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"Stay out of my way or I'll break you."

The warning couldn't be clearer. Zachariah Cameron may have the money of Midas, the face of an Instagram model, and a body that girls crave to touch, but he's also a bona fide psycho. Beating people as a job not because he needs the money (see above) but be...

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He’s a violent gangster. My life's at rock-bottom.
It’s the perfect time to make a baby.

Here’s where I’m at: boyfriend cheated with my roommate, stole all my money, skipped town, and to top it off, I got fired from my job.

My life is a total wreck, which is why I go home with a knee-...

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JUNE 09, 2023 Ocean Wolves: A Second Chance Romance By Theresa Beachman

Trapped 8,000 feet under the ocean.
Her best chance of escape?
The man she swore she would never see again.

Dr. Becca Johnson finds solace in the isolation of oceanic research but as her six-month work rotation draws to a close, events rapidly escalate into life-threatening chaos. Struggling to...

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JUNE 07, 2023 The Art of Dark Secrets: A Mystery Romance By Olivia Le Roux

An Old Family Painting and the Dangerous Secrets it Hides...

When Claire Bouchard, the chief curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, receives an old family painting from her mother in France, she can't resist the urge to uncover its secrets. The painting depicts a stunning you...

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Bliss O'Neill breaks up with her boyfriend Michael in the most shocking manner possible. The fact that he's her boss just makes things a hundred times worse. Alone, unemployed, she needs to start piecing her life back together again, fast. But is her hometown in the forest of Maplegrove the right p...

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A fast-paced Regency Romance with a dash of mystery and a young woman who is determined to right a wrong.

Lord Douglas, Richard Fox, has been spurned once, and he is not planning to repeat that painful experience. His meddling aunt, however, is intent on marrying off her wayward son, and if she c...

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JUNE 06, 2023 Phoenix's Purpose: Club 21 By K J Ellis

Phoenix -

Being the daughter of a drug addict, my start in life was set in stone.
Ending up in foster care at eight years old, I learned things no young girl should.
I learned to survive.
Ten years later, I found myself somewhere I never thought I'd be. Outside a strip club.
Used as a bargai...

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An American spy on a simple mission to intercept a Russian courier. What could go wrong?

John Smith is a veteran agent. He has skills and won’t apologize for his old-school methods. That’s why the CIA assigns him when they need results. And this time he’s at a posh ski resort in Switzerland...

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JUNE 02, 2023 Bound by Truth: An Island Bound novel By Suzanne Cass

Journalist Sierra Goldstein finds solace on the wild and beautiful Kangaroo Island after a devastating crash changes her life. But her sanctuary is shattered when a child goes missing and she becomes involved in the life and death search.
Reed Kapua is also looking for a simpler life when he starts...

An alien warlord. An abducted activist. And the curse that binds them together...

I didn't ask to be abducted by aliens, but the Hyperboreans took me anyway. Now, they've left me on the dying planet of Myste, indentured to the warden of a prison in the clouds.

And my captor? That's Calder, a f...