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Only the strength of a warrior can keep you safe.

My job is simple; scan the environment and return to the safety of the colony. The planet is dangerous, but I don’t expect to encounter any of the native beasts.

So it’s a bit of a surprise when I meet him. The barbarian alien that�...

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SEPTEMBER 30, 2023 Invaded: A Standalone Sci-Fi Romance By Lizzy Bequin

A planet of women invaded by an army of men.
A queen conquered by a warrior's obsession.

Like all women of Cytherea, Queen Lirilith had always believed men to be the stuff of fairy tales. Until the invaders came. Brutal warriors from beyond the stars.

It turns out men really do exist, and the...

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In El's fantasies, she pilots a fighter jet for the intergalactic fleet. In reality, she's a mechanic whose social grid ranking guarantees she'll never advance beyond the lowest grunt work, and a slave in all but name to her cruel and self-centered stepmother and stepsisters. The most she can hope f...

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This human, she's... not like the others.

Humans look at me and see raw, alien power. A force to be harnessed, dissected, feared. It's my power they crave. That is why they chain me up and torture me in the name of their so-called progress.

But not her.

April is different. There's a spark i...

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I defied the brutal alien prince. By their harsh laws, my life is at the mercy of his royal triad.

Bruton. Prince of the Aurelian Empire, eight-foot-tall of brutal, muscled strength, flanked by the alien warriors of his triad. He is no royal. He is a savage, a colossal warlord who commands throug...

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SEPTEMBER 25, 2023 Mated to the Warriors: Interstellar Brides Program By Grace Goodwin

When circumstances leave her with little choice but to volunteer for the Interstellar Bride Program, Hannah Johnson finds herself matched with not one but two mates. Her soon-to-be husbands are warriors of the planet Prillon, a world whose men are known far and wide for their prowess both in battle ...

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On the run from her controlling fiancé, Mila makes a living as a transport pilot in a dangerous part of space. When she's accused of murder and sentenced to death on a backward planet, she believes it's truly the end. That is...until she awakens to a handsome alien with glowing green eyes watching ...

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His family pressured him to go on a stupid love match game show. He didn’t intend to win.

My family said it was time for me to produce an heir, but I refused to marry for convenience because everyone said when you saw your mate, it would slap you in the face. My species bonds once for l...

SEPTEMBER 16, 2023 Baiting the Alien: A SciFi Alien Romance By Alina Riley

Iechon, the vacation destroyer and human kidnapper.
My vacation on a nice beach is put on hold when someone steals my cooler with my beer. Little do I know that chasing after this thief will lead me straight into the clutches of hulky green aliens with pointy ears. Aliens don't exist...or do they?

SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 A Destiny Reborn: A Steamy Age Gap Romance By Rebecca Hefner

Lost in a timeline that was never theirs... Claire and Cyrus race against time while fighting their sizzling attraction. A steamy age gap romance!

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