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SEPTEMBER 02, 2023 Claimed by the Warrior: A Scifi Alien Romance By Elena Starr

One moment I was asleep and finally safe. Now there's a shapeshifting alien telling me I'm his mate in the middle of an unearthly forest.

The alien says we're not safe here and we need to escape to Earth. Oh, and he also says I'm his "mate." As if!

He also says if we mate, I'll fall in love wi...

SEPTEMBER 01, 2023 The Ozar Triad: A Negari Sci-Fi Alien Romance By Charmaine Ross

Three Alien Warrior Princes. One human female abducted by an evil race of Reptiles intent on taking over the universe by any means possible.

Riley -
Riley Sharp can fight her way out of anything. She’s a special ops soldier. Trained for war and hardened for battle. Nothing surprises her, but ...

The man I hate is my fated mate.

My post-Convergence life has been a nightmare. Ten years in a research facility, followed by five on the run, and I’m finally putting my life back together. I’ve made New Orleans my home again, and things are good.

Then ex-lit professor and alpha wolf Will ...

I don’t need a man. I don’t need a pack. And I certainly don’t need a “mate”. So...what am I doing here?

Saffron -
What do you do when a half naked man lands on your doorstep? Well in this instance, try to stop him from biting you I guess.
I live alone in the woods for a reason, so w...

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AUGUST 27, 2023 Tallean Mercenaries Series Collection By Lynnea Lee

The first four books of the Tallean Mercenaries Series are now available in a single collection!

Clawed, fanged, and seven-feet-tall, these ultimate predators are total teddy bears to their females. Watch as these alien warriors fall head-over-heels for the human mates.

This collection include...

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AUGUST 25, 2023 Sawyer (Earth Resistance Book 2) By Theresa Beachman

Ben Sawyer knows he’s dangerous.

As an undercover cop, he lied and betrayed those who trusted him. Now, the only thing that keeps him going is his ability to lockdown his emotions while ignoring the growing void in his heart.

Until he rescues feisty weapons engineer Dr. Julia Simmons.


I'm shoved in the ocean for a hungry alien kraken god to snack on. I expect to die. Friendless, hopeless, a billion miles away from home.

I'm resigned to my fate until three silver aliens show up with a grudge to settle and serious weaponry. They save me from becoming a human smorgasbord and figh...

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AUGUST 22, 2023 Alien's Host: A Sci-Fi Possession Romance By Alexandra Norton

My alien client craves complete control…

When I have to cancel my vacation last minute to meet with a mysterious new alien client, I don’t know whether to be annoyed, worried, or curious—I've never met an alien in the flesh before. The way Kuthil Ash Kharn towers over me leaves me frozen in...

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The holidays just got haunted...

Welcome to the Camden Inn. Famous for their beautiful snowy mountains, the world's best peppermint hot chocolate...

and oh yeah, being haunted.

Inn manager Tana thinks it's all bullshit, no matter how many bumps in the night she heard. After an awful experie...

[US + UK] Yesterday I was a normal woman on Earth, today I’m the daughter of the most known human in the universe.

Andy -
I’m pretty sure I was kidnapped by accident. That’s what the alien said, but he found something more exciting in my DNA scan. He’s going to sell me to the highest...

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