boyfriend is found and his son goes missing, Alpha Ryker Johnson enlists his pack mates for help. The search leads Ryker to a desolate ...

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Forest god Codrin can’t keep his hands off his destined bride; if only innocent Kyrie knew that the boss he’s been fighting an attraction for is his soulmate.

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