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FEBRUARY 25, 2023 The Girl in the Hockey Jersey By Ainsley Booth

When a mystery girl wearing my hockey jersey and a matching toque to mine tumbles out of a post-game party, I have to follow her. When we end up at the bar, trading stories and laughs? I have to make a play for the rest of the night. That she only wants one night, and doesn't want to give me her nam...

"I just want to study and keep low. He's a player of the worst kind. We're a terrible match, but he's determined to prove me wrong."

The Fake Boyfriends Debacle is the first installment of the Frat Brats of Santa Barbara series. It features two strangers falling head over heels for each other, a ...

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FEBRUARY 23, 2023 Suck My Life: A Paranormal Chick Lit Novel By Andie M. Long

Mya: One minute I'm working in a bookshop and the next minute a vampire decides to kill me.

Enter the tall, dark, handsome stranger who’s been hanging around the store lately. He has a deal he says I can’t refuse. I can either a) die or b) become a vampire and Queen of the Wayward.

Great c...

FEBRUARY 23, 2023 Beast: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance By Luna Hunter

Now the Beast has found me.
And he’ll never let me go.

Women aren't safe on Earth, not since the Big Mistake.
Around here, there’s one rule: Don't go into town. That's where the men are.

I live in hiding with Zoey, Dev and Makayla. It’s a hard life, but we make it work. Or we did...

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FEBRUARY 23, 2023 Exposed: A British Bad Boy Romance By Sennah Tate

[US + UK] Jasper Wild. The name says it all.

This interview is my chance to cook up a storm and break out of junk food tabloid pieces. Jasper Wild is a culinary sensation with a tantalizing career and a playboy reputation.

I just have to focus on my story instead of the heat he brings to the t...

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FEBRUARY 22, 2023 Mr. Wolfe's Nanny: Wolfe Brothers Book 2 By Cora North

Rule #1 - If you’re hired to be a billionaire’s new nanny, make sure he’s not your mystery one-night stand.

Rule # 2 – If you break Rule #1, don’t fall in love with him.

He’s the sort of man you fantasize about; handsome, powerful, sexy. We shared an unforgettable night together bu...

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A Second Chance/Scarred Hero/Curvy Girl Romance

Wade -

My career as a SEAL is over and I’ve been sent home as a half a man. I might be done with the rehabilitation program offered by the Navy, but I still need physical therapy. How was I supposed to know that the best therapist in my home t...

FEBRUARY 20, 2023 Sweet Tooth: A Steamy Instalove Office Romance By Cassie Mint

I’m an ambitious lawyer. She’s a cake pop delivery girl.

I cannot believe they’ve made me her babysitter.

After a decade of long hours and non-stop grind, I’ve been tapped to make partner. I’m so close, I can taste it.

The only catch? First, I need to babysit our biggest client’...

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I fall in love with my husband and that’s one thing he didn’t promise me in our marriage vows.
A sinfully rich and wickedly hot businessman like Zach Teager has no business in my bland, rickety world.

Yet, he barges in like a storm, leaving everyone mesmerized by his charms.

Every evenin...

I was a jilted bride.
Left at the altar at an Elvis Wedding Chapel in Vegas.
He was tall, dark and smoking hot.
He gave me a sizzling wedding night to remember.
But after sneaking out the next morning, I realized why he seemed so familiar.
He’s a freakin' rock star.