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Ayanna was so unlucky in love that she moved across the world to start over. She swore off relationships until she met Kai.

Although Kai’s music career was booming, her love life was disastrous. After meeting Ayanna, she believed lady luck was finally on her side until Ayanna was presented with...

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Tall, dark and handsome.
Walks and talks like an exotic prince.
Also, my fake boyfriend.

FEBRUARY 27, 2022 Celestial Sins: A SciFi Alien Romance By Chloe Parker

Aliens took me from my life as a high society princess. My body is my only bargaining chip, and my pleasure their currency.

When I sat on the rooftop and wished every night that someone would take me away, this isn’t what I meant. Now my biggest problems--my stepmom, my dad’s expectations--ar...

FEBRUARY 26, 2022 The Warlock of Westland: An MM Paranormal Romance By Jack Brightside

Sam is an immortal warlock whose life revolves around a failing hardware store in rural Southern Connecticut. His self-imposed isolation is interrupted when the Warlock Council assigns him to help an evil warlock living in his village. The desperate warlock happens to be Sam’s ex-boyfriend from tw...

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FEBRUARY 18, 2022 Bodyguard: M/M Romance Novel By Dassy Bernhard

Seung-hyun is looking for a trusted confidant while working on his eccentric playboy billionaire image (he's got the "eccentric" part down cold). Once he meets Jun-young, he knows he’s found his man—in more ways than one. Jun-young is too honest for his own good, more intelligent than he lets on...

FEBRUARY 13, 2022 Show Up (Seraph's Burlesque Club Book 1) By Renee Dahlia

A fake date … a real secret
An invitation to her ex's wedding is the icing on a crappy cake for burlesque dancer Yolande. Her ex ghosted her just as they were about to take the stage for their neo-burlesque act. Yolande’s friends at Seraph's Burlesque Club persuade her that attending will show ...

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If Max wants a future with his mate, he must leave his past behind. Riley must deal with his demons and be the Alpha his Omega needs.

Max Warner is obsessed with tying up loose ends. He and his best friend managed to escape a cult run by a controlling Alpha. That chapter of his life is over. Max ...

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FEBRUARY 10, 2022 The Baroness Affair By Jean Wilde

[US sale] Piers Benson may hold the pedigree of a gentleman, but his reputation is far from noble. His voracious sexual appetites have led him straight to the life of a courtesan. In the elite brothel he calls home, his roguish good looks and charm have attracted many wealthy lords and ladies to his...

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He was my first love. Will he be my last?
Going home after twenty years was supposed to be a short stop. Before following my dreams.

Instead, I’m forced to face my past... and the ex that betrayed me.

FEBRUARY 02, 2022 Spurred (Steele Ranch Book 1) By Vanessa Vale

If you've never saddled up with a few Vanessa Vale cowboys, now is your chance! Welcome to Steele Ranch, where the men are hot and know what they want.

For Cord Connolly and Riley Townsend, that's sinfully sweet Kady Parks. The Philadelphia schoolteacher discovers she's the heir—along with half...