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MAY 29, 2023 Best Friend's Brothers: A Why Choose Romance By Natasha L. Black

After escaping an abusive relationship, all I wanted was to focus on my career.
The last thing I needed was to get involved with another man—
Let alone three of them!

Just when I thought nothing could be more enticing—or more forbidden—
I encountered Rory Beckett, the irresistible firefi...

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[US Sale] Damien Barlowe always gets what he wants.
And he wants her.

I’ve been on the run for a while now.
Stealing money from the rich and redistributing it to the poor.
Just call me Robin Hood, but subtract the bow and arrow and add a few tattoos.

Kristen comes from the Redding family ...

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What happens when the fake engagement to the hot, rich, footballer starts to feel real?
Fake Fiancee / Opposites Attract / Billionaire / Sports Romance

Deacon Scott needs a fiancee—like yesterday. As the former star quarterback for the Rocky Mountain Rangers—a team his family has owned for ...

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Adam Rutledge is the bane of my existence. He prolongs tedious meetings by asking lots of questions. The man should get a hobby.

He’s the type of person I’d never spend time with unless I’m forced to, which it turns out—I am. When Adam and I are put in charge of overseeing the company’s...

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MAY 28, 2023 Daddy Fever (Daddy Sized) By Margot Scott

As a doctor, it’s Evan’s job to advise Natasha about losing her V-card. As her best friend’s dad, he should NOT be performing the deed. But this Dr. Daddy is hands-on about treating his curvy patient.

When you wander like me, you deal with your fair share of assholes.
And this little mountain town has a special group of idiots that call it home.
A vicious biker gang that can't help but stir up trouble with the new girl in town.
But the mountain is home to someone else... someone who's had his ...

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MAY 28, 2023 CROW: The Boston Underworld Series By A. Zavarelli

When I walked into his club looking for a job,
I had no intention of capturing the attention of the notorious Lachlan Crow.
His reputation has been known to send a shiver down most spines.
Now the Irish mafia overlord is my new boss.
He doesn’t trust me, and I don’t trust him.
But it does...

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I left Dogwood Cove as a child eighteen years ago when Ethan Monroe was nothing more than my best friend’s older brother.

Now I’m back and he’s so much more.

Gone is the boy I played hide and seek with, and in his place is the seriously hot, plaid-wearing, scruff-bearing, mayor of the s...

They grew up in the same small town but come from two different worlds.

With her career imploding and a family history that reads like a trashy tabloid, Autumn Maddox can’t afford any more disasters if she wants to hold her head up high when she returns to her old home town. So she’s going to...

MAY 27, 2023 Forbidden: Death Dealers MC Book 1 By Alana Sapphire

Forbidden fruit is the sweetest...

I should stay away from Gage "Reaper" Hunter. The Death Dealers MC president is everything I don't want. That's what I have to tell myself when he's close. The more I try to distance myself from him, the stronger my attraction grows. He wants to pro...