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DECEMBER 20, 2021 Beautiful Secrets: A Dark Mafia Romance By Logan Fox

Mika Vasiliev

I thought I’d do whatever it takes to get away from my family.

But that never included him.

Cole Hendry, the sinfully gorgeous crime lord with a crooked smile and a black soul.

I'd call him a devil but he’s twice as cruel.

He says I'm his weapon, but he treats me lik...

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DECEMBER 20, 2021 Saxon : The Counterpunch Series By K. J Ellis

I protect for a living.

I’ve devoted my whole life to my company. A job I’m exceptionally good at.

I made one mistake, when I chose to help my friends out, one that almost cost me dearly.

For that, I’ll never assume anyone I hold dear is safe.

Chief Lawrence hands me a new case I c...

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DECEMBER 19, 2021 Stolen Mafia Bride: A Dark Mafia Romance By Mae Doyle

I knew from the moment I saw her that Tess would be mine.
I just had to catch her first.

She ran from me, but I'm faster. Soon she'll realize that I'm everything she's not--
and that I can give her everything she's ever wanted.

But she'll have to bend for me. She'll break for me.
Tess will ...

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DECEMBER 17, 2021 Discovered Deception By Julie Bawden-Davis

After decades dreaming about each other….they reunite on a fateful moonlit winter’s night just before Christmas.

When Susa York’s cousin, Hermann, leaves her unwittingly holding a bag of stolen rare diamonds and disappears days before Christmas, the shy scientist working on a groundbreaking...

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DECEMBER 16, 2021 A Tuscan Affair: It's never too late to fall in love By Gudrun Frerichs

… Who needs a millionaire daddy for her adult children?...
Anna King is not looking for love. Not after a holiday romance went all wrong. Vineyard owner Antonio Falcone has one goal. Fly to New Zealand, help his elderly father getting divorced, and zap back to Tuscany … then the past catches up ...

DECEMBER 16, 2021 Clear Skies: Stormcloud Station Series By Suzanne Cass

A land of drought and flooding rains...and murder.
Daisy’s in trouble. Her car is stalled in the middle of a flooded creek, with the water rising quickly.
Dale is in no mood to rescue the woman about to be swept away by a raging tropical storm, who’s clearly a city girl, unfamiliar with the co...

DECEMBER 11, 2021 Guarding Suzannah: A Novel of Romantic Suspense By Norah Wilson

Criminal defense attorney Suzannah Phelps is the bane of the Fredericton Police Department (they call her She-Rex for her habit of shredding cops in the witness box). She is currently being stalked, but is reluctant to report it to the police, whom she half suspects of being the perpetrators of the ...

I never thought I’d see him again. Until he kidnapped me.

Russell James was always untouchable.

Too dangerously beautiful. Too old for me. Too much my brother’s best friend.

But he was mine once—just for one night.

Then, he was gone.

Now, four years later, he’s kidnapping me o...

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DECEMBER 10, 2021 Boss's Second Chance By Sloane Peterson

Three years ago, I let the love of my life walk away while she was pregnant with our child. I made her promises that I thought I could keep. I thought our distance would only be for a few months, until the family ties that kept us apart broke.

I ended up breaking all of those promises and left he...

I secretly hooked up with my brother’s best friend.
If that’s not bad enough, he knocked me up.
This secret can’t go on forever.
My bro is going to kill us.

For the past four years, I’ve been traveling Europe, working with the best chefs in the world.
Finally, I return home to L.A. to...