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JULY 18, 2021 Taming Justice (Miami Knives Book 1) By Clarissa Bright

Deadly games with dangerous men are my only hope.

The Miami Knives, the city’s most dangerous criminals, have stolen my best friend. And I’m going to get her back.
Growing up on the streets of the city has taught me everything I need to know. I’m no princess, and there’s no knight in shi...

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A single Omega dad who’s not looking for love. A restless Alpha who can’t put down roots.

Omega River Harmon only has two priorities—his new job and taking care of his nephew. River’s been burnt before. He’s not interested in dating anyone new but a certain playful Alpha is hellbent on ...

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Partners in every sense of the word, Sawyer and Jackson have been a unit since they were young teenagers. Growing up together in the same foster home, they learned they could depend only on each other. But when Kyler—a boy barely half their age—arrived heartbroken and scared, the young men took ...

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At 38, Zavier “Cade” McCade has it all: a military career he can be proud of, a successful business, and a close knit group of family and friends. A former Army Special Forces Captain, Cade leaves the military to create Custos Securities, a burgeoning protection agency that provides unparalleled...

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A shattered pack. One lost Alpha. One troubled Omega. Unexpected mates? Grayson Mills needs a fresh start. He returns to his hometown to keep his pack together, but four violent Alphas can’t form a stable pack. When an Omega baker accidentally runs Grayson over with his bike, his life takes a comp...

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When two warriors collide in secret,
no legend is set in stone.

Eighteen-year-old Arthur burns for two things: a warrior’s ink, and Bedwyr, his older brother’s shieldmate.

Though the warlord’s son is beyond his reach, a Saxon incursion finally brings Arthur’s chance at the tattoo that...

JUNE 14, 2021 Bearly Familiar By Lilly Wilder

Broken Men Can Rarely Be Fixed, Especially Broken Men With A Secret But, Hyde McGallan has something that makes me want to help him, even when he pushes me away. He’s worth it and I won’t give up on him. It all started with me being the nanny to his little boy, but I soon realize that it will be...

Taryn and Richard enjoy being friends with benefits when they’re not in relationships with other men. But when Caleb comes along, he wants both of them, and not just tied up in the bedroom. Can the two overcome their insecurities enough to let the fun ménage become their true happily ever afters?...

First, I was on a mission. Then I was at his mercy.

The Dark family has secrets—secrets I’m going to uncover. And my first step? Get a job working for the sexy billionaire mogul Roman Dark. I’ll trick him, expose him, and then I’ll make him pay for what he did to my family.

But the dee...

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