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NOVEMBER 25, 2021 We Three Kings: Hark, the herald angels MOAN! By Alice May Ball

Santa Claus is coming to town, and he’s coming in the shape of three big, rough, older mafia kings
When Three (HOT) Mafia Kings play Santa for a local charity party, it’s the kings who all get a big surprise.
The present they ALL want to unwrap is PLUMP and CURVY organizer, Tinka Belle.
The t...

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NOVEMBER 24, 2021 Mr. Miracle Babymaker: A Secret Baby Romance By Melinda Minx

If I want to have a baby, it’s going to take a miracle.

He was my last resort, but I’m desperate. It’s finally time to call Wyatt Coleson, the Miracle Babymaker.

My night with Wyatt is mind-blowing. Earth-shattering. He shakes me to my core, then holds me tight in his big, protective arm...

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[US + CA] The Vampire King took my virtue, promised me a crown and shattered my heart. I spent three agonizing years getting over his betrayal. Now, he wants me back.

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NOVEMBER 22, 2021 Commanding Sia By Zoe Dawson

Separated by loss...reunited by duty…

When Lieutenant Ambrosia “Sia” Soto returns from an investigation into a “pilot error” case aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. James McCloud, she comes face to face with NCIS Special Agent and former lover, Christophe Vargas, the man who was involve...

NOVEMBER 20, 2021 Master Class: First Three Lessons By Raven Jayne

“Dark, delicious, and damn near addictive! Don't keep The Master waiting." - USA Today bestselling author Sierra Simone

Ten lessons are all that stand between me and my future…
My entire life has been determined for me.
I will be the trophy wife of a powerful man.
But another powerful ma...

She was off limits.He's a love 'em and leave 'em kind of guy ... until her. Dax Colyn is one fearless firefighter and hard ass mechanic. He makes all the woman swoon and he likes it that way. He keeps people at a distance since his mother died. He doesn’t want to let anyone in, much less a woman h...

One ex-FBI agent. One mafia prince. And the hapless hiker they’ve tied to the bed.

I was injured. Desperate. But I broke into the wrong cabin.

Then two mountain men took me captive.

I can’t make sense of them. Not the calm man with gentle hands, nor his hot-tempered friend. They joke wi...

NOVEMBER 18, 2021 Stocks & Lies By C.N. Marie

Dawson Parker -

Leaving her behind was the hardest thing I've ever done. And trust me, my life hasn't exactly been a bed of roses. But when mistrust runs deep and your own family are the enemy, are your friends really your friends?

What I didn't count on was for the one person I swore to prot...

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NOVEMBER 18, 2021 Savage Hope -- The Complete Duet Box Set By Christa Wick

THE COMPLETE BESTSELLING DUET. This is Collin & Mia's two-book bundled boxed set from New York Times bestselling author, Christa Wick.


He thinks I’m a corporate spy.
Me—plump, boring Mia James. Yes, I omitted an advanced degree on my resume, but being overqualified to ...

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King of the campus, Christian Perez owns it all. Money, women, the perfect pucking bod. And now that he’s my fake boyfriend, he thinks he owns me too.

Christian Perez thinks he’s entitled to my attention but he’s as delusional as this elite small town.
Doesn’t matter how sparkly h...

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