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FEBRUARY 18, 2022 A Very Vegas St. Patrick's Day By Kayley Loring

You might think the problem would be waking up in Vegas, hungover,
next to a beautiful woman who’s wearing your boxer briefs
and finding out ya married her in the middle of an epic drunken night of festivities.
But you’d be wrong.
I, Nolan Cassidy, international charmer and maker of mischie...

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FEBRUARY 15, 2022 Dear Sexy Swimmer: Romance Short By Dee Ellis

Life is not all pretty hearts and sweet candies for Maia Gamble.

Heartbreak led her to a new life in a new town. It also left her lonely enough to consider trying romance a new way.

Old fashioned matchmaking romance!

Matched with a sexy swimmer--training for the Olympics--they share letters...

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Piss off the hot farmer. Find out I'll be living in a funeral home. Meet my pet pig Petunia. Day one in town proved one thing...I'm screwed.

Leah: Thanks to my confidence-destroying stutter, I had zero dating experience. When I fell hard for a customer at the bookshop where I worked, I hired Jonas Whitaker to teach me how to flirt. I had no idea how the hot escort was about to change my life.

Jonas: I expected Leah Wan, the reclusive ...

FEBRUARY 07, 2022 Conversation Hearts By Kata Čuić

He didn’t plan on a fake engagement to the love of his life as a way to win her over, but he’s not going to waste this opportunity to research exactly, specifically, categorically how Liv defines love. Communication is key. Unfortunately for Ollie, communication is also not his strongest skill.

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FEBRUARY 06, 2022 Sealed with a Kiss: A Small Town Christmas Romance By Leeanna Morgan

Fans of Robyn Carr's Virgin River series will love this feel-good, small-town romance from a USA Today bestselling author! When John’s daughter asks for the one thing he can’t give her it breaks his heart. Rachel holds the key to his daughter’s happiness, but will she willingly hold the key to...

FEBRUARY 05, 2022 A Very Friendly Valentine's Day By Kayley Loring

EDDIE: Cancel your dinky little roomette on the train. I’m booking us two of the big bedroom suites.

BIRDIE: I’ll cancel it AFTER you’ve booked the other sleeper rooms. And reimburse you.

EDDIE: Don’t worry about it. Just cancel your tickets. I got this. Round trip. I’m on the Amtrak...

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On Valentine’s Day, three young women make a pact: each of them will find the man of their dreams in one year’s time. This steamy box set contains the stories of how Kait, Sierra, and Gabi strive to meet their Mr. Right—and how their lives change along the way. Will next Valentine’s Day find...

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It’s all about timing. Breaking a silly curse with open hearts, a duck, and the right guy.
Once or twice is bad luck.
But breaking up with a guy before Valentine’s Day three years in a row?
I was beginning to think I was cursed.
Until Alex appeared and instantly broke my New Year’s...

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