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He’s dangerous, grumpy, and refuses to touch me. Just my type.


He was supposed to find me somewhere safe to go after his friends rescued us from the evil alien pirates. But I can’t imagine anywhere safer than in his arms.

Sure, he seems completely unenthused to be around me but I...

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FEBRUARY 19, 2023 The Bet: A Menage Romance By Tara Crescent

A rash bet leads to a steamy relationship, but will my unconventional choice be the biggest mistake of my life?

Billionaire CEO Daniel and tattooed bad-boy chef Sebastian bet fifty thousand dollars that I’d win a game of pool, and they offered to coach me...

I wasn’t supposed to want them....

Leah -

It took me a while – most of my life, in fact – to decide that my hometown of Good Grief, Idaho is the best place in the world to live. But, I have and I love it…except for one thing.

My boss.

Okay, so the man is good at his job, we just have a tendency to disagree on how much...

[US + UK] I dared to challenge my billionaire boss.
A mistake. A very big mistake.

Marshall Lane broke into my existence and flung me from the small restaurant kitchen into the chic office on top of a skyscraper.
And he did all of this just to teach me a lesson.

Such is the power of a billio...

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My new boss is a monster! No, I mean literally. Still, it should be an easy assignment for a trained monster tamer like myself, right? But what Ruhkus wants, he always gets. And I'm pretty sure he wants me...

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The reason I hate Grayson Scott is three simple words:
Who cares about his panty-dropping smile that makes women lose themselves?
It doesn't hide how cold-hearted he is, how he gets off on making my life hell.
I've been waiting for karma to teach him a lesson, and she has finally d...

Who’s more dangerous, her stalker or her king?


Dancing in a rowdy nightclub isn’t most girls’ career plan, but Ava makes it work. Bump, grind, flirt—easy as pie.

Her life shatters when she’s marked. A human that can have dragon shifter babies is a prize worth killing for, and ...

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The night we met, we sizzled. Now, he’s my new boss, off-limits and cold as ice.

Judge Jonathan Wolfe could hang icicles in hell but the night he walked into my pub his irresistible smile and those heated stares had me ready to jump into bed with him… until he walked away. Probably for the be...

Beau Shanahan is my best friend’s younger brother. He’s also an arrogant jerk and a globe-trotting, snowboarding bad-boy — in other words, everything I despise.

But when I’m jilted by my cheating fiancé and left homeless in the process, being Beau’s roommate for the next few weeks is m...

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Welcome to Magnolia Springs! If you’re looking for laugh-out-loud moments with lots of swoon and sexy book boyfriends, then you’ve come to the right place!

This collection contains The Sweet Spot, Don’t Date Your Roommate, and My Fake Boyfriend, plus brand-new bonus epilogues for each book!...

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