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I’m caught in the psychopath’s web.

Cold, heartless, and as dangerous as he is beautiful. Deimos Drakos is both Greek mafia royalty and a chameleon hiding a true monster in plain sight.
No one sees the villain behind those dark, lethally gorgeous eyes.
No one but me.
You see, I know his wo...

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She’s a recent divorcee looking for a fresh start. He’s a widower with a troubled past. Will solving his brother’s murder lead to a second chance at love?

In the wake of her husband’s betrayal, Blythe Heywood is forced to begin again. When she finds a slip of paper with the phone number o...

He’s never leaving this town. She can’t stay. One night could change everything.

There are a lot of hot, single guys in this town. And not so many women.

It’s the perfect place to launch my matchmaking business.

But when I go undercover as a delivery person, I don’t expect one of th...

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I love everything about Christmas. From my jingle bell earrings to my handmade ornament business. That’s why when the latest man I’ve been talking with online suggests me have our first date on Christmas Eve, I knew it was meant to be.

That is, until he didn’t show.

Now I’m s...

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Diamond Grove has been owned by gangs since its conception,
and out of the ashes of war, the Red Diamonds rose and claimed the crown of the city.
We made our people prosper, we saved them.
We may be a gang but we are also a family, and nobody f*cks with our family and gets away with it.
My famil...

Scorpion, Undertaker, Lynx.
We’re the Mafia Lords, sons of our fathers, but we have our own way of running our empires, and we like to toy with our enemies before we destroy them.


They’re cold, calculating, and dangerous.
I thought they wanted me, but they only wanted revenge. ...

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NOVEMBER 04, 2023 Ink: Second Chance MC Romance By T.O. Smith

Enemies to lovers, second chance, MC romance.

I would have given her the world if she'd let me. But she chose my brother over what I could offer her.

Five years later, she's standing in front of me, barely clothed, pleading for me to save her. To help her. To keep her safe.

There's a lot of...

For the first time, enjoy the complete The Misters Series in one book! Four novellas about protective, alpha men and the sassy-mouthed curvy women they love.

Mister Wrong
The last thing I’m looking for right after my breakup is a man. Especially one who is seriously not my type.
Jake has...

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As members of a black-ops unit, the men of the Joint Task Team are the best of the best when it comes to covert operations. Brought together to protect their country from enemies near and far, there’s only one thing these soldiers need to survive—the love of a strong woman. Tough, dangerous, and...

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Biochemist Clarissa Vincent's fiancé Julian Simmons was killed in a terrible explosion five years before. Or was he...?

Taking a new job in Portland, Oregon, Clarissa sees a man at the airport who could be Julian's double.

Clarissa is propelled into a nightmarish world of espionage and intrig...