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SEPTEMBER 25, 2023 Vibration: An Accidental Roommates Romance By Lainey Davis

Meet the Brady family. They're brilliant, brooding, and barreling into relationships they weren't expecting.

Irresponsible. Impulsive. Reckless. I've has heard it all from my family and I'm getting a little sick of it. I'm a smart guy, after all. In a family of brainy engineers, someone has to be...

[US + UK] Jonathan Wolfe could hang icicles in hell but the night he walked into my pub his irresistible smile and those heated stares had me ready to jump into bed with him… until he walked away. Probably for the best considering he’s the judge I’m interning for this summer. A Billionaire/Ag...

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SEPTEMBER 25, 2023 Peaks of Color: A Small Town Forced Proximity Romance By Victoria Wilder

Hot. Arrogant.Talented.

Jack Deacon’s reputation arrived in my small town before he did.

Leave it up to one of my brothers to hire the biggest photographer in sports and then misread the contract.

Now, the six-foot-sexy, dripping with confidence notorious bachelor is staying in my pool ho...

SEPTEMBER 22, 2023 Flirt Like a (Fake) Groom: A Fake Dating Romance By Kara Kendrick

I’ve been called a flirt.
A ladies’ man.
A perpetual bachelor.

And they’re not wrong.

I like to keep my options open.

When my buddy asks me to be the Best Man in his Vegas wedding, I never expected to end up on the other side of the altar.

After one raucous night and a huge misco...

[US + UK] Italy was supposed to be an uncomplicated trip with the girls.

But that was before a rainstorm, a washed-out road, and a forced overnight stay at a Sicilian vineyard. Before Gian DeLuca.

My already broken heart does not need an American marketing executive playing pool boy at Locanda...

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SEPTEMBER 20, 2023 Duck and Dive: A Gay Comedy Romance By G B Ralph

Arthur knows it’s time he told his mates he’s gay. So what’s the holdup? He’s wound so tight he can’t get the words out – giving himself injuries, spilling his dinner, and all-round making a mess of it.

And that’s before the nosy neighbour gets involved with her spiced apple muffins...

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To win his mate, he'll have to put his foot down.

Flamingo shifter and philanthropist, Frank has been going through life like one of his own clockwork sculptures, not sure of his purpose until he meets the plucky baker who captures his heart and assumes he's a janitor. Trapped together with his f...

SEPTEMBER 20, 2023 Grumpy Suits: An Office Romance Collection By Cassie Mint

They’re stern and bossy. Rich and powerful. They rule the city…

And these girls will bring them to their knees.

This collection brings three steamy office romances, where the grumpy bosses fall HARD. Settle in for…

Silver Fox

He’s older and wiser. A king in a three-piece suit.


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SEPTEMBER 19, 2023 Not Over You: A Second Chance Romantic Comedy By Whitley Cox

She's thankful for many things this year, but her ex moving back to town isn’t one of them.

Four years ago, Officer Jordan Lassiter swept Rayma Young off her feet, making the twenty-year-old finally feel safe and loved. His quiet, calm, take-charge attitude made it easy for her to trust him wit...

He's gorgeous but grumpy.

When reclusive celebrity chef Kit Morton finds a woman sneaking around his neighbor’s house with a camera, he’s annoyed to find himself attracted to the turquoise-haired intruder. He has a cookbook to write and doesn’t have time to deal with the mystery of his neig...