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After being thrown into cages to pleasure brutal alien fighters, I’m broken—a mere shell of who I used to be.

I’ll be used and forced to do the monsters’ bidding, it’s too much to expect a male to watc...

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MAY 01, 2024 Alien With Benefits (Forbidden Bonds #1) By Cara Bristol

A space cruise with her bestie seems like the vacation of a lifetime until Holly Winter gets abducted by aliens and finds herself on a slave ship.

When the ship’s AI goes haywire and accidentally releases the prisoners from their cells, she makes a break for it—only to be kidnapped again by ...

Over 240.000 words of alien romance!

Decades have passed since the Tyk’ix destroyed the Zoran homeworld. The fierce alien warriors have found refuge on Earth, but adjusting to this new reality has not been easy for either species.

Evil forces are at work, trying to undermine everything the Z...

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He's big, he's growly, he's made of stone, and he just told me, "You're mine."

Draven's an alien gargoyle whose golden eyes stare at me with a burning passion that mirrors his molten heart.

He believes I’m his fated mate. His soulspark. And apparently I’m the only one who can grant him his...

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APRIL 27, 2024 Claimed by the Enemy: A SciFi Alien Romance By Elena Starr

My alien jailer thinks I'm scum but can't resist using me like a pleasure doll—and God, do I like it.

I'm the hottest piece of action in the human zoo. And Corris is a wannabe-alphahole who can't seem to stay away.

Whether I use my body or brain, I’ll show him humans aren't all bad. And wh...

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Could the husband of her dreams literally be out of this world?

Ashleen O'Neill thinks she is heading off for an ordinary day at work at the ancient passage grave of Newgrange in Ireland. But a huge earthquake has rocked the foundations of the giant monument, uncovering secrets forgotten for thou...

Three Zandian warriors. One female assigned for reconditioning.
They'll punish.

A disillusioned special forces operative who’s almost given up on the world…and the brilliant weapons scientist who refuses to let him.

Battle-weary SAS officer Garrick no longer cares if he lives or dies. He’s tracking aliens, intent on vengeance. Instead he finds a feisty bio-weapons engi...

APRIL 19, 2024 Alien On Fire (Bound By Fire Series) By January Bell

I can’t stand him, but pretending to be the alien king’s mate is my best shot at getting home.

I’ve despised his species ever since they invaded Earth. Being abducted by the Roth to make babies? That was the hate cherry on top. Nydo might have saved me from a terrible fate, but there’s no...

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All I have to do is get back to my home base and the mission will be over, but an explosion changed everything.
Between trying to steal a spaceship from these hulky blue blue aliens with spiky tails and getting caught by the Empire, the choice is clear. I put my hands on the dashboard to start the ...