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The first time I met Vivi, I saved her life. I own her apartment, the building, hell, the whole block. Now I need to possess the curvy redhead. Her innocence is the only thing in danger around me.

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He's huge, grumpy, and a total flirt. He's also my new roommate.

Moving away from my hometown that had more cows than people was always my dream.
When I connected with a girl online who was looking for a roommate, I knew I was finally getting my wish.
Then I opened the front door of my new apar...

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AUGUST 08, 2022 Maybe This Time: An MM Romance By Lauren Blakely

From NYT Bestseller Lauren Blakely comes a sexy, forbidden MM romance novella about a rock star and a bodyguard! There's one thing I need in my life right now and one thing only -- a new job. So I'm stoked when I land a dream gig as a bodyguard for a rock star. But there's definitely one thing I do ...

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AUGUST 08, 2022 All That Lies Between Us By Amanda Cuff

Happily engaged. Fulfilled by a lucrative career. Addison McCormick thought she had it all—until she caught her soon-to-be-husband cheating.

Forced to start anew, Addison decides a vacation is just what she needs to escape the wreckage of her life in LA, and serene Colorado is calling her name....

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He's a hot farmer with commitment issues. She's been in his friend zone since kindergarten. It'll take a little Mudville crazy to knock them out of their comfort zone...

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Two years of being an outcast in my pack, and I'm more than ready to escape.

Starting college is the ultimate chance to recreate myself, and I'm going all in. Hookup culture, parties, and maybe I can fit some studying in there too.

No one needs to know that when I shift, even other wolves are ...

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AUGUST 08, 2022 Test Drive: a Dark Romance By Ines Johnson

He’s the wrong turn her perfect life needed.

All my life, I've never taken a wrong turn, until I get lost dropping off a classmate on the wrong side of town. To make matters worse, I blow a tire and am surrounded by a group of gorgeous, hot street racers. They offer to help me out with my car�...

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I know what I am.
A monster parading around in an Armani suit.
Nico Costa—the perfect monster.

The minute my eyes land on the dark-haired vixen that walks into my club, a desire so strong twists like pain in my gut.
We play a game of lust that awakens my long-dead heart inside its cage.

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AUGUST 07, 2022 Thicker Than Water: A Second Chance Mafia Romance By Michelle St. James

Nolan Burke was never really a criminal.

He’d joined the Syndicate to learn how to be a man. Pissing off his socialite mother was just a bonus, as was hanging around South Boston with Bridget Monaghan and his best friend Will. But that was before Bridget dumped him without explanation. Forced t...

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Because things come in threes…

SOLD: Tiffany meets the mysterious H and then falls for neighbor Brandon. Who will she choose. Does she even have to? (MFM)

SUBMIT: Kayla is torn about her feelings for ex-stepfather Daniel, and then her mom's latest stepson comes to visit creating more confusi...

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