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[US + UK] The Mountain Men of Spruce Ridge Collection: 5 Possessive Mountain Men, 5 Fun Stories, 5 Happy Endings!

Follow the happenings on Spruce Ridge Mountain - a fictional mountain town where love is in the air. These books promise to make you smile, laugh and fall in love, and will leave you ...

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[US + UK] A workaholic single dad is about to realize that the best presents are not always under the Christmas tree.

She’s my daughter’s beloved teacher. She’s even in my mom’s knitting club. Clearly, she’s off limits. Layla Shah deserves a white picket fence and a brood of children wi...

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Whatever stupid courage that compelled me to hike this mountain alone is gone.
The sun has beat it out of me.
The bugs have buzzed me to insanity.
And when I find myself dangling from the edge of a cliff, I’m convinced the canyon far below is going to end it all.
Not if Colt has anything to do...

Young nurse Sinead rescues the hospital's handsome architect Austin Riordan from a life-threatening situation. Touched by the high-powered man's sudden vulnerability, she agrees to his proposal to become his private nurse over the Christmas holidays while he gets used to his 'new normal'.

Sinead ...

She glared at me through the rain, then smacked me with a menu.
I knew she had to be mine.

Her plush lips, her fiery eyes, her sass.
Those hips that feel so perfect in my rough palms…
She's everything I've ever wanted.

I moved back to Oakton to work in our forest. Map trails, study trees....

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[US Sale] As my son’s best friend, the pool boy should be off-limits, but those short shorts make it hard to keep my distance.

Cherry Estates is where the richest in Boston live. However, money can’t fix everything. Especially not my marriage. My ex-wife discovered my darkest secrets, and now...

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Mafia Queens aren't born; they're made.

Digger, Jet, Pony, and Boss—four names synonymous with danger, power, and pain. As part of a blackjack bet, I've been given to these mafia kings by my father to do with as they please—but they don't know what cards I'm hiding up my own sleeve.


I'm starting fresh in a small town at Easter, running from my troubled past. The gorgeous carpenter from the church next door wants to get to know me - but how can I let him in?

I was made to join a cult but I escaped.
Now I'm in Snowflake Falls, hiding from my past.
The huge, handsome gu...

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MARCH 28, 2024 Teacher's Pet: A Dark Professor Romance By Penelope Ryan

[US Sale] A couple nights of pure bliss, letting my hot professor lay his hands on my body and have his way with me—all to save my failing grade and my future?

The choice seemed simple.

But everything is far from simple now.

Violet Sloan is failing biology. Which wouldn’t be that big of...

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They're impossible...
And the most delicious temptation I've ever known.
They’re wildly famous, so hot it’s crude, and they don’t give a d*mn what people think. I’m meant to tame them for the upper echelons of society, but they seem intent on tempting me to ...

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