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JANUARY 21, 2021 Claimed for Their Use (Ventori Masters Book 2) By Ivy Barrett

Held captive by a brutal drug cartel and facing an uncertain fate, the last thing Jessica Saint Claud expects is to be rescued by two huge, fiercely handsome alien warriors, but the real shock comes when the two Ventori commanders make it clear that she now belongs to them.

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JANUARY 20, 2021 Ajax (The Sobekian Project Book 1) By Olivia Hutchinson

It's not easy being a girl, especially when there are only a few thousand of you left in the galaxy.
Ajax fell from the sky the same day my entire world shifted on its axis. The little safety I had was ripped away in a single morning, leaving me alone and destitute on an alien moon. Agreeing to go ...

JANUARY 19, 2021 Spindle's End By Jessica Marting

The last memory Anissa Alto has is watching the destruction of the research ship Spindle by a rival scientist and being unable to do anything about it. The next thing she knows, she’s waking up in an unfamiliar sickbay one hundred years later, surrounded by a crew of xeno-archaeologists led by Dr....

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It has been 100 years since the devastating alien invasion swept Earth. The peace treaty, Earth's only protection from the hostile invaders, is about to expire. The invading race of fierce warriors requires a sacrifice, and that sacrifice is Avi.

Avi's life has been one of tedium and misery, work...

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JANUARY 16, 2021 A Scot's Pledge: A Time Travel Fantasy Romance By Sky Purington

From friends to lovers, forbidden passion sparks between a modern day woman and a medieval Highland warrior. Accustomed to watching over things for Clan MacLomain and their Viking ancestors, Julie had given up hope of traveling back in time for love like those before her. Until the day an old friend...

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JANUARY 15, 2021 Her Empath (Zodiac Cyborgs Book 1) By Mina Carter

Even a rogue can be brought to heel by love. Lyssa Ryland is the rogue of the fleet. Feared and wanted by half the admiralty, no one can control the redheaded General. Half-human, half alien, her nature has made her tough and years of war have given her a backbone of steel. Commanding one of the mos...

I’m running away. Away from my indentured servitude contract, away from the abuse, away from a life trapped inside a tiny bubble, just waiting for something to go wrong. I have just enough oxygen in my tank to get to the next city, the next bastion of safety that protects us normal humans from the...

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JANUARY 12, 2021 Alien Lord's Captive By Mina Carter

Earth girls might be popular...but they're definitely not easy.Sergeant Cat Moore has a little problem. Well, actually a big problem... When her base is attacked and boarded by an alien war group, she finds herself in the sights of their leader, Tarrick, a Latharian war-commander. Their captors migh...

JANUARY 10, 2021 The Intrusion: Baltin Prequel By Melissa Riddell

Is their arrival humanity's end—or a new beginning?

Nearing high school graduation, Tilly Morgan’s eager to leave her small Texas town. Armed with a plan to start fresh with her older sister in Florida, her dreams go up in smoke when the planet goes dark.

An electromagnetic pulse ravages E...

JANUARY 10, 2021 Tangled in Time By Barbara Longley

A time-travel romance for fans of Diana Gabaldon and Hazel Hunter. To set him free from an ancient curse, she must travel to a time of myth and legend…Regan MacCarthy’s ability to see ghosts is a gift inherited from her Irish ancestors, but it’s one she’d dearly like to give back.

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