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I’m in love with my ex-boyfriend’s dad: a dangerous and powerful mafia boss twice my age.

He saved me.
I was desperate for a place to spend the night, and when I turned up on his doorstep in the pouring rain, Mr Crosse took me in.
For six months we repeated this pattern, the attraction shim...

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Fans of Danielle Steel's sweeping romantic sagas and emotionally charged stories will love this book!
Despite losing her memory in an accident ten years ago, Emily believes her life is a blissful fairytale—a loving husband, two wonderful children, and a peaceful existence. But when her forgotten ...

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JULY 16, 2024 Hook: A No Prisoners MC Romance By Lilly Atlas

After ten years away, Marcie finally ventures back to where she grew up. She isn't in town for twenty-four hours when she crosses paths with Hook and Striker, the two boys who kept her safe and happy as a young girl. Only they aren't boys anymore. They are fully grown, muscular, alpha men. Members o...

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I played games with the wrong stranger.

Tall, powerful, and lethally gorgeous, Drazen Krylov is the ruthless boogeyman the Bratva world fears.

He’s also the masked man from the app whom I unknowingly shared my darkest, most depraved urges with.

Now the fantasy has become a nightmare.


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JULY 13, 2024 Alien Hit and Run: A Sci-Fi Romance By Lizzy Bequin

She wanted revenge.
He needed a mate.

One moment is all it takes to change your life forever. For Kris Morgan, that moment comes when her car collides with a mysterious stranger in the middle of the desert. He ought to be dead, but he doesn’t have a scratch on his perfect, muscle-bound body.

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Be careful out in the woods.
You might run into the love of your life.

What an incredible nature walk… until I end up lost and hurt.

I'm stuck. Helpless.

I think it's a bear lumbering toward me, but no... this guy is even grumpier. Surly, even. Barrett seems to soften a bit around the ed...

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I thought these guys were my ticket to safety, but turns out, they might just be the danger I never saw coming.

August, Cass, and Nico. The agreement they made means they’ll protect me, but they don’t have to like it… or me. I may be a pain-eater, but the irony is I can’t do anything to e...

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What if you've known the love of your life since he was six years old and happens to be your little brother's best friend? But the man whom Callie runs into in the middle of the desert in Morocco isn't the little Brandon Rossi she once knew. He is a work of art.

Brandon Rossi is the boy-next-door...

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[US Sale] I’m a journalist. It’s my job to expose corruption. But what if the man I’m falling for is part of it?

Maxim Petrov is sinfully sexy. Everywhere I go, there he is.

He says he wants to protect me. Which is handy because my life is becoming more dangerous by the minute.

The of...

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She was my everything…until she betrayed me with my own flesh and blood.

I'm the most ruthless Mafia Don in Sin City.
No one crosses me, especially not the woman I loved—the one who shattered my heart and fled with another man's baby.

Years of bitterness hardened me.
I built an empire on...

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