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DECEMBER 17, 2021 Let It Snow By Kristie Leigh

Coming home for the holidays after eight long years to say goodbye, I found myself saying hello.

Melissa--or Missy as I remembered her--had had a crush on me. But being a typical eighteen-year-old, I didn't pay much attention to the blushing twelve-year-old.

I walked away without so much as a ...

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DECEMBER 17, 2021 Discovered Deception By Julie Bawden-Davis

After decades dreaming about each other….they reunite on a fateful moonlit winter’s night just before Christmas.

When Susa York’s cousin, Hermann, leaves her unwittingly holding a bag of stolen rare diamonds and disappears days before Christmas, the shy scientist working on a groundbreaking...

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Strip it. Flip it. Get home by Christmas.
That was the plan.
Falling for a gorgeous, antler-wearing waitress with a knockout smile?
Even the best-laid plans go awry.

Big shot CEO Greyson Blair can't believe he's stuck spending the holidays in the Ass-End-of-Nowhere handling the sale of a de...

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DECEMBER 16, 2021 Sharing Noelle By Margot Scott

My hot stepbrother. His gorgeous dad. An impossible choice. With my dad and his wife honeymooning over Christmas, I assume I’ll be celebrating the holidays alone. That is, until my new stepbrother—a sex-god sous chef with a smile that melts panties like butter—invites me to spend the week at h...

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DECEMBER 16, 2021 Merry Christ-Mess: Friends to Lover Romance By Dee Ellis

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love came to be my best friend

Mila Masters has her life figured out. Writing splashy stories by day while she writes dirty ditties at night, she knows better to want for more. Unless it’s the love and adoration it seems everyone else is finding. Sweet, fo...

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Meet me under the mistletoe...In this limited edition Christmas romance collection love blooms underneath the mistletoe as secret admirers finally confess their love and secret santas make holiday wishes of the heart come true. Get into the Christmas spirit by diving into these stories where anythin...

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DECEMBER 15, 2021 Faire's Fair: A Billionaire Office Romance By Grace Grahme

Kathryn Reilly is struggling to get a foothold for her young business in the 90’s tech boom. When her new executive client turns out to be the same passionate rogue who nearly seduced her at a Renaissance Faire, she chalks it up to one of life’s cruel jests and vows to not let the near one-night...

DECEMBER 15, 2021 Flannel Shirts: Are Ruining My Christmas By Saxon Sterling

Heard the one about spending Christmas in a Scottish Castle and falling for the handsome, rich recluse who’s grumpy but good with his hands?

Your girl is living the dream.

Except I have no friends because they’re stranded a hundred miles away. No power because a storm very rudely toppled t...

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Reindeer shifter Dash is traveling home to Wishing Moon Bay for Christmas.

One phone mix-up later and he has the best Christmas gift ever. His mate.

But he soon realizes he will have to sacrifice his own happiness to make Gina’s Christmas wish come true.

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Remember going to a bachelor charity auction and bidding on the sexy Scottish bad boy of soccer for your supermodel boss from hell? But the press got it wrong and think you’re the one who spending a ridiculous amount of money to go on a date with him?

No? Right, that was me. Seriously, how is t...

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