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They both believe it’s too late for love, but is it?

Now that she’s in her fifties, Stacy Roberts has given up on love. She’s been divorced for ten years, her kids are all grown up, and dating seems like too much work. She’s ready to just enjoy her life and do precisely what she wants, as...

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Everlee Samson is getting her independence day this year.

Because she's going to liberate herself from her innocence.

Tired of feeling like she's missing out, she decides one of the hot military men that flood Milltown for the annual July Fourth celebration will be the one to make her a woman....

When my father dispatches me to be sold to a ruthless mobster, I tremble at my fate in the cruel hands of one of the notorious Fortuna brothers, but I never expected to become a plaything, a toy to be used in cruel games by all three of the sons.

Dark, brilliant Carlo, savage Olympian Bruno, and ...

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Night after night, mild-mannered accountant Harry Ambrewster sits in the back of the room, admiring Vegas showgirl Lainie Terrell from afar. She’s got it all—looks, brains, a kind heart, and Dexter, one of the smartest four-year olds he’s ever met. Sure, Harry would love to be the one who make...

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JULY 03, 2024 Filthy Headlines By Cassie Mint

My gorgeous new boss doesn’t trust me.

Guess I can’t blame him. I’m an undercover reporter.

Grant Keller isn’t just a billionaire. He’s a well-known grade A jerk, known for his ruthless business dealings and cold demeanor.

There’s no one Grant hates more than the press… but th...

When my landlord kicks me out of my apartment, my dreams of making it as a chef are ruined—until an iron-fisted, grumpy billionaire offers me his luxury penthouse kitchen.

The price? He’s my new roommate!

The price? He’s my new roommate.

Kidnapping the person who made my life hell is easy. Falling for her the moment I see her is even easier.

When I get my hands on the hacker who exploited my family's secrets, I'm ready to give them what they deserve.

Nothing can prepare me for the face that hides behind the screens. A woman, o...

Billionaire Sebastian Sterling has no love for Christmas, but the annual holiday gala thrown by his company is approaching. Desperate for help and down to the wire, Sebastian enlists the help of his ex fiancee’s scorned event planner.

Amber Crawford’s dream of becoming a party planner went ...

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JULY 03, 2024 New York Sonata: A Love Story By D. M. Wishing

[US sale] A happy love story featuring classical music, a golden retriever, sparkly jewels and lots of cake.

Tessa is a top-flight concert pianist who won’t stand for anyone trying to tell her what pieces she should play—not even an attractive, concert-sponsoring billionaire. She gets back a...

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He's a mystery wrapped in rugged charm,
A hot lumberjack with a bad reputation...
The lone wolf everyone in town avoids.

New town, fresh start—that’s all I want.
He and I hit it off at the bar, but I’m not looking for anything serious.
Our chemistry is explosive, so we decide on just on...

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