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[US + UK] Hazel -

This trip was supposed to be about him. Chris, my dead fiancé.

I had it all planned.

The cabin. The friends, back together after a year of mourning. The annual ornament exchange.

But what I didn’t expect is Quinn. From the moment that little ‘going’ icon popped ...

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What late-bloomer Madison needs is a pack of no strings attached alphas… so why is it the pack’s beta who she’s falling for?

Alphas Lucas and Grey want an omega to spoil, steady their pack’s dynamic, and eventually, start a family with. But they’ve been burned in the past: omegas aren�...

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APRIL 17, 2023 Pawsitively In Love: An m/m Romantic Comedy By M.J. O'Shea

Austin Lloyd adores his job and he loves the animals who frequent his pet salon. He’s not as lucky in romance. His family would like him to settle down with a good man. Austin — and his golden retriever, Maggie — couldn’t agree more.

Too bad it won’t be Evan, his client with the adorabl...

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Julian has long abandoned his dream of being swept off his feet by an alpha. Instead, he devotes his life to his little café and the people who frequent it. Especially Chris, the handsome social worker who’s oblivious to Julian’s flirting.

Chris is juggling three identities—community worke...

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APRIL 15, 2023 Baking Me Crazy: A Small Town Gay Romance By Catherine Cloverdale

I have one dating rule: never fall for a player.

I only signed up to bake the cake, I didn’t expect to get stuck planning the entire wedding. But it’s my friend, and Christmas is the season for giving, I guess. Now I’m stuck planning it with the groom’s incredibly hot cousin, Gabe. Gabe i...

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A corrupted ritual reveals my fated mates... and the danger my magic poses to everyone I love.

Kidnapped and forced to attend Brookview Academy, I find myself in a dangerous world full of witches and warlocks who want to bring back the power of their ancestors. The very same magic my parents had ...

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Never again will I be that little girl who dreamed of a pack to sweep her off her feet...

I'm the omega who killed my alpha.

The day I found my mates, I thought I'd found my home at last. Instead, I was kept from them and left to suffer. For months I clung to scraps of information, and I fell ...

APRIL 08, 2023 Spring Fakers: An M/M Fake Dating Romance By Catherine Cloverdale

I’m a shy nerd with almost no experience, and when my only friend drags me to a party, I spill a drink on a hot, popular jock named Theo. When I run into him again, he has a crazy idea: become his fake boyfriend. He wants to get his friends off his back, and I might gain a little experience, which...

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APRIL 05, 2023 Giving In: MM Bi-Awakening Romance By Rue Whitney

[US Sale] Who mixes up the dates of a “I want the D” appointment and an interview with their friend’s son? My new boss, that’s who.

Morgan “Fitz” Fitzgerald is a ruthlessly dominant, thoughtlessly dismissive, closed-off man who gets whatever he wants, and now he wants me—even if I�...

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APRIL 05, 2023 Sharing Secrets: MMF Ménage Romance By Natalie Hothorne

[US + UK] Why do people insist on keeping secrets, when sharing is so much more fun?
I have not figured out what my boyfriend, Josh, is hiding from me, but it could not be as bad as my own secrets.

My parents lead what you would call an unconventional lifestyle. Three years ago I spent time at t...

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