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Does what she hides make her innocent? What she reveals makes her guilty? When the truth lies somewhere in between, it can get us both killed.

As a Texas ranger, it is my obligation to uphold the law, but the day I laid eyes on her, I knew that she’d be trouble. Savin’ her awakened somethi...

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Wyoming, 1866
Rebecca Whitaker is struggling to keep her family ranch from foreclosure. Known as Rebel, she's become a law unto herself as she does everything she can to pay back the new holder of her mortgage, the loathsome Alexander Greer. She trades with the Shoshone Indians, works in a saloon, ...

JANUARY 18, 2023 Texas Twister: Everything's Bigger in Texas By Dee Ellis

Grey Griffin has been chasing things her entire life. The mystery of storms has taken her all across the country chasing their majesty. One thing she won't chase? Love. Or a man. So, make that two things.

Tye Pence has never had to work hard for what he wanted. That doesn't mean he doesn't know h...

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Why on the earth, I had to fall for my brother’s best friend, once again?

My brother had just forgiven me for sleeping with one of his best friends and now I was falling for his other best friend.

Steven was supposed to make me comfortable in this new place, but I didn’t realize when he ma...

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JANUARY 16, 2023 Hannah (Farraday Country Book 8) By Chris Keniston

Tuckers bluff isn’t done playing matchmaker for the Farradays. Welcome to Hannah, book 8 in the Farraday Country series set in cattle-ranching west Texas, with all the friends, family and fun that fans have come to expect from USA TODAY Bestselling author Chris Keniston. For Hannah Farraday, worki...

JANUARY 07, 2023 Country Rain: A Second Chance Western Romance By Cheyenne McCray

In this cowboy romance, young love is given a second—and final—chance.

Over the passing years, Rancher Colt McLeod never stopped loving Marlee Fox, but she has refused to speak to him since high school. On a not-so-accidental encounter, he captures her attention and the promise of a dance.

JANUARY 05, 2023 Cowboy Mistletoe (The Dalton Boys Book 6) By Em Petrova

When your boyfriend hands you the gift addressed to his other girlfriend… Well, that’s a doozy of a Christmas downer.

Rather than cry or pout, Annabelle’s determined to make a new tradition and what better place than Paradise Valley, Texas on a ranch, where a large family and a happily marr...

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Relationships are off his menu…until one woman brings his guilty heart back to life.

JT can’t forgive himself for bringing the wrong date to a wedding—one that nearly killed his sister. JT’s guilt is eating him alive. Certain his "crazy" detector is broken, he's sworn off dating.


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Christmas in Southern California has her wondering are you ever too old for a young Buck?
- Delores - All I wanted was a quiet Christmas alone. But when your best friend is married into the Morgan Family, a herd of ripped and rowdy ranchers who won’t take no for an answer, quiet Christmases eva...

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DECEMBER 27, 2022 Snowed In for a Second Chance By Heather Scarlett

Sparks fly when Sarah and Griffin are snowed in together at a cozy Montana cabin.

The last place Griffin Walker wants to be is in his hometown of Wildwood Falls, Montana. His career as a travel blogger keeps him constantly on the move, which is just the way he likes it.
The last person he wants ...