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"Breathe my lost princess, I won't hurt you."


The human world is a place Mya no longer had any need for. After the loss of her sister Alara, Mya searches for the world her sister told her stories about; a place where Harpies reign supreme.

When she's offered the chance to become a Ha...

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A doomed vampire. A vengeful biker bear. An unlikely union.

Overturned. Piston's life underwent a complete reversal the moment his sister was murdered. Vengeance wasn't far from his mind, but with two young nieces to look after, avenging his sister was the least of his priorities. When a friend c...

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[US Sale] As my son’s best friend, the pool boy should be off-limits, but those short shorts make it hard to keep my distance.

Cherry Estates is where the richest in Boston live. However, money can’t fix everything. Especially not my marriage. My ex-wife discovered my darkest secrets, and now...

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What happens when you call your rival opponent Daddy?

Erik’s whole life is indoor volleyball. He wasn’t born a talented player, but through hard work he has honed himself into a great one. With a competitive streak a mile wide, he’ll go to any length to win—even flirt with his opponents t...

Virgin hockey player + jaded firefighter = steam off the charts!

Ever hear the one about the under-the-radar hockey player, so desperate to lose his virginity that he’s willing to swipe right on an app?

Here I am, waiting nervously in a boutique hotel room for my anonymous hookup to show up ...

Turning up on the first day of a job you desperately need to discover you’ve already slept with your billionaire boss? Yeah, that’s a bit of a conundrum.

Learning he’s a closeted bisexual currently embroiled in a—by all accounts bogus—sexual harassment scandal? That’s more of a fiasco...

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MARCH 20, 2024 Demon's Captive Omega: A Dark MM Fantasy By Sera Bishop

I’m a demon alpha with blood on my hands. He’s a gentle omega angel. I’m not worthy of him—but when an accidental bond ties us together, I’ll kill to keep him safe.

I’ve been a soldier of Hell for a hundred years, immersed in bloodshed and carnage. Then a terrible battle leaves me on ...

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MARCH 16, 2024 Wedding Dragon: MM Shifter Romance By Liv Rider

Bringing a fake boyfriend to his sister's wedding seems like a great idea. Until he meets one of the groomsmen.

His sister's wedding raises a lot of issues Shaun doesn't want to deal with. The worrying thought that his life is going nowhere. Two adventurous, ring-bearing cats. Bridesmaids from hi...

Fate doesn’t care about ancient rules. Too bad dragons do.

Alpha bear shifter Zevo is ready to move on from his job at Animals. When the opportunity to help scout out a new location presents itself, he’s up for the challenge. Getting to see the one who got away while he was there had nothing ...

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MARCH 13, 2024 Sharing Secrets: MMF Ménage Romance By Natalie Hothorne

Why do people insist on keeping secrets when sharing is so much more fun?
I have not figured out what my boyfriend, Josh, is hiding from me, but it could not be as bad as my own secrets.

My parents lead what you would call an unconventional lifestyle. Three years ago I spent time at their home i...

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