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She agreed to play. She agreed to be mine. I won't let her change the rules of the game.

Violence has always been part of my life. I was angry as a child, underchallenged and neglected, with no outlet for my dangerous rage. Years have passed, and I’m no longer a victim of my own aggression. I�...

It was just supposed to be a one-night stand.
I couldn’t guess that she would be my best friend’s daughter. And my new stubborn client.

Our brief and mind-blowing encounter was supposed to be a goodbye.

Being a single parent was challenging enough.
I didn’t need to be distracted by som...

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Salvatore Faugno is the sexiest man I’ve ever met.

He’s also a cold-blooded killer.

When I took a last-minute waitressing gig, I never expected to get caught in the middle of a mafia war. Now I’m angry as well as exhausted. Thanks to some testosterone-fueled idiots, I’ve lost all my ti...

I prefer high heels to fishing reels, but single dad Henry Cooper is determined to hook me.

I’ve seen too many women give up everything they want for some man, and I refuse to do the same.

That path leads straight to heartache.

I say the absolute wrong thing every time I’m around him, b...

Working for Nick Novack, a wealthy, gorgeous hockey captain is what dreams are made of.
Wrong. It’s a nightmare.
My boss hates me, because of an incident on my first day. I suspect he wants me to quit working as the nanny to his five-yea...

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In the shadows of desire, three hearts are tested. Will one end up broken?

As a doctoral student studying authenticity, Club Shattered Embrace is a gold mine for my dissertation research and people-watching. But I never expected to find myself on my knees before Derek Ingram, the e...

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Damien speaks:

Who's the mysterious dancer captivating my heart at the Louisville Sapphire Club, and why does she resist my every advance?

I thought I had it all —wealth, power, success—until I laid eyes on her. “Angel”, the gorgeous star dancer at the Sapphire Club, ignites a passion ...

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JUNE 08, 2024 Nerd in Shining Armor (The Nerd Series Book 1) By Vicki Lewis Thompson

An island-hopping flight to Maui finds Gen’s sociopathic boss pointing a gun at her head. But tech genius Jack convinces the guy to bail and leave them to die. Crash-landing the plane on a remote island, Jack becomes Gen’s hero. But when danger returns, the nerd and his beauty must fight side by...

Is there anything better than winning the reluctant love of an inveterate grump? Find out in this collection of three full-length grumpy soft for sunshine romances!

GRUMP IN A KILT: Grumpy estate manager Malcolm and his sunshiny nemesis Charlotte see eye to eye on nothing. But when they join forc...

JUNE 07, 2024 The Chosen Heir: A Steamy Mafia Romance By Monique Moreau

I am Alexandru, the chosen one. The ruler of the Lupu clan.

I strive to follow in my father's footsteps. I strive to be the perfect head of the family, the perfect son and brother, the perfect... man. In this dog-eat-dog mafia world, a single mistake could end in bloodshed.

After years of conf...