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JANUARY 11, 2022 Angel Kisses: Midnight Kisses By Nichole Rose

A little New Years' magic will send a former SEAL and his curvy girl up in flames.

Masen Starks
Six months ago, I found my future.
Theia Perry is the sweetest little angel I've ever met.
When I'm with her, I'm invincible.
But she has dreams that don't include a damaged soldier.
I shouldn't h...

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JANUARY 10, 2022 The Baby Maker By Lili Valente

Some men are troublemakers or dealmakers. The men in my family? We’re baby makers.

For six generations, the women of wine country have had a saying: don’t bang a Hunter man unless you want a bun in your oven.

Yeah, well. I’ve got a saying, too: no thanks. The last thing I need is baby ma...

JANUARY 10, 2022 Dating The Player (The Legends Book 1) By Erin McCarthy

Can this bad boy player score the good girl or will he fumble the pass? I’m not the kind of girl people expect a football fan to be.

With my kitten sweaters and glasses, I look more like a librarian than a social media manager. But managing Dakota “Sexiest Quarterback Alive” North?


JANUARY 10, 2022 Clever Dragon By Scarlett Grove

Can a wolf hacker find love with the clever dragon on her tail?

Meg Scott has hacked into one too many shifter sites. Something has to change. So Meg signs up for the shifter dating app she just hacked.

When Griffin Holm is matched with this mate after centuries of suppressing his dragon, he k...

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JANUARY 10, 2022 Her Cocky Cowboys By Roma James

My world finally felt balanced again—until two smokin'-hot cowboys rode in and flipped everything upside down. After a tragedy derailed my future and sent me back home to the family ranch, I settled into my new life. It wasn't the grand adventure I'd envisioned, but it was something. It was enough...

JANUARY 10, 2022 Big Bet (Big Boys) By Cassie Mint

I’m a burlesque showgirl. I dance for crowds of thousands every night.

But it’s only one man’s attention I crave.

Every night after our show, I make my way to the big casino. I weave my way through all the luxury and sin, heading for one table in particular.

He’s a blackjack dealer....

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She’s been stung by the wrong man before. He’s hiding out to get away from the buzz of the city. When the sting of new love strikes them both, can he prove to her that she’s the only one he wants to call Honey?


It’s taken time to rebuild my self-confidence after being treated secon...

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JANUARY 10, 2022 Get the Message: A Sweet Romantic Comedy By Brynn North

[US Sale] All’s fair in love, war, and baking contests.

I’m desperate to save my party planning business. So desperate I agree to dress up as a dancing cucumber for my ex-boyfriend’s sons’ birthday party. Talk about lower than low.

Then, I see an opportunity that may solve all our prob...

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JANUARY 09, 2022 Maybe It's You (Fairfield Romances Book 1) By Lydia Reeves

What if you could have everything you ever wanted...but only for one night?

Ellen's not looking for love. And if she were, it sure as hell wouldn’t be in tiny, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Fairfield, Indiana.

But when a summer rainstorm and her car (that’s admittedly seen better days) conspi...

JANUARY 09, 2022 Her Greek Billionaire (New Nomads Book 1) By Esther Beare

She thought the pandemic had ruined her dreams, then she met Jax.

Aspiring designer and single mum, Birdie Rosella started the job of her dreams in Athens only to be bundled off to the airport when the virus hits. Her flight cancelled, in desperation she throws herself into the limo of Ajax Aeto...

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