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“I know your darkest desires—me.”

Get all 3 novellas in Penny Crane's Chicago Mafia Romance series in one all-new boxset! This eBook contains the novellas Dark Rivers, Dark Desires, and Dark Secrets—a trio of ultra steamy mafia romance tales you're su...

FEBRUARY 15, 2024 Paved in Hate: A Steamy Dark Mafia Romance By Sonja Grey

First comes hate,
second comes a forced marriage,
and third comes bringing Vitaly Melnikov to his knees.

I’m used to women wanting me, not hating me,
but my wife looks at me like she’s hoping my next breath will be my last.
Our marriage wasn’t by choice, but when I vowed to be ...

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The super hot, rugged, tattooed owner of our small-town hardware store is laid-back about everything. Except me.

To say we don’t get along is an understatement. His favorite pastime is annoying me, and mine is hating him.

So when we’re roped into co-chairing an important charity event – ...

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We could never coexist because we come from two different worlds.

I swore I’d never see her again. I made sure of it. But when I found her on my doorstep needing my help, I couldn’t turn her away.

My role as her bodyguard is to keep her safe, but she fights me at every turn. How can I do m...

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When Felicity moves to a coastal Maine town, she’s expecting to lead a quiet, solitary life, far from the secrets of her past. But everything changes after Zane, her grumpy landlord and a veteran Marine, becomes her new neighbor…

FEBRUARY 12, 2024 A Tainted Mind (Windsor Series Book 1) By Tamsen Schultz

Exploitation, greed, and murder… Violetta “Six” Salvitto will go to any length for her friends. When her friend Jeremy Wheaton dies mysteriously, US attorney Six suspects foul play. Her quest intertwines with Gavin Cooper, a paralegal with secrets, who's been observing her closely. As they pro...

When Claire Bouchard, the chief curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, receives an old family painting from her mother in France, she can't resist the urge to uncover its secrets. The painting depicts a stunning young couple and is rumored to be at least a hundred years old, but...

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A dumb dating app that I refused to sign up for. I’ve seen the movies and read the books, but most people don’t find love by swiping through shirtless pictures and photoshopped selfies.

My best friend didn’t feel the same. The diabolical she-devil signed me up for a special Valent...

It’s a career-making opportunity…until she meets the man of her dreams.

I never meant to crash into his front yard. But there was a big pile of snow there, and my car got stuck.
The hunky ex-military guy who rescues me makes it tough to worry about being stranded. Especially since it means I...

Tall, Dark, and Loaded – My Hunkie One-Night Stand Turned Complication.
He’s the grumpalicious hockey coach with a past, and I’m the small-town dreamer caught in his offsides game.
Just thinking about the way he drives his puck has me begging to land in the sin bin.
Our forbidden passion is...

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