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What do you do when someone you trust threatens to sell you into slavery? Find the perfect place to hide out.

Destitute and apathetic from the loss of her parents, Willow Demora is forced to accept any help thrown her way. Unfortunately, the only person willing to help is her cousin, a cousin who...

AUGUST 01, 2022 My Inflatable Friend: The Confessions of Rollo Hemphill By Gerald Everett Jones

Trying to make your girlfriend jealous with a life-sized rubber doll might be a bad idea.

A reformed hacker-turned-slacker, twenty-something Rollo Hemphill fantasizes about becoming a top-forty DJ. Unfortunately, he has more talent than ambition. He's settled for a menial job as a car jockey at "...

AUGUST 01, 2022 Claimed by my Ex's Dad & His Friend By Sylvie Haas

I thought I wanted the boy next door, until I figured out his dad is one of the real man I crave.

Maybe it’s revenge.
Maybe desires can only be repressed for so long.
Maybe my brain is just a scrambled mess since my boyfriend cheated on me. This is the same boyfriend who’d insisted we wait ...

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AUGUST 01, 2022 Give and Go: An MM Sports Romance By F.A. Ray

"I've never been tied up and spanked, but for him, I'd say yes to just about anything."

Alejandro goes home from the 2024 Olympics with a silver medal - and a hunger for the man who put him on his knees. He never had someone dress him in lingerie and order him to his knees. But now he has a taste...

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[US + UK] Sienna Morgan is no stranger to death and grief.

Becoming an embalmer might not be everyone’s chosen profession, but it’s the only place she truly feels in control. An introvert by nature, working and living above a funeral home suits her down to a T.
Until Theodore walks through t...

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When she was in high school, Emilia Emerson was voted Most Likely to Doubt Love. With her history, is it any wonder?

As a childhood beauty queen, she grew up being made to believe she’s nothing more than a pretty face. First, by her own mother and then by the men Emilia dates.

Now at a cross...

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AUGUST 01, 2022 My Beastly Boss By Jessa Joy

A smart, curvy beauty signs a contract with her beast of a billionaire boss to help rescue her father from ruin.

I can't let everything I've worked for go to waste.
So I'm here on a remote island to save my Dad's company.
My new boss is huge, handsome and full of secrets.
Will I find...

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The first time they meet it’s by chance. The second is surely a coincidence. The’s either destiny or he’s a stalker.

She has a thing against men in uniform. In her experience, they play hard, lie harder.
He has a thing for feisty brunette women with a backbone and a smart mouth....

JULY 31, 2022 Mountain Man's Claim: A Small Town Romance By Annabelle Love

I was searching for a new home.
What I found was a wild mountain man.

I moved to this small town to build a new life.
How was I supposed to know there’d be nowhere else to stay?
Or that Caleb Walker likes his cabin to himself.

He thinks I’m a city-girl who’ll fly away when the going g...

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All I wanted was a fresh start.
Instead, I got him.
Mr. Mysterious Millionaire in His Tower.
Mr. Don't Dare Question Me.
Mr. Grumpy With a Side of Fine.

Well, he’s about to get introduced to his newest employee,

Ms. Doesn’t Give A Flying Toot.

All right, all right. I’m exaggeratin...

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