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NOVEMBER 28, 2023 Blissful Masquerade: A Dark Why Choose Romance By Elira Firethorn

♡ Why Choose ♡ Dark ♡ High Heat ♡ Millionaires ♡ First in Series ♡ Novella ♡

Wren doesn't think the three regulars at her coffee shop will recognize her at a masquerade ball, but they can't take their eyes off her. This is their chance to finally be with her, and they quickly realiz...

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I never planned on sleeping with him. Nor did I intend to make him my enemy.
I only went into the bar to scope out my competition – him.
The scorching hot night that followed was a mutually pleasurable accident.

Of course I knew we were in the running for the same position.
It’s not my fau...

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NOVEMBER 26, 2023 Dark Hunter: A Dark Steamy Romance By Logan Fox

His obsession is her addiction.
After a torrid evening spent with the billionaire founder of her rehab institute, Clover expects a gourmet breakfast in bed.

Instead, she finds herself abandoned in an overgrown forest, an unwilling participant in a twisted game.

He claims all she has to do is ...

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NOVEMBER 25, 2023 Rozar: Vaxxlian Alien Mail Order Brides #1 By Sue Mercury

The otherworldly stranger is the biggest, fiercest looking alien warrior she’s ever seen…and she’s already agreed to become his mate.

Nadia knows if she stays on Earth, her mob boss ex-husband’s goons will eventually find her. When the opportunity to become a Vaxxlian Mail Order Bride ari...

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[US Sale] A monster secret, a forbidden romance and a stormy night that changes everything.

Ditching my city job to follow my dream as an artist was the plan I'd been looking forward to. Until the storm. With no car and no way home, I'm all alone in the wilderness.

And then, Drake. Tall, bro...

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NOVEMBER 25, 2023 Home For Christmas: An N.L.W. Anthology By K.J. Ellis

A festive themed anthology for all the Christmas lovers.

This anthology has it all, from contemporary romance, heart-wrenching romance, to dark, dangerous, and even dirty romance.

These stories will get your bells jingling, your hot chocolate sizzling, and your heart throbbing.

Sit back, re...

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It was hate at first sight…

Nadia knew Caleb was the enemy from the day they met. His best friend had devastated one of her squad, and Caleb was nothing but an absolute jerk. In the name of friendship, Nadia is willing to tolerate him … but that doesn't make Mr. Arrogance any more charming. A...

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[US Sale] They want Derek for who he is. Derek wants her for what she is.

When Derek Argent falls victim to an obsessive Succubus, he and his closest friend, Siobhan, struggle to figure out why. Their worldview and their beliefs about the natural and supernatural are called into question when the...

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NOVEMBER 23, 2023 Ravage (Untamed Sons MC Book 1) By Jessica Ames

[US + UK] Enjoy this dark motorcycle club romance from USA Today Bestselling MC romance author Jessica Ames...


As president of the Untamed Sons MC, I'm no stranger to pain, but three years ago Sasha Montgomery broke my heart and put another black mark against my soul. Even the mention o...

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When Lady Cathrine summoned her before dawn, Elizabeth knew it was going to be a terrible day. She was expecting a tirade of epic proportions; she was not expecting Lady Cathrine to drop dead. Elizabeth's shock at the woman's poisoning paled in comparison to the revelation that Mr. Darcy had been ha...

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