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While house sitting over Easter, the last thing I expect is to fall for the charming older neighbor.

Miles is determined to keep an eye on me while my parents are away. But his playful banter and intense gaze only make me want to test the limits. His skilled touch awakens a hunger inside me I nev...

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JULY 10, 2024 The Secret Virgin (Maple Mills Book 2) By Kate Gilead

I've got a secret that no one else knows...not even my closest friend. >.< I'm twenty-one and never been...ahem.


Erin has always been on the conservative side especially with men,
She’s never been with one before.
She has finally finished college and now she needs a job,
An opportunity arises for her to nanny the doctor next-door's baby,
The thing is, ever since ...

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JUNE 28, 2024 Caught With My Best Friend's Dad By Odessa Rossi

When did Ainsley Miller grow up? And how did she stay so damn innocent?

Ainsley's my daughter's best friend-practically family to me. I've made her pancakes after slumber parties, chased away boys who got too close, and carpooled her to soccer practice.

But she's not such a little girl anymore...

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“Look at them, Millie. Tell me what dirty things they’re doing and I’ll reward you for being a good girl.”

Seven years after a college party game, I’m face to face with my new boss. The same towering, solid, Greek god of a man who knows my most intimate, hidden truth.

There's a forbi...

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[US Sale] My papa doesn’t practice what he preaches, but I’m the one who’s paying for his sins.

My father, the rising star televangelist and pastor of a mega church, managed to piss off the Grim Riders MC. They’re the most dangerous outlaw motorcycle club in town, and they kidnap me for c...

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[US + UK] She is married to a woman. He's just had his heart broken. And yet, when they meet on a hook-up app, the earth moves.

What happens to a human life when chemistry takes over? Can there be such a thing as a "forever" molecule? From debut author Anne Henry comes an earth-shaking tale of Mi...

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[US Sale] Blaze’s hand closes around my neck, pushing me to my knees, and I remind myself that I wanted this. I yearned for this experience, craved his touch, and it’s the reason I find myself in this situation.

Merely days ago a man lie dead at my feet and it wasn’t the first time that dea...

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Working for Nick Novack, a wealthy, gorgeous hockey captain is what dreams are made of.
Wrong. It’s a nightmare.
My boss hates me, because of an incident on my first day. I suspect he wants me to quit working as the nanny to his five-yea...

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JUNE 07, 2024 Sweet Surrender: An Age Gap Romance By Leah Addison

[US + UK] I can't believe my eyes when the hot older man I'd shared an intense experience with at a sex club on Friday night arrives in my office on Monday morning... as the new CEO of the company.

It was only supposed to be one night, and I was never meant to see him again. I've got far too many...

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