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Of all the tasks our club Prez has assigned, helping a woman flee her husband doesn't stand out as high risk. Unfortunately, her husband won't let her leave him - not in one piece, anyway.

APRIL 15, 2023 Branded: Savannah: A Military Romance By Karen Kelley

[US Sale] Her father told everyone that her older sister ran away. Savannah knew better. She was there the day the man came to get Jade. The day he paid her father. That’s how she knew what was about to happen to her.

Savannah tried to run back home. Her little sister needed her. Marco’s men ...

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APRIL 14, 2023 The Surgeon: A Curvy Girl MC Romance By Nichole Rose

An MC murdered her sister. To save her niece, this curvy girl's only choice is to place her trust and heart into the hands of another.

Tate Grimes
When people hear biker, they assume trouble.
That's not me or my MC.
I'm a respected pediatric surgeon.
I just happen to like the road at my back,...

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APRIL 13, 2023 Confess: An Enemies to Lovers Romance By A. Zavarelli

One contract. Two signatures. A marriage of inconvenience.

Lucian West is one of the most hated men in America. He’s a ruthless attorney who gets what he wants in the courtroom, and outside of it.
Now, he wants me.
For reasons I can’t fathom, he’s determined to make me his wife.
He makes...

APRIL 12, 2023 BIG BURLY SINNER: An Age Gap Romance By Erin Havoc

He’s everything I’ve ever wanted.
And this love might get me killed.

After a heartbreak, I promised myself things would change.
No more dating older men. No more dating in the workplace.
Enters Rowan Gray, and he upends everything.
Big, burly, grumpy.
Sexy as sin. Full of secrets.
But h...

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Portland, Oregon, 1996
Biochemist Clarissa Vincent's fiancé Julian Simmons was killed in a terrible explosion five years before.

Or was he? Taking a new job in Portland, Oregon, Clarissa sees a man at the airport who could be Julian's double.

Suddenly Clarissa is propelled into a nightmarish...

Rolling Thunder - where bikes are built, family bonds are strengthened and love ignites.

An Iraq veteran who sponsors an annual veterans ride to help local vets.
A single mom whose bruised heart is closed to love.
The undeniable attraction neither can ignore and the dangerous person out to stop...

First they break me. Then they claim me. All I want is freedom from the world I left.

When my sister called me, panicked because her surprise pregnancy violated the terms of her soon-to-be-arranged marriage, I took her place in a Faustian bargain with the three men who’d intended to buy her.


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Dillon Hart atoned for a troubled youth by joining the U.S. Merchant Marine. But when he returned home from service, his little brother was in jail and his sister missing. After four painful years of searching that led only to heartache, everything changes when a blast from the past darkens his door...

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APRIL 05, 2023 Go With It: Alpha Conman v. Good Girl By Scarlett Finn

What happens when the bad boy collides with the good girl?

“Go With It”

That’s what I was told, but believe me, I’m starting to wonder if all of this isn’t more trouble than it’s worth.

My new life in the city was supposed to challenge me. Little did I know that the biggest chal...