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MAY 25, 2024 Season Starter: Summer Loving Book One By A.M. Daniels

Jessie -

The last time I saw the man—jerk—of my dreams, he fired me. Now, he’s back in town to renovate my bed and breakfast before the tourist season starts. I might have gotten over my grudge, but I sure haven’t moved on since him. Harrison is the ideal hunk, or he was back when we wer...

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[US Sale] "Absolutely not.” Just the words a girl wants to hear when she asks a guy to be her fake boyfriend

Asking Jed Evans to pretend to date me is a brilliant solution to my problem, even if he doesn’t agree at first.

My granny was planning to move to Florida with her best friends, but...

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MAY 25, 2024 My Señor Grumpylicious By Luna Stone

A journey to Europe isn't part of Emma's plans for this year, nor is falling in love abroad, but the universe seems to have other plans for her.

Emma Ashton is a 21-year-old party-goer, coffee lover, and student of Art History. She goes to a student exchange program in Barcelona where she meets a...

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A billionaire player craves the one woman he can't have. An icy British princess...

Friday nights have a routine. Drinks with my brothers. Maybe a casual hookup later. Then the ice princess walks into the bar. And it’s game over for me.

I can’t figure her out. She runs hot and cold. She tu...

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I do what any jilted bride would do in my situation—escape to Hawaii with my best friend for my nonrefundable honeymoon…and pretend we’re married.

My happily ever after takes a nosedive when my fiancé dumps me at the altar for his ex. So instead of toasting to marital bliss, I plan on drow...

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MAY 23, 2024 The Alien's Treat: A SciFi Alien Romance By Alina Riley

Looks like I get into trouble making doughnuts. Who would have guessed?
When this hulky coal-gray guy shows up in my cafe, I think he is one of the many customers. He is handsome and I won't mind dating him, but a customer is a customer. Yet... Maybe he has other plans, which I'm not going to like....

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My new billionaire boss is a sexy, infuriating grump.
Can we keep things professional?
I wouldn’t bet on it.

The jaded hunk I met in first class just happens to be the billionaire I'm pitching an ad campaign to.
Just. My. Luck.
He loves my pitch… It's me he doesn't like.

As a stranger,...

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A spice filled island getaway package!

Mildred “Milly” Taylor was certain of her decision to sign up for an all-inclusive new home on the tropical island of Corona Cay. The island escape package was almost too good to be true, and it really felt like the perfect place to keep a low profile �...

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As Hollywood’s biggest movie producer, I can boss everyone around…except her. The too sassy artist hired to paint my mansion. And now she’s moved in!

This rom-com is funny - insert nosy girlfriends, mini-samosas, and great drama. It’s also going to have steam. This author encourages the ...

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It’s another fantastic day in drowsy Drizzle Bay - until Vicar Paul and I find Isobel Crombie lying dead in a sea of flowers in Saint Agatha’s church. Who’d kill a harmless old girl like her? In no time flat I’ve scored a house-and-pet sitting gig – Isobel’s remote seaside cottage and he...

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