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NOVEMBER 16, 2021 A Mafia Boss Got Me: Romeo By Just Bae

I had Maria in my arms back in Mother Italy but my love for the family business killed everything we had,
including our unborn child.

When I came to America, I know that I have a void to fill.
Never mind that there's still family business to take care of.
Never mind that I need help getting ov...

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NOVEMBER 16, 2021 The Wolf Within By Cynthia Eden

FBI Special Agent Duncan McGuire spends his days–and his nights–tracking real-life monsters. Most humans aren’t aware of the vampires and werewolves that walk among them. They don’t realize the danger that they face, but Duncan knows about the horror that waits in the darkness. He hunts the ...

NOVEMBER 15, 2021 Obsessed by the Prodigy: A Ménage Romance By Roma James

Without her, we’re off-key. With her? Perfect harmony.


People take one look at me and figure I’m a tough guy. That’s just what happens when you’re built like a stack of bricks.

The truth is I prefer to settle things with my mouth before I involve my fists. Make no mistake, thou...

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Are you brave enough to wander on the dark side? Do forbidden desires and tantalizing temptations call to you? Get ready to step into the world of lies, deceit and revenge. Worlds where you can't look away. No is not an option. Where strong men but even stronger women reside. Test the boundaries bet...

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NOVEMBER 13, 2021 Brutal King: A Dark Bratva Academy Romance By Jagger Cole

He’s my deadliest poison. And my only cure.

To keep my empire, I’m going to marry a man whose family my family tried to destroy.

A terrifying and magnetically gorgeous man with brutal blue eyes. A man whose very presence sucks the air from my lungs. A man with no past, shrouded in scars, p...

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NOVEMBER 13, 2021 Hiss and Make Up (Bayou Rescue Book 1) By Leigh Landry

Sierra believes in second chances for anything with fur, feathers, or scales. For people? Not so much.

Louisiana naturalist Sierra plans to keep things strictly business when the guy who served up her first heartbreak needs help identifying a potentially venomous snake. Surely she can keep her tr...

NOVEMBER 12, 2021 Texas Firebrand Volumes 1-3 By Barb Han

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Barb Han guarantees danger lurking around every corner, hearts on the line, and romantic suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Join her Firebrand family in Lone Star Pass, Texas as they break through deep-rooted family feuds and find their way to love.


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This is the dark, twisty conclusion to the steamy duet that began with Lies That Bind Us (available free).

Fiery passion. Deeply buried family secrets. Will Hastings is a powerful man undone. Her life is his obsession…

Elle is the flesh-and-blood savior who lights up my soul. She is grace a...

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NOVEMBER 11, 2021 Following Her: A Stalker Romance Book 1 By Natalie Knight

She needs me. She just doesn’t know it yet.
Dalia is the only one who can fix what’s broken in me. I knew it the moment I saw her.
That red hair, those wounded eyes, the irresistible curves…she’s perfect.
She will be mine.
But first, I have to get rid of her boyfriend.
Don’t feel so...

NOVEMBER 11, 2021 Star Attraction (The 1990s Romance Library) By Skye Douglas

New York City, Autumn 1997
College lecturer and secret romance novelist Zaira Darcy literally bumps into the man of her dreams in an elevator. Gorgeous Brad Clarke, Hollywood's hottest new director, is everything she could want in a man, and more.

But Zaira was let down badly in the past by Jona...