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MAY 23, 2023 Her Favor: A Friends to Lovers Romance By Alie Garnett

Some neighbors ask for a cup of sugar.

But Evie’s going to ask for a whole lot more.

Seeing her sister fall in love warmed Evie’s heart. But she can’t help but wonder if she’ll get her own chance at happiness. Despite being a widow, she has little experience in the bedroom. She’s su...

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MAY 23, 2023 Wrecked: A Curvy Girl Mafia Romance By Nichole Rose

Rafe Valentino -
A life in chains was the deal I made with my father to win my twin's freedom.
My soul is black with the things I've done to keep my promise.
I never regretted any of it until now. Until her.
Amalia Santiago's bravado and fierce defiance make me feel alive in a way I never expec...

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[US Sale] “I’ll help you. But it won’t be for free.”

Zelene Walker is in a tight spot. After going in head first to accomplish her dream, she realizes running a bakery is much harder than she thought it could be. Now she is deep in debt and needs to figure out a way to get herself out of ...

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I’m not sure how I got into this situation.

I mean I know how this happened. I just don’t know how I allowed it to happen. I’m the responsible twin, the one who never screws up. Things have changed. When I decided to mess up, I went all the way. Literally.

My little lapse in judgement is...

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MAY 22, 2023 Bed and Breakfast: An MMF Romance By Kristin Lance

His best friend’s girlfriend. The man he can’t forget, even though he doesn’t know his name. Retired MMA fighter Trent Clayton knows he can never have the woman he loves, but after a horrifying incident, he is determined to protect Kinsey Michaels with everything he has. Every effort he makes ...

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Angelica loses almost everything in a tragic car accident. In the aftermath of this disaster, she must not only struggle to regain her health, but to come to terms with the fact that ever since she and her former fiancé Winston broke up seven years before, she has been living a lie.

Winston has...

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He's undeniably handsome and intelligent.
But he's strictly off limits.
And I can't resist my attraction to him.

I’m going to take notes, pass his class and quit fantasizing about my professor.
It's just an innocent crush, nothing else.
Or so I thought...

Until circumstances bring us clo...

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You’d think with a guardian who’s a ghost, P.I. Lexie Smith would see what's coming. But nope, that’s not how it works.

Private investigator Lexie Smith almost has it all. A successful business with her best friend. A wonderful, loving companion—sure, he’s a little furry, and he drools,...

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When Lucy planned a summer trip to Florence, she didn’t expect to have to go single. Or for the hotel manager to cheat her out of her river-view room. And especially not for a broody, handsome stranger to offer to swap rooms with her.

Offer is a euphemism. The mysterious George Emerson sort of ...

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MAY 21, 2023 Sleeping with the Enemy Book 1 By Ali Parker

She’s completely off-limits, or so I’m told. My best friend’s little sister. Hot, curvy, and soon-to-be mine. And to say the least, she’s fiery mad. Little did I know that this beautiful vixen is about to jack my world up. There’s one trinket I want most in the world for my collection, and...

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