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MARCH 12, 2023 Alexius: A Dark Mafia Romance By Bella J


I’ve never met him. Never even seen him.
But I’ve heard the whispers. The rumors.

They say his presence wraps around your throat whenever he enters a room.
That’s exactly what I feel the moment he walks into the diner wher...

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MARCH 11, 2023 Diamond (The Bratva Jewels Book 2) By JA Low

Round 2 with the Devil begins.

Grace thought she had left the nightmare of the Bratva Jewels behind her. Her days spent with them were some of the darkest of her life, but she’s safe now.

Or so she thought.

When the Bratva seeks revenge for losing one of their own, Grace knows she must be...

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MARCH 09, 2023 Six Secret Babies (Even More Babies) By Layla Valentine

He tried to keep their fling under wraps,
But six adorable babies aren’t going to stay hidden for long…


The Wenstown Wolves were in need of a new physical therapist, and apparently I was the only one they were interested in,
Now I’m halfway across the country, making twice what I m...

I'm walking down that aisle… whether I like it or not.

I learned very early on that every life matters—no life is insignificant, most especially not my own mother’s, whose life was cruelly slain. I vowed to do what I can so that no one has to feel as if they’re nothing at all when they lo...

MARCH 08, 2023 Their Kingdom Come: A Dark Bully Romance By Logan Fox

We're ready to die for the sins of our fathers, but is she?

Zac, Apollo, Cassius, Reuben

They told us we were the cure.
That we were special.
That we were pure.

It was all a lie. We were just like all the others they defiled, abused, neglected.

We formed a brotherhood and vowed to have...

Dan "Mince" Mincini knows love isn't for him, but can he resist the wounded beauty in need of his protection?


I'm used to women flinching when they see my scarred face. When I open the door for Ljuba, I'm ready for it, but instead of fear or disgust, her eyes are filled with trust, like I...

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Enjoy this opposites-attract romance between a former SEAL who has seen too much death and a freelance writer who has never truly learned to live. Can these two lost souls solve the mystery behind a butchered wolf before the killer turns his sights on them?

Fresh out of college, Olivia Monroe has a new apartment and a new job living in San Francisco with her best friend. Hoping for a fresh start drama free, Olivia has a chance encounter with an attractive stranger who turns out to be more than she bargained for.

Now her fresh start is becoming more ...

MARCH 04, 2023 Loving You: A Sweet Small Town Romance By Leeanna Morgan

Fans of Pamela Kelley and Robyn Carr will love this small-town, feel-good romance!

Annie O'Leary's life ended the day her baby died. But then she moved to Montana and found a purpose, a reason for waking up each morning. There's something about Bozeman, something about the friends she's made that...

FEBRUARY 27, 2023 My Younger Lover (Middlemarch Shifters Book 2) By Shelley Munro

Never let an opportunity pass by…
Feline shifter Lisa Jordan lost her husband two years ago and now it’s time to start living again. At the Middlemarch singles’ ball, she’s attracted to a sexy shifter, but his identity comes as a huge shock. Big, big shock since the man she’s ogling is on...