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Can the worst break-up ever lead to true love with a man who would literally die for her?

Bliss O'Neill breaks up with her boyfriend Michael in the most shocking manner possible. The fact that he's her boss just makes things a hundred times worse. Alone, unemployed, she needs to start piecing her...

“What do you want, Sophie? Say it.” I’m lost in his heated gaze, torn between our past and our future. He wants me to admit the very secret that could ruin everything between us.

Should I take the chance and jeopardize our friendship by succumbing to the irresistible attraction we share?



I fell head over heels with the new curvy, younger woman that rolled into town. Then she vanished and broke my heart. After three years, she’s back in town.
Will she mend or break my heart again?

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[US + UK] He has a heart of ice, but she just might be the woman to melt it.

As the daughter of society-obsessed parents, my life has never been my own.

But a crafty matchmaker just might be the key to changing all that.

The plan? Head to a town in the mountains and marry the most gorgeous ...

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JUNE 03, 2024 In For a Treat: A Small-Town Romantic Comedy By Sophie-Leigh Robbins

She’s a down-on-her-luck dog walker, he’s the new vet in town who offers her a great job. They’d be perfect for each other, but the hot new vet has one rule: never date a coworker...

Olive’s small-town life is crumbling as fast as an expired dog treat. Her side business is facing some fie...

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Like a little drama in your novels? We do, too! You should definitely check this out.

List of novels inside are:
Grumpy Girl & Rockstar
Faking it
Stepdad’s Biker-Enemy

All are standalones, contain no cheating and have happy-ever-after endings ♡

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Verlin O’Connor hurt me at the most vulnerable moment of my life. When we’re forced to seek refuge together in a remote cabin during a brutal storm, I brace myself for conflict.

Yet, as the winds howl outside, a tender side of the sexy silver fox emerges, unraveling the threads of ani...

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On the search for freedom, I never expected safety in the arms of a gruff mountain man.

Caleb Hawkins. Rugged. Gorgeous. Intense.
The loner who turned his back on the world after paying a heavy price.

When he offers me refuge in his secluded cabin, I hesitate, still reeling from the violence ...

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One easygoing poker player, one no-nonsense camp counselor, and two hidden pasts...

Why did I think I could become a camp counselor? As a professional poker player, my experience with kids is… limited, at best. What I thought would be a few days of fun by the lake is more intense than I ever co...

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What happened to Nash? Is their past coming back to haunt them?

On the perfect summer evening, Vanessa plans to walk onto a sandy beach to marry the man she loves. When the groom never appears, she refuses to believe he left her at the altar. Vanessa turns to her friends for help. But they’re n...