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Welcome to Pleasure Ranch, where the cowboys are at your service.

Here, the cowboys are a class of their own - alpha males bred to withstand the harsh elements of nature with grit, determination, and raw physical strength. These men possess bodies that exude confidence and virility, and their ski...

She Never Had A Real Christmas.

Charlotte didn’t have much as she grew up.
As a child: her father murdered and as a baby, abducted and placed under the control of traffickers.
As a teenager: Imprisoned, knowing she was doomed to a life of sexual slavery.
As an adult, persecuted, hunted, her ...

DECEMBER 12, 2023 The Contract By Christa Wick

I’ve always thought I was just plain invisible to men—until one unforgettable night makes me discover I’m not. And one equally life-changing contract makes me see how much more I’ve yet to discover about myself.

My boss Beckett is the quietly deep, devastatingly handsome billionaire I’v...

DECEMBER 07, 2023 Heights of Luxury: Dystopian Future Romance By Lexie Renard

The air, the light, the technology, the rules... everything was wildly different 71 Levels up. Even love.

Ellie only had one goal in life – to provide for her little sister. But Trin was so ridiculously smart that Ellie must find a way to pay for her education, even though they're poor and live...

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DECEMBER 04, 2023 Hot Nights with the Boss: Collection #1 By Kameron Claire

Four Steamy and Forbidden Age-Gap Office Romances

Dating the Boss - What happens when your boss - the man voted the most eligible bachelor in Spring City - finds out you’re attending a speed dating event on Valentine’s Day?

Flirting with the Boss - What happens when the pin-up flirts her w...

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[US + UK] A CARNAL 16 book collection of dirty, nasty, forbidden lust between little princesses and the last men in the world who should desire them, even if they are the most devoted... Includes these stories:

Books 225-240

Selling Myself for Tuition Only for Daddy to Buy Me
Enticing Daddy W...

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NOVEMBER 28, 2023 Blissful Masquerade: A Dark Why Choose Romance By Elira Firethorn

♡ Why Choose ♡ Dark ♡ High Heat ♡ Millionaires ♡ First in Series ♡ Novella ♡

Wren doesn't think the three regulars at her coffee shop will recognize her at a masquerade ball, but they can't take their eyes off her. This is their chance to finally be with her, and they quickly realiz...

Layla Drawn is tired of being nothing but a trophy wife on the arm of her tech mogul husband. She wants more... she wants independence. When her husband refuses to allow her to get a job, she takes matters into her own hands, seeking out the one man he can't control.

His business rival, Drake Ste...

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I didn’t want to want him. Max Brenaus was wrong for me. In every possible way.

I’d left behind my hometown, my painful past, and the family who abandoned me when I needed them the most. I was alone in a big city, building a life for myself. A survivor.

And then he came along. Storming int...

When the bad guy wants to be called a “good boy”

The king of the underworld only bows to one – his fearless queen.

Dante Fera (43) is used to calling the shots. Knees tremble in fear when the boss walks into a room. But not Danica Matthews (25). No, she’s different – the one woman wh...