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Following a painful marriage break-up, Jeff welcomes Lauren’s support as he fights for visiting rights to his step-daughter. In return, he helps Lauren cope with her father’s illness. Their similarities pull them into a relationship but can it survive when a devastating family secret is revealed...

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NOVEMBER 27, 2022 'Tis the Season: A Holiday Collection By chris keniston

Celebrate falling in love with this holiday collection from USA Today bestselling author Chris Keniston

Tis the Season contains three holiday favorites in one heartwarming, feel-good read:

Loving Chloe - from the Farraday Country series
Picture Perfect - from the Hart Land Lakeside Inn series...

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Madison -
Christmas is my favorite time of the year … And my first White Christmas in Aspen, snowboarding with a group of my friends is set to be everything I dreamed. Except that my Christmas dream never included an embarrassing first encounter with my friend’s brother … on day one.


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NOVEMBER 26, 2022 Daring to Love: It's never too late to fall in love By Gudrun Frerichs

It wasn’t a good year for nurse Claudia. After catching her husband in bed with his best friend, her life as she knows it comes to a cruel halt. All her love now goes to the nine-year-old orphan she adopted and her beloved farm. She’s too down-to-earth to fall apart. Nothing, though, prepared he...

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Christmas is a time for family, love, who turn into animals?

The shifter town of Greysden is gearing up for the holidays and some of its sexiest residents are finally finding their true mates. When human women meet growly alpha males, there's going to be a little culture shock. Finding ...

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If you enjoy Hallmark movies, but with added steam, you'll love the Guy Next Door holiday collection!

Featuring second chance romance, military enemies to lovers, billionaires, rock stars, cops and growly mountain men; this holiday bundle is packed with steamy stories. Grab your favourite drink o...

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Gorgeous, sexy, and sweetly shy… Sierra appeared like a Christmas angel.

I hadn’t even left the airport when I was hit by the holiday magic in my small hometown of Holly Valley.

Sierra made my protective instincts kick in for the first time. I needed to care for her. Not just while I was b...

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Lucius, Viscount of Northwick, is deeply frustrated when Miss Ainsley joins them unexpectedly, ruining the enjoyment of the Christmas house party for him. Having fallen out with Miss Ainsley during the summer Season, he considers returning to his estate, only for a bullet pudding to change everythin...

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What's a girl to do when she finds a grumpy, abrasive man trespassing in her house? Probably not invite him to Thanksgiving.


He's here to do repairs but Cyrus Tatum is hostile and intimidating and has the criminal record to match. He's also big, muscled, dangerous, and my total opposite...

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NOVEMBER 21, 2022 Bonfire: An Instalove Romance By Lauren Milson

It's a beautiful fall day and I'm at a bonfire party in the woods.
Tied to a tree.
My friends thought it'd be fun to play a prank on me, and pretend I'm a virgin sacrifice.
Lucky me!
Anyway, here I am, all tied up—dark forest on my left, mysterious reclusive billionaire's mansion on my right. ...

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