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Settle in with these steamy romance box set with alpha males that will stop at nothing to be with the women they love. Featuring fake relationships, friends to lovers, workplace romances, second chances, forbidden romances and hot military men! Lose yourself in these stand-along romances with guaran...

My billionaire boss caught me reading a very spicy book when I should have been working… The price of keeping my job? One night as his fake date.
We’ve all read a book so good we couldn’t help sneaking just one more page, right? Mr Blackwood is dangerous - a London mafia boss - and was schedu...

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The billionaire professor of my college fantasies is now my fake fiancé. The problem? I forgot our story was fiction, and now I’m in love with a man twelve years my senior.
Celebrity author James Martin was strictly off-limits when I was a college student, and he the guest professor of my creati...

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Lyla Whitney managed to escape her hometown. Since then, she's been avoiding certain things at all costs—like small-town setbacks, her family’s farm, and suffocating under too many expectations. Oh, and love, of course—but that's one thing eluding her.Aside from that, things are wonderful for ...

Can an alpha billionaire win over a curvy, independent woman’s heart…in just one night?


One, two, three billion. I lost count a long time ago.
The money doesn’t matter to me.
What does matter to me is a certain curvy brunette who just put me in my place.
It’s not every day th...

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My stepbrother hates me. That’s fine, because I hate him too. I hate his crooked smile and the way he looks at me, like he’s a sugar addict and I’m the last cupcake on earth. I hate that he makes me feel like I’m more than that lost little girl whose mom didn’t want her, then leaves and do...

MAY 01, 2024 Some Kinda Romance By Weston Parker

I might be in the business of weddings, but I have no intention of walking down the aisle.

I’ll just make my millions sending suckers to the altar.

It’s an easy gig and I’m far too good at it.

Until it’s a little too close to home.

My mother is getting married, and she wants me t...

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APRIL 30, 2024 Gotta Kiss A Few Frogs By Eliza Bolt

Charlotte Louise Grant is the reigning queen of love advice, dishing out wisdom on her popular online blog. Little do her readers know, her own love life is as parched as a desert. But with her thirtieth birthday looming, Charley is ready to take matters into her own hands and make love happen.


APRIL 29, 2024 Marshmallow: A BBW romance By Megan Wade

Marshmallow. Every kid gets a nickname. Marshmallow was mine. And like the squishie confectionary, it stuck. As did the extra pounds that inspired the nickname in the first place.
But that was OK, the plus-size revolution gave me confidence in my curves. I learned to love my body and even show it o...

A Little in danger and two Daddies who'll gladly put their lives on the line to protect her. When Jenna’s dark past returns to haunt her, can their love save her?

Nick runs a popular club. He likes to drown himself in work to keep his demons from returning. Falling for a Little is the last thin...

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