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NOVEMBER 27, 2021 Mr. Right By Barbara Catlin

At 35, Bobbie is determined to use her practical business sense to find “the” man. After she discovers him, though, she realizes
the cowboy is all wrong for her! So why does loving him feel so

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At 35, Bobbi...

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NOVEMBER 24, 2021 My Possessive Ranchers: A Reverse Harem Romance By Kelly Myers

Moving to a small town after my whole world fell apart should’ve brought me peace.
It wasn’t supposed to lead me to three hot ranchers that I couldn’t stay away from.

Beau, Irvin, and Warren…
The three incredibly irresistible ranchers have been friends for as long as they can remember.

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The snow isn't going anywhere and neither is he.

Which is a problem for Kristina because she can't afford to be distracted, not by him or any man. She needs to focus on training her horses and building her stables reputation. When the Christmas Eve blizzard brings a man foolish enough to crash in...

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NOVEMBER 16, 2021 A Love Worth Keeping By Janelle Adams

She’s the town beauty. He’s a nice guy hoping to find a sweet girl. Will opposites attract—or tear Betty and Jackson apart?

With long lashes that dance on her face and an uncanny ability to sashay her hips, Betty Cobble is the desire of nearly every man in town. She revels the attention, an...

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NOVEMBER 15, 2021 The Bride (The Bride Series Book 1) By S Doyle

A Modern Day Marriage of Convenience..


I’m sixteen and I’m getting married. Super weird, I know.

It was just me and my dad, living on a cattle ranch in Montana, when he died suddenly leaving me an orphan. Which, apparently, is still a thing.

I have two choices. A state foster ...

He’s nursing a broken heart. She’s clinging to a dream. Will mutually beneficial business lead to everlasting love?

After the last four years, Bear West is tired of being the fifth wheel during his family’s yearly holiday get togethers—but he’s not ready to put his heart on the line. It...

NOVEMBER 12, 2021 Texas Firebrand Volumes 1-3 By Barb Han

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Barb Han guarantees danger lurking around every corner, hearts on the line, and romantic suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Join her Firebrand family in Lone Star Pass, Texas as they break through deep-rooted family feuds and find their way to love.


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Nathan Callister and Callie 'Calamity' Brookes are about as opposite as two people can get.

Nathan believes Callie has earned her unfortunate nickname, particularly as she seems to cause mayhem wherever she goes. Callie is convinced Nathan is the same as every other man she's ever met - an arroga...

Four brothers, one ranch.
Can they save it in time?

There’s only one way Harley Jenkins can save her job. She must convince Clay Briscoe to sell his family's ranch. The land is in a growing area of Montana, and her land developer boss has his eye on it. But from the first meeting with Clay, it...

After returning to her small hometown of Jacobson, Wyoming after 13 years to attend her estranged father’s funeral, successful NYC news anchor, Alana is enraged to find out her father left everything he owned including the family ranch to Russ Rivers, Alana’s ex-boyfriend.

Fuming, Alana refus...

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