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Ugh, Christmas. Not a fan. So why am I wearing a Santa suit and letting frisky moms paw me at a reindeer ranch?

It might have something to do with the family crisis that drew me home between tours as a career Marine. Or maybe it’s my urge to cozy up with the prickly reindeer rancher whose curve...

DECEMBER 20, 2021 Clock Work By Cassie Mint

I’m a world famous clockmaker. An artisan and a grown man.

I should be able to resist my sweet young apprentice, damn it.

I took her on as a favor. I don’t normally take students at all, but I know her brother and I figured--what’s the harm?

Turns out, there’s plenty of harm. Turns ...

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Dust off your boots and string the lights, Christmas has come to Rock Springs, Texas!

Who knew a blizzard could derail your plans at the same time it offers you a new future?

I love my trucking route being able to see the country and get paid for it.

But when a freak blizzard strands me in ...

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DECEMBER 19, 2021 The Lumberjack's Nanny: A Forbidden Romance By Natasha L. Black

Max needs to hire a nanny for the summer.
I need money.

No problem!

There’s a big problem.
I caught feelings for Max, the sexy lumberjack dad.
Now I’m carrying around more than a broken heart. I have a little secret that belongs to Max.

How can I go ahead with the deal and wa...

I hate Christmas.

Before you scream bah humbug, let me explain: my birthday is December 25th.

Birthdays were largely ignored, and the holiday lost its luster before I hit double digits. I didn’t get a birthday party—instead, my parents spent their energy planning a huge Christmas party. ...

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He wants a lot more than a Christmas Kiss

Nothing less will do for him than forever

It’s like a Christmas fairytale brought to life

Cherry Falls is filled with returning characters and iconic destinations that will begin to feel like family. When you leave the city, and drive into Cherry ...

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‘Twas six days before Christmas and all through Holly Valley...

Things had become downright strange.

A new toy factory had appeared, Mom was a dancing machine, and my younger brother Jacob suddenly had a girlfriend.

Jealousy was not the right shade of festive green, but I didn’t think l...

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A delightful selection of Christmas romances picked just for you!

Indulge this holiday season with a boxset that will captivate you with romance & small-town charm. Three stories, three different small-towns and three enchanting romances; all celebrating the magic of Christmas.

I never wanted to love again. Until love came knocking on my door.


After losing my wife, the only thing I wanted to do was raise my eight-year-old daughter and get through the day in one piece. Then my neighbor Morgan appeared on my doorstep with a favor to ask. My sexy, sweet, lovely ...

I know when she's sleeping.
And I know when she's awake.

The moment I saw her, I became obsessed.
And the naughty letters she sent to the North Pole made me fall in love.

For years, I've tracked her every move.
Watching over her, protecting her…stalking her.
She's my angel, my obsession,...

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