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Nia has one rule—don't date neighbors. Simple, except the guy next door is single, handsome, and not inclined to close his blinds while naked. When her car dies, Conn takes "being neighborly" to a new level by offering a ride to her long-distance destination. Nia has resisted his looks and charm f...

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Kirian: It’s been three weeks since my new neighbor moved into the adjoining duplex. Three weeks of hearing a woman I’ve yet to see conjure up fantasies with her phone sex job, and of a howling demon dog who makes noise morning, noon, and night. I’m ready to give her a piece of my mind, except...

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Sometimes you have to jump to cross a chasm! Nurse Claudia copes with her husband leaving her for another man by working hard and stop dreaming. Her farm, the nine-year-old orphan she adopted, and now nursing the crazy American who crashed into her fence keeping her busy around the clock.

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MAY 06, 2021 Lethal Edge (Rifle Creek Series Book 1) By Kaylea Cross

A diehard romantic looking to start over in a small town. Dr. Nina Benitez might be an astrophysicist and a scientist down to her bones, but she also believes in true love and happily ever after—and won’t settle for anything less. After a rocky end to her first semester teaching at the Universit...

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MAY 06, 2021 Stripped Down (Sonoma Book 1) By Mae Harden

Baking is my thing. Bachelorette parties are not. Surprise strippers even less so. But I'm almost positive this guy isn't really a stripper, and if he is, he's pretty bad at it.

On the other hand, he's very, very good at kissing. And maybe I shouldn't have goaded him into doing it, but it's not l...

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Dermot Harding is ten years older than me.

A family friend. An employee on my father’s ranch.

But I’ve loved him as long as I can remember.

At eighteen, I kissed him and he pushed me away. He said I was too young.

The army took him from me for three long years, but now he’s back a...

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Maggie’s scars are visible to everyone. Mine are hidden deep inside.
We are both too damaged to love… Or so we thought.

The fire at Maggie’s workplace leaves scars on her skin that make her feel undesirable.

Jett shows her she’s beautiful, but his scars run much deeper than hers.


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Pretend to be my fiancée to make my ex-wife jealous? He couldn’t possibly be serious. Except that he was…And I was pretty damn serious when I went along with his mad plan. One word: Switzerland. That’s where I’d go to play the role of his fiancée. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Walker is...

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Why am I so drawn to my boss' dark, rough side?
Do I really want to be "broken in" by such dark, delicious sin?
Sweetness that I had never experienced before.
Night after night?

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MAY 05, 2021 Cross: Devil’s Nightmare MC By Lena Bourne

I'm the guy whose name brings fear into the hearts of even the hardest men. They call me Cross, because I've killed enough men to fill a cemetery, and I never saw any problem with that. Until a woman I hardly remember brought my eleven-year-old daughter that I didn't know existed, to my doorstep and...

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