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JULY 10, 2022 Coming Home: A Sweet Small Town Romance By Leeanna Morgan

Fans of Robyn Carr's Virgin River series will love this small-town, feel-good romance!

Mia Costas is a successful artist, not an event planner. Agreeing to help stage a charity gala is the last thing she needs, but it’s for a good cause and she doesn’t want to let her friends down. When she r...

Love, fear, and impossible choices have her charging to his rescue, but will it be in time…

As a Federal agent assigned to the Special Crimes Unit, Casey Anderson is a chameleon, who could blend in with her surroundings, be anyone or anything she chose to be. As a Federal agent, she’s taken a...

JULY 09, 2022 Simon Says...Hide: A Romantic Suspense By Dale Mayer

Simon Says... Hide, a brand new thriller series from USA Today best-selling author Dale Mayer.

Newly promoted detective Kate Morgan stands up for the victims in the world, never backing down or giving up. From a family of victims, Kate will not tolerate those who take advantage of others. The wor...

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JULY 09, 2022 Reckless Promise: A Dark Mafia Romance By B. B. Hamel

I can’t stop obsessing over my new wife.

I’ve known Tara Caruso most of my life and I hate her guts. I blame her for the accident that took my little sister’s life and left me emotionally scarred and destroyed.

Now, I have no interest in friendships, romance, or morality. I run my mafia ...

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JULY 07, 2022 Daddy's Little Birthday Girl By Izzie Vee

The instant Collin set eyes on his boss’s daughter, Lauren, he knew he was in big trouble.
He sees that she’s way younger than him, but what he doesn’t know is that she’s never been with a man.
He can’t help thinking of her in ways he shouldn’...

JULY 07, 2022 My First Dirty Romance - Volume One By J.F. Lowe

Everyone remembers their first real boyfriend, their first romance, their first I love you. But do they remember the first one that made them squirm in excitement, shiver in anticipation or scream in pleasure? Well, they may not, but I remember them all. The issue is mine weren't real. My First Dirt...

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JULY 04, 2022 Big Shot Boss (Bossy Billionaires) By Layla Valentine

He’s the big shot CEO who brings new meaning to "self-made". But the past has a way of catching up…I’ve been tasked with taking him down. If I can resist him long enough…

I’m used to dealing with white-collar dirtbags,
But James Lowery is a new kind of mark altogether.
A gym-honed bil...

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Emily Hillenbrand believes every day is a gift and should be lived to the fullest. But she carries a secret that could destroy her plans to survive on her own terms.
Tom Coulston is hiding from a past heartbreak. He’s drawn to Emily’s vivacious nature; he’s beyond salvation, however, and is n...

JULY 03, 2022 The Elusive Sun (Etherya's Earth Book 2) By Rebecca Hefner

Vampyre aristocrat Lila was promised to another man for a thousand years. Now that she's free, can Latimus claim the woman who's always secretly owned his heart?

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JULY 02, 2022 Dark Savior (Dangerous Protector Book 1) By Christa Wick

Undercover DEA agent Dean Ramirez has one shot at saving the innocent woman who unknowingly walks in on a deadly drug deal gone bad. If he wants to keep her from getting killed for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he needs to put on one hell of a convincing show. It’s risky. But ...