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When the bad guy wants to be called a “good boy”

The king of the underworld only bows to one – his fearless queen.

Dante Fera (43) is used to calling the shots. Knees tremble in fear when the boss walks into a room. But not Danica Matthews (25). No, she’s different – the one woman wh...

OCTOBER 18, 2023 Curious Wives: Friends with Benefits By Tatumn Dixon

Good, Naughty, Sex-Packed Fun!

During a trip to ski country with three married couples and a newly divorced bestie, Farrah Lockhart catches three friends tangled in a naughty, sexual tryst. The steamy sight ignites Farrah’s sexual curiosities, arousing forbidden fantasies she never dreamed of s...

He’s filthy rich. Dangerous. Hot.
I’m untouched and pure. And I’ve been sent to kill him.
I creep into his bedroom late at night, knife in hand. The moonlight reveals the beauty of the mafia kingpin’s face, and I hesitate.
Now he’s captured me, and I’m at his mercy. He says ...

All I wanted was to find a guy and get knocked up. Now, I think I have found a soulmate. What?

Desperate times call for desperate measure—or that's what I keep telling myself on my hunt for a guy willing to take me raw and fill me up over and over again. Three years after losing my husband, I�...

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OCTOBER 04, 2023 Black Tie: The Kaleidoscope Series By Mia London

This collection of steamy, stand-alone reads is great for on the plane, on the beach, or right before bed. Kaleidoscope...for when you only have time for a quickie.

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2023 Backside of Forty: A Steamy Erotic Romance By Tatumn Dixon

Rachel Iver is taking the plunge back into the dating pool. This time, it’s following a failed marriage, via the Internet, and during the backside of her forty years. To date, her most recent suitor is the hot pink dildo hidden in her underwear drawer. Then, one night, on an online dating app, she...

Joelle’s young and untouched.
On her first day at college, she meets her new roommate and an extremely sexy older man.
He’s the big man-in-charge of her roommate.
Despite how hot he makes her, no way she would ever get any closer to him.
But crossing t...

SEPTEMBER 25, 2023 Rooftop Rendezvous By D.M. Holland

The roofer saw me completely naked thanks to one poorly placed skylight and an ill-timed shower. With one look, he made me feel things that I never thought possible. I fell head over heels for him before we exchanged one word. My life used to be simple: I went to school, to dance practice, and avoid...

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Can the worst decision of Tina's life turn into the best one she's ever made?

Tina makes the biggest mistake of her life when she tangles with a huge trucker in the diner at the highway rest stop.

Brian takes one look at Tina and can see she's a HOT young woman. She's also in some kind of trou...

Her first time was a blur. What isn't is the demon waiting back in her room! When her supposedly dead father is revealed to be a demon, Bree finds herself on a wild ride. She has to learn the ropes of being a succubus to survive. Desires drive drama, secrets, and steamy connections! Can Bree remain ...

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