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NOVEMBER 27, 2021 Mr. Right By Barbara Catlin

At 35, Bobbie is determined to use her practical business sense to find “the” man. After she discovers him, though, she realizes
the cowboy is all wrong for her! So why does loving him feel so

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At 35, Bobbi...

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NOVEMBER 27, 2021 Julien: A Billionaire Royalty Romance By Gia Bailey

He’s an untouched prince. She’s a princess on the run. He’d grown used to his reclusive life, until meeting her. Now, he will use every power at his princely command, to keep her.

I’m a broken man, and I gave up trying to be anything else, long ago.
But when Anya shelters in my p...

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My fumbled handshake became a hug, then my heart stopped. Dad’s money guy was the hottest man I would ever meet.

The connection was instant. Reed’s powerful energy set my soul on fire.

We both knew that starting a relationship while hiding it from the important man we had in common was wro...

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NOVEMBER 27, 2021 Caught Under the Mistletoe: A Holiday Romance Collection By Naomi Springthorp

[Pre-order] ’Tis the season for mistletoe kisses… Whether you're looking for something naughty or nice, a second chance, brother’s best friend, or romcoms—curl up beside the flickering fire and enjoy these holiday inspired stories. What better way to get in the holiday spirit than finding ou...

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I didn't expect that meeting this hot guy at the art gallery will lead to the best night in my life.
But I was really surprised when he asked for my number…

He is is literally Mr. Perfect.
Godlike body, dominant personality and a couple of billions in the bank account.

In his own bank.


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NOVEMBER 27, 2021 Stuck with You (A Rescue Me Series Novel) By Nikki Mays

Anyone with a working brain would feel that way after finding her fiance in bed with her best friend. The only issue with her plan is the pain in the butt, grunting and grumpy cop that she has the misfortune of running into. But as long as she can avoid Darrin James, her life is damn near close to p...

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Every girl has that certain someone in their past that they never want to see again...mine was Ford Jacobs.

After finding out I was the chubby girl on the side, I did what any heartbroken girl would do - blocked his number, moved across the country for college and started a multi-million dolla...

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NOVEMBER 26, 2021 Her Alpha Bodyguard: Five Book Boxset By Nell Alexander

[US + UK] Five steamy Alpha Bodyguard romances in one big read!

Each of these five short stories is long enough to enjoy with a glass of your favourite drink, because how else is steamy romance supposed to be read?

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Dawson -
The last thing I expect to find when I’m called to a late-night disturbance is a drop-dead, gorgeous blonde trying to break into the local prison when most sane people would be trying to break out. But the biggest surprise of all is that I know her. In the five years since I've seen her...

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NOVEMBER 26, 2021 The Perfect Stroke (Lucas Brothers Book 1) By Jordan Marie

It was one night. He wasn’t supposed to rock my world. Gray Lucas is everything I hate in a man.

Arrogant, rich, entitled and a player. He’s a pro athlete and his exploits are legendary—one of which was me.

We had a one-night-stand.

It was wild, passionate, exhilarating and a...

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