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Sometimes, love doesn’t fight fair.


Whoever called it the dating “game” obviously didn’t have the string of disaster dates I’ve just survived.

Would it kill the universe to send me a man who doesn’t talk about his ex, or run for cover when the going gets serious?


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APRIL 21, 2024 Arthur's Mate (Bears of Valor Lake Book 1) By Lisa Daniels

Emma came to Valor Lake to escape.
She didn’t expect to stumble upon an ancient secret…

Sometimes, it’s easier to run from the past than confront it.
Emma ran away from her former life, ending up in a far away, remote reservation called Valor Lake.

It’s the complete opposite of every...

APRIL 21, 2024 One Rich Revenge: A Billionaire Boss Romance By Sophia Travers

The perfect way to get revenge on the reporter trying to destroy my billion-dollar business? Hire her, run her ragged, and ruin her life.

Six months of Callie Thompson as my assistant, gritting her teeth at my outrageous demands. All in an attempt to save her sad little newspaper.

She might be...

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When Mikala was four, her mother walked out and never looked back. So yes, now as a US Marshal, she tries harder, takes more chances, and always feels as though she has to prove herself good enough. But will she be able to survive a sexy, slow-talking sheriff who definitely rubs her the wrong way, a...

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***Formerly titled Best Friends in the Show Me State***

Marlowe Glass and Clark Hudson grew up together, side-by-side, neighbors and best friends in the same small town. Now, both single parents, they are each other’s main support. They carpool together, kid sit for one another, and share prett...

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APRIL 20, 2024 The Discovered Truth: A Romantic Suspense Series By Julie Bawden-Davis

Page-turning suspense spiced with sizzling romance!
Each book features gutsy heroines and charismatic heroes who find themselves immersed in modern day challenges such as drug running, human trafficking, identity theft, counterfeit pharmaceutical rings, diamond and arms smuggling, organ theft, nati...

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Gabriel Godfrey is the enemy. My bully. My brother’s best friend. The rich hot jock that brings girls to their knees. And now, he’s my roommate. Mother Mary, help me.

Gabe rules the fancy private college and everyone in it.
A sculpted self-proclaimed god but he’s far from a saint....

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Jamie Hart is my best friend, and even though I might be in love with him, I’d never risk ruining our friendship.

We’ve been chasing each other since we were kids, playing an endless, epic game of tag. Now that we’re both moving back to our hometown, I’m excited to make my next move.


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APRIL 18, 2024 Sinful Duty: A Steamy Billionaire Romance By Juliette N. Banks

Billionaire Daniel Dufort is in Hawaii hoping for a distraction — and he finds one in Harper Kane, a romance author on a working holiday. Though she’s determined to ignore the arrogant man, the sparks flying between them become impossible to resist… A steamy series starter!

When Esther Bailey boards the RMS Titanic as its first female officer, her welcome is lukewarm—and no one is more unwelcoming than her own mentor, Officer Murdoch. But as the line between duty and attraction blurs, the officers find themselves questioning what matters most: their careers, or the f...

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