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He’s not her teacher anymore, but he can still teach her a few things.

Welcome to Seattle, the Emerald City and home to The Single Moms of Seattle. Three sexy single ladies who drink a ton of wine every Saturday night, bitch about life, have each other's backs, are the ultimate mama bears, and ...

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Some men should come with a warning sign…
Something like -

Caution Beware of Playboy!

And, an arrow pointing to the fine print which should say something like –

‘He's great if you want wild fun, and great sex but don't expect him to be committed to you.’

That was the sign I want...

Sadie Bell is polite, modest, and well-behaved. She sends thank-you cards promptly and teaches middle school math, two things that might make her eligible for sainthood. Sadie knows better than to send nudes, ever, and she's certainly not the kind of girl who'd have a secret fling with an anonymous ...

AUGUST 14, 2023 Cupcake: A Small Town Cupcake Romance By Katie Mettner

Haylee Davis, the owner, and baker extraordinaire of The Fluffy Cupcake in Lake Pendle, Minnesota, is staring thirty in the face. Rather than spend it alone, she's determined to find her perfect match in the next thirty days, no matter how many frogs she has to kiss.

Brady Pearson is in love. The...

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AUGUST 13, 2023 Old Dogs and New Tricks: A Gay Romance By Argentina Ryder

A down on his luck stylist. A recently divorced attorney. Love shows up where you least expect it.

Nolan is a whiz at styling other people's hair, but his own life is a mess. He lost a promotion and got cheated on by his jerk of a boyfriend. Now he's being dragged into a lawsuit with his roommate...

What can go wrong when a struggling actress takes a producer back to the family farm?

Aimee Lawrence is working as a bartender to pay the bills while sharing a tiny studio apartment with her best friend and a pet snake. The plan is to make it as an actress in Wilmington, NC, the movie capital of ...

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A Little in danger and a Daddy who has sworn off Littles. Can he fulfil his promise of keeping her safe?

All's fair in love and war, but what happens when the battlefield is also your workplace?

This is a witty, heartwarming, and irresistibly addictive romance that will have you laughing, cryi...

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Everyone seems in love but me. I’m always the bridesmaid, but never the bride. It’s getting old. Fast. And just when I start to give up, he walks into my life. Sexy, strong, older. The father of one of my students. It’s against the rules. But the way he looks at me. As if he already owns m...

AUGUST 11, 2023 Jasmin The Unexpected: A First Love Romance By Sookh Kaur

Does paint come off Hugo Boss?

I’m asking because I just spilled some on mega-rich, disturbingly handsome Will Bennet.

He’s annoyed and corners me into accepting a job I can’t refuse. Babysit his younger brother in return for extra cash. Easy, right?


Turns out living in the ...

AUGUST 11, 2023 My Book Boyfriend (New York Spark 1) By Kathy Strobos

A feel-good, enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy.

Tall, dark, and handsome. That’s what I think the first time I see Rupert Evans in the library.

But then I find out he is the developer who just sent my community garden a cease-and-desist letter because he plans to raze the garden and construc...

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