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A ghost. An alien with special abilities. A race in time.

When Faith Cloudfoot is kidnapped off the streets of Phoenix, she almost dies at the hands of her attacker.

Rayner has a special ability, one that weighs on him like a curse. He can see spirits trapped in between life and their final re...

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APRIL 12, 2021 Taming the Giant: A Kindred Tales Novel By Evangeline Anderson

A Princess ruling on a cold, dark world, longing for a male to love her...A Warrior dreaming of a female he can love and protect...A Perfect match? Maybe not...He's a Giant.

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APRIL 07, 2021 Devil in the Hold: A Scifi Alien Romance By Tammy Walsh

He’s pushed every Prize beyond her limit. And today he chose me.

I’m not new to this game. I was abducted and made to work as a Prize for the past year. Dozens of fighters have claimed me. None scare me.

None… other than the prisoner known as the “Devil.”

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This bonus collection from several of the authors of Alien Embrace includes short stories, prequels, sequels, sneak peeks and scenes from alien romances and other series.

APRIL 04, 2021 Primal Alphas Collection: Books 1-3 By Lizzy Bequin

I am Project Omega. I am the Alpha’s prey.

Book 1: Primal Urges
Allegra has escaped from a remote research laboratory deep in the Canadian wilderness. But she soon finds herself alone with a different kind of predator. Now she’s going to find out what happens when an Alpha gives in to his pr...

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APRIL 02, 2021 Alien Warlord's Mate: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance By Sophia Sebell

[US + UK] He claimed me. He threw me over his shoulder and marked me as his own. A freak accident sends me into the midst of a military camp in an alien world. Immediately, a group of aliens surrounds me and they're literally lining up to ravage me. But before they can touch me, Eldas the Scovein st...

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MARCH 27, 2021 Xzion: A Hexonian Alien Abduction Romance By Charmaine Ross

I’ve been captured by walking crocodiles and saved by a golden-skinned god.

Xzion says he took me to protect me but he’s not taking me back home. In fact, we’ve crashed on an alien planet and now we’re trapped in a cave from which there’s no escape. He’s all I’ve got.

I should be...

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Linda trusted the wrong person.

After almost a decade in prison masquerading as ‘re-education’, she found herself stuffed in a shipping container and dropped on an alien world. She’ll need all her powers to survive. Including the forbidden ones, the ones which landed her in prison in the fi...

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MARCH 22, 2021 Claimed by an Alien Warrior By Naomi Sparks

Love is a luxury I can't afford. My work bond is finally paid off. I’m days away from freedom. Then, a brutal alien warrior boards my ship.
I’ve worked so hard to belong to myself. Now, I belong to him.

I’m here to collect a debt. I don’t need a mate.
But when I look into the human fema...

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MARCH 18, 2021 Come Home to Me (Second Chances Time Travel Romance) By Peggy L Henderson

Jake Owens is tired of the cowboy life on his parents’ Montana ranch, catering to city folk who want a taste of old-fashioned country living. He enjoys life in the fast lane, with fast cars and even faster women. When he falls in with the wrong crowd and is accused of murder, a stranger’s bizarr...