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Alien invasion? Check.

Hot aliens want Earth women? Check.

Traitor to my planet? Whoops.

Things have gotten completely out of control. One minute I’m a college student waking up to the worst day of my life, the next I'm being swept off my feet by eight foot tall monsters who w...

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I was fine until an alien warrior gave me a baby.

The creepy Uttux abducted me. Before they could run their sick experiments on me, the Dohan smashed in and saved my life.

Their leader, Xaldur, is ruthless, dominant, and merciless.

He put the Uttux to the sword before scooping me into his s...

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MAY 27, 2024 Tamed Omega (Earthborn Omegas Book 2) By Riley Carver

This Omega can handle life on her own. That is, until an Alpha arrives to tame her ...

Headstrong Fern has just escaped her abductors and started to build a new life for herself on an uninhabited planet. So when a ship crashes right next to her hut, she's determined to tell any survivors to keep ...

He's determined to conquer her heart... Desperate to save her parents from debtors' prison, Esmay signs up as an alien mail order bride. But she's stunned to discover she’s been matched to Prince Vaath, a fearsome alien warrior who once helped conquer Earth. A thrilling enemies-to-lovers sci-fi ro...

MAY 23, 2024 The Alien's Treat: A SciFi Alien Romance By Alina Riley

Looks like I get into trouble making doughnuts. Who would have guessed?
When this hulky coal-gray guy shows up in my cafe, I think he is one of the many customers. He is handsome and I won't mind dating him, but a customer is a customer. Yet... Maybe he has other plans, which I'm not going to like....

On a planet where there are no rules, she’s the prize, and he will claim her, no matter what the cost.

I know I’m not ever getting back to Earth, but I’d settle for escape from the cage I'm being kept in. Instead, I end up as a prize in an alien game where a golden eyed, horned alien lord i...

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MAY 17, 2024 Ocean Wolves (Triton Core Book 1) By Theresa Beachman

Trapped 8,000 feet under the ocean.
Her best chance of escape?
The man she swore she would never see again.

Dr. Becca Johnson has devoted herself to her work after personal tragedy taught her she’s better off alone. She finds solace in the isolation of oceanic research but as her six-month wo...

There's a Xarc’n warrior stalking my land. Rhaz’k claims I’m “his,” but I belong to no one, especially not to a bossy purple alien with massive horns, sharp fangs, and huge muscles. But when the deadly space bugs invading Earth start showing up around my home, the overprotective...

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MAY 15, 2024 Nanny For The Mountain Lion By Maia Starr

In order to save her, I must control her. Brianna’s life is in danger because of me. She’s the nanny that looks after my two boys. And I can’t stop lusting after her in the house.

I was left shattered not too long ago.

After my ex-wife’s death,

Love seemed impossible before I met he...

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The High Prince of Nyrr takes what he wants. And this time, it's me.

My mission is to find Earth a new home. There's just one tiny problem: A tall alien brute attacked my ship, stripped me, and took me as his prisoner.

Now we're heading to his icy alien homeworld, and the demanding warlord is ...

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