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SEPTEMBER 16, 2021 Liam: A MM Mpreg Shifter Romance By Fel Fern

One pregnant runaway Omega and one sexy growly Alpha make for one sizzling combination.

Eli wants out of his gilded cage. When he finally tastes freedom, he wants to hold onto it for as long as he can. Bumping into a growly Alpha grizzly shifter isn’t part of his plans. Neither is falling in l...

Justin -

I like to flirt with trouble, and I always get what I want.

All it took was a bit of liquor and a playful taunt between my best friend, Remi, and Julia, my wife.

Then what I wanted was them. Together. Bound and beneath me.

And it was better than I could’ve imagined.

The th...

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Enjoy this collection of three fated mate titles.

Three fae royals come face to face with their unique mates. Kings, lords, and princes fight for their happily ever after.

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AUGUST 30, 2021 Learn the Rules: Rough Love Part 1 By Leighton Greene

Benjamin Ballard always assumed he was straight—in every way possible. They practically invented the term ‘vanilla’ to describe him. But if Ben's so straight, why can't he get the inscrutable Xander out of his head? And how come Xander's play-spanking gets Ben so hot?

Xander Romano maintains...

Ghost never wanted a mate or a baby but fate has other plans for him…

When werewolf Alpha Ghost finds an an abandoned baby on his doorstep, there’s only one Omega he can call for help. Tony’s selfless, sweet and caring…and far too tempting for his own good. Tony’s all he ever wants in a...

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AUGUST 19, 2021 Course Correction (Rogue Rescue Book 1) By Mia West

As leader of a covert unit of rescue swimmers, following the mission plan is a matter of professional survival for seal shifter Nate Landry. But recent closure on a colleague’s death has Nate recalculating his own trajectory.

It could use a little nudge and a whole lotta juice, and he only has ...

AUGUST 17, 2021 Our Secret Wedding By H J Perry

Two macho construction workers fall in love in this sizzling friends-to-lovers, feel-good gay romance. Contains an elopement to Gretna Green for a British secret wedding and a whole lot of sizzling man-on-man love action.

AUGUST 08, 2021 The Nerd Jock Conundrum By Hayden Hall

A chemistry nerd should know opposites always attract.


Of course I fell for a football jock. How could I not? But Jackson and I are polar opposites. He’s popular, confident, and as hot as hell in a tight T-shirt. Me? I’m just a scrawny, awkward nerd.

Another point of difference: he...

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AUGUST 06, 2021 Down Low (Down Home Book 1) By Parker St. John

His broken bones could finally mend their broken bond…

Bull riding was the only thing that calmed the thrill-seeking, self-destructive beast inside of Calvin Craig. It allowed him to escape a small-minded town and the pain of his troubled youth, fleeing to bright lights and big city fame withou...

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AUGUST 02, 2021 Starstruck: An MM Forbidden Romance By Ollie Lovett

Falling in love is the whole point of the show. Just…not with a man.

And definitely not with the assistant director.

After losing my career in the NFL, I knew this was my last chance to be a success. Winning on The One meant finding the woman of my dreams and sharing a fortune with her. If I...

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