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SEPTEMBER 03, 2023 Boomer (A Steele Riders MC Book 1) By C.M. Steele

As the President of the Steele Riders Motorcycle Club, Garrett “Boomer” Steele is used to people following his command. No questions asked. As a former military man, he is dedicated, focused, and disciplined. Then in walks a fiery little beauty and all that goes out the window. He will do all he...

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SEPTEMBER 03, 2023 Caught by Cupid: An Instalove Age-Gap Romance By Portia Lux

Love is a game... and I always win.

I’m the cartel’s most ruthless cupid. Cross my path and you’ll forget the difference between love and obsession… or obsession and desire. Hooking targets on instalove might destroy lives, but it’s always been strictly business.

Until I met her...

SEPTEMBER 02, 2023 King of Sin: A Friends to Lovers Mafia Romance By Michelle St. James

"Holy Sinful Hell!"

Maxwell Cartwright just wants to have fun.

At least that’s what he tells himself as he works his way through every showgirl and high roller room in Vegas, burning through his trust fund and trying to forget the betrayal of his old friend Jason Draper. Then Nico Vitale, he...

AUGUST 31, 2023 The Darkest King: A Steamy Mafia Billionaire Romance By Juliette N. Banks

Fifteen years ago, the mafia murdered my family. I’m Connor Barrett - the most powerful man in NYC. I fund politicians, sleep with beautiful women and my enemies don’t know I exist. Yet.

I’ve been single-minded in my revenge until a woman with sinful curves pours a drink down the front of m...

He’s everything cold. She’s my darkest obsession.

I never thought I’d fall in love with Parker, my brother’s best friend.
He’s a damaged man and now I’m his daughter’s nanny for the summer.
He’s grumpy and hates me but I have no idea why.
I've always wanted a happily-ever-...

AUGUST 30, 2023 Ruger (Demented Souls Book 1) By Melissa Stevens

A man with a mission, a woman on the run. Can they escape the past that haunts them both?

Years ago, the local drug lord's men kidnapped and killed Ruger's sister, now his heart is dead to everything but revenge.

Until Krissi walks into his bar. She's sassy, sexy, and more than he can turn do...

Normally omegas are thrilled to find their genetic match…sorry, “soulmate”. But this is not exactly how Alec expected it would happen. And he definitely didn’t expect what happened next.

When the CIA shows up at his door telling him that they know who his soulmate is, and that he can help...

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When a damaged hero and a ray of sunshine collide sparks fly. She's exactly what he doesn't want in his life. But he can't resist the new employee at his medical clinic.

When a mysterious connection binds them together, they face buried demons and a disaster that almost costs Sophia her life. Wi...

AUGUST 23, 2023 Ryder: Shadows and Desires (The Warlord Series) By Charlotte Mallory

Sports therapist Julie Stevens reconsiders her taste in men when a brooding, legendary MMA fighter walks into her small-town gym. The fighter needs a team to prepare him for the brutal, winner-takes-all Warlord tournament. Meeting him in person, she learns that he’s crass, difficult, and even host...

Fake engaged to a woman who can't remember you? That's simple. Keeping her safe from the killers on her trail? That's where things get deadly. After the way he betrayed his ex, Master Sergeant Cole Strong thought he'd never see her again. But now Sierra has amnesia, and that could be Cole's one chan...

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